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Conscious Building: An Overview

The We through Cathee Courter

We're living under a new sky, so to speak. The possibilities for living a life more wondrous, rich, and full of possibilities our species could never have dreamed of before, are at our fingertips as Earth's acceleration and the coming closer of the wider universe as we are more able to sense and relate to greater consciousnesses opens up. This change is cellular, as well as psychic. The earth beneath our feet is rumbling in its own acceleration, its own evolution of purpose and meaning.

Now, more than ever on the planet, it is crucial that we evolve the forms that house us to maintain harmony in our lives as we courageously explore new potentials and new challenges.

Much help is now available for evolving the body, with new healing modalities available and our very concepts of healing changing rapidly. The race is on to develop renewable sources of heat and electricity, and sustainable resources for building materials. These developments come none-to-soon, and are extremely needed for human life to continue comfortably on the planet. There is a level beyond comfort, however, beyond "green building" that addresses the ability to create forms that can house greater consciousness, so that by inhabiting these spaces humans are able to grow and thrive effortlessly. At present, the new frequencies infiltrating the globe are causing erratic swings in the electromagnetic field of the earth, and many people are feeling whipped around, and therefore resistant to embracing the changes required to let these evolutionary frequencies be embodied on planet. In a clear and balanced space, in communication with and loving reciprocity with nature consciousness, these evolutionary energies can be felt to be what they are — harbingers of a new way of being, a richer, higher, more light-filled, joyful possibility, rather than a threat.

Our vision is to tailor the renovation and creation of buildings to support each individual client we work with, in forms that remain flexible for further growth. Basic components are to minimize the negative impact of electrical wiring and appliances within the building. That level is basic survival, in terms of health effects. The next level, again, for survival, is preparing for energy grid breakdowns that are inevitably coming as we approach a time of not only greater solar flares, but greater influxes of other cosmic radiation. No one will not be affected who is dependent on our present system of distribution of that resource. And the accessing of fossil fuels is intertwined with functioning electrical systems, as well as being limited in their own right. We recommend that everyone design cool storage space for the eventuality of food shortages as well as electrical outages. Construction of new homes should leave outdoor ground toward the sun left open, in case of the need for a garden. You will be so glad you did.

The changes we advocate in building are not exotic. The key is fine-tuning, especially in matching soul purpose with the type of housing or workplace or institutional purpose in the instance of institutional building. We would like to see more variety in the types of dwellings, with unusual structures to fit unusual people whose "mission" in this lifetime needs to be supported environmentally. Some may feel that their personal energy fields extend high above their heads or low into the ground, depending on realms with which they connect. In fact, the popularity of cathedral ceilings may in part be to accommodate more space around the head and above without ceiling interference, which can cause one to feel split between the higher aspects of oneself and the physical. However, the angles of cathedral ceilings need careful positioning, so as to reflect the mathematical representation of dimensional experience, in harmony with the body. This is one example of the changes we seek to explore and develop in new forms.

Likewise, placement of dwellings and workplaces are becoming more relational to large bodies of land. Windows are openings both symbolic and physical. Even if you don't have what you love in view, facing a window towards the direction of a beloved mountain or family member holds the presence of them in your extended form, the building. Likewise, a photo on the wall in the direction of a loved place or person's home puts you in alignment for communion, though not as powerfully as a window, unless the view from the window is very distracting from this intention.

You see what we're doing here in both cases—working with the aura of the building beyond its physical structure, much as healers often work with the physical aura. The physical world is becoming symbolic, rather than totally restrictive to the body and psychological center in an individual. Trans-global communication systems have already extended your sense of self out to include your e-mail address, which is not so limited by space. Cosmic energies entering earth have consciousness of their own, with your address on them. The question is, is your receptor site on in order to receive them, spending your time in environments that support and develop your receptive abilities, or are you just receiving static because you are not attuned?

The majority of people are now residing in structures that hinder this opening. They are like flowers planted in sandy soil, struggling to maintain viability, let alone the vitality required to bloom. We endorse ancient practices like feng shui or geomantic boulder placement to a degree. But these ancient forms must evolve, maintaining the best of their principles, into a multi-dimensional framework. The human is not what it was and will never be again.

We know that each client will bring their special gifts and talents, as well as their innate signature of energy to be worked with — played with — in this playschool of adjusting form to energy. We can think of no enterprise more worthwhile at this time. If you think of a refugee camp, the first necessities are food, shelter, and sanitation. You are refugees from the earlier stages of human development, needing new shelter in a new energetic landscape. Give yourselves the joy of building places that feel like home on the new Earth.

So be it.

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Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill, photos and text.

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