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Earthworker Body Changes and Electromagnetic Fields

The We through Cathee Courter

As the Earth rises in vibration and we evolve, our physical bodies are changing greatly. Sometimes that change involves physical symptoms that can be difficult, and you may think you get every flu on the block, or you've got some serious muscle or headache problem that never goes away. One reason it's important to label it as a good thing—"I'm changing, I'm evolving"—is so that you don't label it as a bad thing and get stuck there, because these symptoms tend to clear up on their own as you move through them.

Every time Cathee channels a new being, if it's a reach—especially like a mountain that's bigger than her—she gets a little taste of the being, and then her whole energy field has to shift to be able to eventually channel them in a sustained conversation and match their energy. Sometimes it has been hard on the body to make that shift as fast as she wants to. So she has seen herself as a chronically ill person, and we have kept saying no, you just keep meeting other beings you want to channel. But we have found it fascinating that so many of these body change symptoms that she's read about in the work of other channelers are often the same symptoms that are mentioned elsewhere as symptoms of exposure to human-designed electromagnetic fields.

We'd like to put a spin on the growing knowledge of body changes being a part of the evolutionary process. We think it's different depending on where you live. Those of you who live near cosmic energy portals and are attuned to nature and to land have a double duty. You may have a more difficult time than if you were not attuned to land and body-oriented in that way. These changes may be harder if part of your purpose is to help the Earth ascend, and by ascend we mean go to a higher vibration.

Betelgeuse is a planet in the Orion constellation whose land itself is very evolved. And so by bringing the Betelgeuse energy here, the Earth knows what it will look like when it's through its ascension process, and knows to reach for those frequencies. Cathee was guided to bring Betelgeuse energy into the ancient vision quest site Old Man Mountain in Estes Park, Colorado, into an area in Rocky Mountain National Park, and also into a crystal that she programs other crystals for people off of. This frequency is where the Earth is headed.

Portals like the one in Rocky Mountain National Park are some of the first land to go through an intense ascension process of vibrational rising. For those whose soul purpose is to work with land, it's important to keep the ascension speed of the land in the range of the ascension speed of the humans. Your bodies are land, after all. If the vibratory rates of land and bodies get too uneven, then people start flipping out, because it feels like the support and solidity under you is not there the way you're used to operating. If the land is already at a higher vibration than your bodies are, it doesn't feel supportive.

You can slow down your bodies' rise in frequency with your own soul vibration, and also with electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs). EMFs are a way of capping the frequency range, and creating an artificial environment. We feel that the Earth has evolved far beyond the vibration of your cities where human-created electromagnetic fields are very strong. In fact, there are a lot of people who can no longer live outside of the human artificial environment because these people haven't kept up with the Earth. When they get out of that environment, it's too jolting, too disorienting.

Earth Magnetism

The land can feel like it's pulling on you. Cathee experienced this to such a degree years ago that she felt victimized. When she was living in Estes Park the vibrations were so strong, she could hardly stand it. She felt like Old Man Mountain was grabbing her. (Later she realized that she was grabbing Old Man too, for stability.) Her partner Peter has had this experience even on construction sites, of the nature spirits realizing, "Here's someone who recognizes us like we haven't been seen in decades," and grabbing hold. That's dangerous when you're using power equipment. And he's had to say, "Look, I'll honor you in my own time, but back off please."

We want to explain this. We think as we read mass consciousness that the main emotion it seems most humans feel toward the Earth is guilt, because they know the harm they've done ecologically. And so they almost expect retaliation. So if there's this grabbing or this pulling, people brace against it instead of having any idea how to meet it and realize that it's not a sucking like an entity would suck, or like some people drain each other. It's a magnetism. It is the Earth being drawn to a human who is aware, and who cares about the Earth. And that natural magnetism is something that humans are used to being able to pull back from and cap. For instance, if you have a terrible crush on somebody who doesn't have a crush on you, you learn to not just run up and give them a big hug and a kiss. You hold back. And you've learned over a lifetime to watch what you're drawn to, and to regulate your magnetism.

Nature does not normally have to hold back at all, trees to the rabbits or whatever. The magnetism is just free. That's a lot of why humans love to go out in the woods—it's wild. There's no civilized regulation.

So we've got two very different realms here, human and nature. The more you feel drawn, the more out of control it can feel, unless you have the time and space to just go into it. And then it can be ecstatic to feel that land energy, to be with a tree that adores you, or whatever it is.

Other People's Bodies

What does this have to do with body changes? We think a lot. Many of you are carrying far more of the burden of helping to keep the land and the human realms rising in vibration in tandem than you should have to carry, because so few people are even letting themselves go outside, let alone be affected by the sun, the stars and other living things without psychologically distancing.

Much of your advertising uses natural images, and you get used to associating beautiful scenery with the car that they're trying to sell. Nature becomes an image, even for people who are outside a lot and love nature. It's very ingrained that nature is a symbol of something, or it's a virtual reality, rather than letting yourself see it as a relationship that goes both ways, give and take. Nature is used in that way. Many people associate flowers with the florist shop and what you give someone on Valentine's Day, not something that you have a relationship with, as a living being.

We'd like to talk about how to negotiate this relationship when it may be almost too much. Even symptoms that don't seem to be earth-related, like extreme sensitivity with people, are more severe because of the very atmosphere you walk in and live in, in a place like this where human and nature communication is the higher purpose of the land. You may not feel the land reaching out to people wanting a partnership in all places.

We thank many of you for being willing to take on symptoms that are not your own evolutionary symptoms. There are many people now who are not able to connect with their own bodies enough to deal with their own ascension symptoms. Who are hardly in their bodies, let alone connected to the greater Earth. You run into these people all the time out in public even if they're not in your circle of friends. Those bodies that are sorely neglected by the spirits inhabiting them feel a terror that the Earth around them is changing, vibrant and alive, while they're trapped within the human auras of the souls that inhabit them. They are not able to get what they need to heal, and to even function, let alone ascend. So many people drug their bodies incredibly much and even do electro-shock treatments and are totally ignoring their bodies' messages. This seems to be the norm more than the exception any more. And since people have this idea that they own their body, "this is my body," they think they have the right to torture it.

We of the nature realm beg to differ. We think bodies do have inherent—you could call them "rights"—needs for integrity and for connection with other bodies and with the Earth. Your whole society tends to encourage people to not listen to the body, to just mask the symptoms with drugs or addictions. Addictions are rampant, and partly what they're about is people trying to squelch what their body's trying to tell them. There's a tremendous imbalance set up.

Those of you who are very sensitive to your own bodies and to the Earth are going to feel the pain of other people's bodies. When you're in a crowd and you feel other people's pain, you probably think of that as their psychological pain. That happens too. But this is another level.

It's an extremely exciting time for those who want to feel the ascension process in the body. You can reach states of ecstasy that you could only have dreamed of before, and feel physically a sense of oneness, peace and connectedness. But the more you move into consciously wanting to connect to the Earth and be a part of this mutual growth on the planet, the more you are opening yourself up to the actual cries of pain of other people's bodies, and their feeling of isolation in being cut off. This is severe.

We think this is a large reason Cathee doesn't usually like to be around big groups of people. She's seen herself as being electrically sensitive, and she thinks she doesn't go to be around people often because so many have cell phones. But she wonders at times if it's also the human content coming in over the airwaves, which is largely porn, pessimistic newscasts, movies, conversations and celebrity gossip—the human domination of the environment. We'd wager that people who are really into virtual reality and are so addicted to their electronics might be a similar group to the group that is not listening to their bodies.

Why we wanted so much to talk about this was, we don't want you to shy away from feeling your bodies when they hurt. And feeling your connection to the Earth, and going into that, even though it may almost seem like you get punished for doing so, with the pain or weird symptoms. We will do everything we can to help you manage this, especially since a lot of it isn't even yours.

I read an article that talked about how Twitter and on-line networks can be viewed as how we're evolving. Their use can help us in this new way of communicating with each other in ways other than face-to-face, whether that's leading to telepathy or something else.

You'd be a lot closer to telepathy without the cell phones. That technology actually holds people back from developing their telepathy. It's something they can put between them and another person. People are becoming extemely sensitive, and sometimes it is harder to relate one-on-one with someone, if they're angry especially—you get blasted by their energy. It doesn't seem so bad over a phone. But it's a false sense of telepathy.

Cell phones do awful things to your body anyway. Your body cannot hear it's own inner dialogue between the organs and the blood. Every cell depends on electromagnetic signals to open to nutrition and to release waste products. Every single cell has an electromagnetic mechanism that changes the shape of the little amino acid strands and so forth.

We would like what you're reading to be true. Obviously people are getting the flavor of a connected world. They're realizing we're not so separate as we used to think we are, and telecommunications has done that. But telecommunications cuts people off from the natural world and their ability to communicate with it, whether in words or just in feeling the vibrational signature of a flower or of a blade of grass. Your circuits are getting jammed with these artificial frequencies.

We don't have nearly as much problem with wired things that you can turn off or on at will. You have control. "Now I'm gonna sit at my computer. I know it's putting out harmful radiation, but I can turn it off when I'm done." But this blasting of the whole airwaves is totally nuts.

Using computers is different when you're up in a place like Estes where the land energy is so strong, so alive, and the beings there are used to being honored. We told Cathee years ago to tell the land "I'm going to be on the computer two hours. Let me be. Don't pull on me. I'll be back. I will turn it off." We would say that there are places where it's appropriate to use electronics, and places where it's not. We don't recommend businesses where people use computers all day to be up in the mountains. In a city like Boulder it's OK. You have to read the place, and see what's appropriate in the relationship between humans and nature in that place.

And so we see it as much more severely damaging that there are so many cell phone towers in Estes than that there are many in Boulder, although we think they're pretty bad there too. It's severe, the damage that is done to the human/nature relationship to have towers and wi fi in a place near the stargate at Rocky Mountain National Park.

EMFs are more damaging to the body in a place where the land energy is so strong that your body feels bathed in that kind of land connection. In places where you feel really bathed—like along the ocean—to have that jarring interference from the human-dominated frequencies can feel like an intrusion. You're open. You open even on a bodily level. And then you feel like you have to close up again, or something's cutting through you. It's easier in places where you may not be as open to begin with, not feeling that connection quite so strongly, and the magnetism of it.

Body Stress

A lot of people in the new age movement think "I'll release my toxic emotions into the Earth. And the Earth will take them and transform them." It's been some time since the Earth was able to handle as much of those as it used to. It's in its own process. It's time now for humans to own their own stuff. And of course even your own body is the Earth. And so this also is part of why there are bodily symptoms happening so much, because you can't just say, "Earth please take my leg pain as part of my processing." The Earth is full. The Earth is busy. The Earth is struggling. So your own body feels like it has to deal with it itself. Certainly you can work with healers and ascended masters or whatever is meaningful to you—certainly you can go that route with it. We're not saying healing is not available. But it can feel a little different, and it might have to be a little more conscious. Just walking in the woods may not do it any more. You may have to ask specifically for help.

And as we were saying, you may be taking on other people's bodies' distress. The resonance of cell phone tower, wi fi and satellite transmissions makes it very difficult for the earth and the bodies to rebalance, because they're never out of that pulse, never out of range of these very harmful frequencies.

Then on top of that, many of you are bringing in higher frequencies and trying to help ground those in the Earth, to help bring them into the human realm. So that's one more load on your own bodies too, to adjust to that. As we mentioned earlier, every time Cathee reaches for a new being, which seems to be about every week, there's a whole new lining up required to try to resonate with it, and her body has to adjust.

We and many of you have worked with evolving a variety of planets. And every one's different, so it's very unpredictable how it's going to go each time. The situation here is quite unique. There have been other planets that have gone through ascension that have a similar biology to yours, but this laying of the EMFs on it is just bizarre. It took us a long time with Cathee to figure out what was going on. We'd say, "You've lived five lives at the foot of Old Man Mountain, and you've always been able to handle it when Old Man was in a phase that feels like a volcano exploding to you because the energies are strong. Why is it wiping you out now when it hasn't before?" And we slowly determined that the wiring in her condo as well as wireless emissions were skewing the powerful land energies. It's bad enough to skew weak land energies, but when you skew really powerful land energies you get a big skew. It's like, whoa. We're still trying to learn how to handle this.

I've heard that sunspots can knock out telecommunications. Are we in for a huge trauma?

We definitely see that coming. We're reluctant to predict, but maybe eight years from now your grid will be down more than it's up. And we're always asking people to prepare for that. Be self-sufficient if you want electricity in the future. Then of course, the body has to deal with the effects of the sunspots coming in.

We think there will be a whole lot of death from EMF-related diseases long before the sunspots get to where people give up on the grid altogether because it's not worth mending it all the time. And this is already happening. People suspect brain tumors are that, but they don't think about suicidal depression as being very related to EMFs. Other things like ADD, like Alzheimer's—those are some of the most common dysfunctions, but really the whole body is weakened and any disease can be made worse by the body not being able to communicate with its own cells, cell-to-cell.

We see such a fear of the sun on this planet. Everyone's afraid of skin cancer. And if you set up an antagonistic relationship, that's what you'll experience, of course.

Grounding Elsewhere

What we're proposing for people to experiment with is to not have the Earth be the only, or even the main, body that your body relates to. There are star energies coming in, there's sun energy very strong obviously, and we think that you can learn, like with this Betelgeuse-attuned crystal, to attune your body to other celestial bodies to a great degree. And when you are in a difficult situation like walking into a room where you feel uncomfortable, to be able to hook up instead of down. It's an option to intimately get to know some of those other planetary souls. It seems to be working for some people very well, because that cosmic energy is much stronger than the EMF energy. The earth energy is too, but your own bodies are more directly made of the plants you eat from this planet, and so to say I'm going to attune in a different way to another planetary body than by eating the food and breathing the air that came from there—it's a more energetic thing. You may not be as affected by the physical toxins here that affect the whole planet when you ground energetically away from Earth.

We've talked about tuning into other parallel versions of Earth and pulling their technology over, and their lifestyles, if they're healthier. But this can also be done, of course, with civilizations on other planets and in other parts of the solar system. One way to connect to a planet is to make a strong connection to someone in your soul family who happens to be living a life in another place, if not directly to the soul of the planet or star itself if you're used to working with nature beings that way. This we suggest as a way to help stabilize yourself in this environment.

A lot of the clients I work with are ungrounded. And some have very open crown chakras, and can connect up. But I believe it's important for them to ground. It can set up energetic problems if they connect up and don't connect down.

If we're talking about the root chakra as your grounding mechanism, and foot chakras—those can connect to other planets. So you're grounding into another planet. It's not just the upper chakras that connect you to other planets.

But with gravity, we experience grounding as going towards the center of the Earth.

Many of the new frequencies coming in are coming up from the center of the Earth. A lot of what we would call cosmic energies are bubbling up through the earth, and they don't feel like the old earth. They feel like star energies coming up through the earth. So it's hard to put this in a spatial context.

What we tend to refer to in saying that you need to ground is to actually feel your body, period. To feel that you have a body, and what does my foot feel like right now? So we would agree, that's extremely important, to be embodied, and if people feel that more by the image of going down, then that's great.

People tend to want to go up and out of their bodies and anchor into some higher realm. Which has its place, but it can be a disassociative strategy, because a lot of people I work with can't function worth squat down here. And that's a problem. So the question is how to bring these higher frequencies in, grounded and anchored.

So it's a willingness to be in 3D. You can feel the star frequencies in your body, in a lower-dimensional sense of them. However, a small percentage of people cannot ground in the way you are used to thinking. They do not have the auras like most people do on the planet at this time. Some of them are here to help take the planet up dimensionally, and may have no idea what you're talking about when you speak of grounding. We think what needs to happen is for society to change, and for folks to learn to relate to physicality in a way where these people will fit in more and be functional. They will feel more comfortable as the vibration does rise and become more multi-dimensional here. They may feel frustrated that they don't know what you're talking about when you talk about grounding.

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