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Bridging Probable Earths

The We through Cathee Courter

What we would love to do tonight, which is extremely presumptuous of us, is to anoint you all, so to speak, into a new energy and a new way of working that you may have already started into on your own, but we want to put it into words. We're very excited.

There was talk tonight of bridging the realms between the human realm and the nature realm. And this polarity has existed on this planet in the sense that there are some qualities that are more human, and some qualities that are more nature. For instance, humans like to have some sense of distinctiveness, and you can call that separation if it goes too far. They like to initiate usually, and it's good that they do. Humans usually bring a great emotional spectrum with them everywhere they go. Nature maybe expresses the same thing through running water and moving clouds.

Everyone in this room is an interface being, not quite human, not quite nature—something in between. And there have been times when we were speaking as nature spirits who are not quite nature, not quite human, too. But when we were honored and we were the leaders in our tribes, we were allowed to work unhindered in expressing this union, this interface quality.

For many centuries it has not really been safe for the ones such as us to be too out of the closet about what we do and who we are. And it also has been very heartbreaking for many interface beings to watch what has happened to the Earth. But tonight we feel very strongly that we have crossed a threshold, and it's swinging back. It really is swinging back. And we are so excited about it. The ecological crisis has reached a point where enough people are worried about it. Even the powers that be in the oil industries and government are giving permission for a wide range of solutions to be offered, and a wide range of ways of lifestyles.

Cathee heard recently that Bill Gates is wanting to finance putting toxic particulates all through the atmosphere to reflect the sun's light off the Earth so that we could end global warming. But even people such as him and those in the chummy "we need a tech solution for the problems that tech has caused us" group, we see a softening. And we didn't really expect it. A year ago or two years ago, we would not have guessed that we would see an openness to alternative ways of being like we see now. And even though you don't hear about it in the news that much, we are extremely excited about this.

We want to encourage each of you here tonight to truly come out and be as weird as you want in human terms like you've never been before. And we are speaking, we know, in the face of a whole lot of past life programming that you don't dare do that. And we think you all probably feel that at times. Especially when you see who is seemingly in power now, including economic power, it doesn't seem like things have changed that much, just the names maybe have changed, but we truly feel a real change. We have been saying for some time that humans were thought to have free will, and nature was thought to not have free will, and to hold space for humans to take initiative on things, at least in the relationship between the two realms. And we have been saying for some time that the reverse is becoming more and more true. That nature is now determining what happens on this planet. Cathee has seen some huge examples of this, of holy lands like Old Man Mountain in Estes Park that has had three different developers trying to develop the land at its base, and the university that owns most of it has come up with three different plans to put their extension campus on it, and these plans just keep falling through, falling through, falling through. And Cathee keeps saying, "Whatever's best for Old Man will be what will happen." And she's starting to say that more in other places, that whatever's best for the land will be what will happen there. In this way, the humans that are doing this are throwing their support behind nature's will of what needs to happen. And of course, nature's will is always in attunement with Divine Will, which isn't always the case with humans.

As we've watched Cathee over the last few years play with that tentatively; we say it is like a tidal wave now. And we've talked about this before, how nature has to respond to humans taking things to the extreme. And this is nature's response. What is so exciting about it for us, though, is we never dreamed there would be so many humans who are saying yes, this is what I want. I want nature, who seems to be wiser than most the humans at this time—I want nature to lead. And even just in the last week or two, we've been watching with the volcano that's been in the news a lot, we've been surprised as we've watched the human response, how many people are really glad that nature can interrupt all these flights, and the whole technological machine. That it doesn't take much for nature, really. We think there are quite a few people rooting for nature toppling a few of our societal structures.

So finally, you're on the winning team. And it's not that you want to lord it over people or rub it in too much, but we do think this calls for a change in your confidence level, in letting it all hang out who you are. It's OK now, it's safe to come out. And to openly bring nature into decision-making, maybe in venues where it wouldn't have been possible before. For instance, Cathee and Peter were asked to be psychic consultants with some investors this spring who had a couple hundred million dollars to put into renewable energy sources, green tech. There's a momentum now for those kinds of opportunities to open very quickly.

So we're saying, think of this now as more normal. We don't think it's too far off, at least in places like Boulder, to be at a city council meeting making decisions and saying, "Let's ask the land." To be writing to the national park in their decision-making and saying, "This is what the land told me." And actually have someone hear it. They may not totally let on that they're hearing it, but they're hearing it. And they want you there.

A lot of these governing organizations have called token American Indians to come in and play that role, and yet they don't usually really give them much power. And we think it can be a gradual, but quickly gradual, movement into people realizing that there are many people who work with nature, not just Native Americans, and a lot of these people are expecting to be taken seriously in political situations of decision-making.

So we're extremely excited. And of course, today is a day where a lot of this is obvious, because of the Earth Day activities going on. So there's an upswelling of enthusiasm all over the country.

For each of you, this can look very different, of what your particular brand of showing your true colors would look like. It can even just be telling your neighbors what you're doing in your garden, if they come around and look.

Cathee found herself telling the investors she and Peter were consulting with, "why don't the ETs just give us green tech?" So then within a few days we were saying, "Hello. We want to meet you." She realized the minute it came out of her mouth, actually, that she was inviting something.

We have worked with the two of them on and off in the last few months. We want to put out an invitation to all of you, and tell you of our existence and our desire to work with people. (Cathee warned you she never knows who is going to come through at these meetings.)

We are beyond the space/time parameters that you live in—we are very multi-dimensional and multi-timeline, meaning we have capabilities of easily working with those in other probable versions of Earth where different scenarios are tried out. We are very good at connecting different probable timelines on this planet, and other places too, and there are other probable versions of Earth that have developed very Earth-friendly (which means human-friendly) tech.

You are on a particularly difficult one. And we applaud all of you here in this room for having been willing to be a part of a solution in a very difficult timeline, as far as ecological destruction goes, and as far as taking the experiment of human free will to the extreme. "How far can we take it and not blow everything up?" It didn't have to turn out this way, but since you are learning some things, this has been actually one of the most fruitful timelines in terms of wisdom gained for the whole universe. If you take the risk of taking things to the extreme, you can learn a great deal, as anybody who has messed up in their personal life can tell you. But they can probably also tell you that you can mess it up so much that you don't survive enough to line it up to learn. And so you stalwart ones, you brave ones, were willing to take that risk and be here in this one. And you probably have wondered at times if there are those who are living now on a probable version of Earth where things are just lovely. You read about Lemuria and some of these places and you think, well, is that our probable version? If everything is now, how did we get here instead of there? (Have any of you ever wondered that? Cathee wonders that about every day. How did I get here? Did I really mess up?)

We think part of the huge shift that we see happening, and we were in on the conference call earlier with the nature spirits that were talking to you about the change—what we see is that it's going to be much easier now to just wholesale import the solutions across the probable timelines. To have things suddenly show up here full-blown. It's almost like going back in time, taking the other fork, exploring it, and jumping over. And some of you may even do it that way. You may go into other probable versions of yourself, or other what we call past lives that may just be on the other version, other timeline, and communicate with those parts of yourselves or parts of your soul families that are living a different way. And try to get visions or words or whatever way you do it, or just say guide me as I'm working in my garden or guide me as I'm building a house. And see what comes, and what feels natural to bring those solutions over.

We will admit that you are splitting off. It's not that all probable versions of Earth from the one you were on a couple years ago here are going in this positive direction. There are probable versions that are getting worse. And those are ones that you couldn't be of much help on. You have to have a certain amount of power to even be able to swing something.

We feel like this is such an exciting, rich time. And really what it takes to do that kind of work is the willingness to not have to have cause and effect. We think everyone in this room is getting used to the new energies where things happen because of resonance, not because of precedent necessarily. You don't have to go A, B, C. Sometimes you just suddenly have a talent you didn't have before, or the coincidences are just amazing.

The geeks that are trying to figure out how to fix global warming, for instance—they tend to be pretty shaken when cause and effect don't follow the scientific method. We think no one in this room really blinks too much when things radically change. For instance, Cathee went to a psychic surgeon the last couple days, and he pulled parasites out of her liver, and showed them to her. And it was no big deal—that wasn't the most fascinating thing she found about him. But a lot of people would probably be busy trying to think, did he really do that, how did he do that? It's like, why bother to worry about it.

You could say this is an age of miracles. But we want it to be a little more intentional than that. Again, we're just jumping in here. We're kind of crashing the party here, saying we'd love to work with anybody who wants to work with us. Of course, we'd love to even have this group turn into that, but that's not fair to everyone else that might want the group to go other ways, of the unseen ones here. So we walk gently here. But this is very exciting to us. And we saw who raised their hands. [Laughs]. We will work as deeply with you as you are willing to go.

Cathee and Peter can tell you that we have worked with them to remove some problems. They just melted. Because we go back to before you had them, and all the traumas in your life that may have led up to certain tendencies you have. If you remove the traumas of your past, it's like we rewrote their lives so that they never had them, so where you end up now is a different place. And we know it takes tremendous trust if you want to work with us that way. And we're not saying you have to do something that radical. But you all know that things can just be different.

This is where we would second what was said earlier about it's time now. We think people on city councils will listen to you differently now. It's gotten so hopeless ecologically that people are now ready for something that makes sense.

To us, it's very easy to say, well, we can just put different people on City Council, on a different probability, who are receptive to your ideas. And this is not really meddling so much, because this is really how things are happening now anyway. It's just, think a thought, and you have a different city council. Your experience is gonna be different.

But what we're saying is, let's get a little more specific about it. And let's establish real contacts who are on these other probability lines, where their journey of letting the human move into a more intellectual capacity did not involve the arrogance in the development of the intellect of this probability. Nature has also developed the ability to communicate very abstract intellectual ideas. And so it's not just the humans that went that way. Nature as a consciousness also went that way in tandem. That's true even in the probability you're on. Nature spirits can and do speak to scientists all the time, as complex intellectually as you can want. The scientists just don't always admit it.

If you do decide to jump probable versions of Earth to bring something over from another version, it does take the intention of asking yourself what you value the most. Because there are many probabilities. An example you probably know of, the Lemurians, lived simply. Their homes were simple, but exquisite. And then there are some people who are really interested in tech, and the probable civilizations that went into tech more as you know it, with vehicles and heating systems, some of the conveniences. In some societies, even though they have telepathy, they enjoy making movies as a creative expression, and having lots of people be able to watch them, and having them be external. And some just have such an internal life that so they don't need that, it seems bizarre. There are many, many choices to choose from of where you want to pull over from, and what you think a high quality of life will be like. We realize it's hard to know what you're interested in, because it's hard to even imagine what some of these other cultures have.


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