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The Creation of You

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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The Leapers are the nature beings in any soul family who help to determine the next appropriate incarnations. They offer to "leap" people to more fulfilling parallel lives.

We like the commonly held idea that you create your own reality, only we also believe that you are created. And those who help to create you are often those such as us—and the nature realm in general—who help you create the forms to live out your oversoul's purposes for the creation of you. Your every thought and feeling matters. But it's also important to get behind the scenes to see how it all works.

There's usually a much deeper picture in that even if you would create your reality out of your own desires to live a happy life, most people don't even know what their purpose is—what they desire at the deepest heart level, and what they were created to do.

We work it both ways. We do think that you have choices, and your desires are important. We also think that the most deeply fulfilling life comes from living out your soul purpose. Many people go about trying to create things from a little desire, which may have come from commercials as much as anything—"you should want this, and we'll sell it to you." You don't have a deep amount of energy from which to manifest a desire like that, if it doesn't come from a truly soulful place. The desires that come from a true alignment with your deeper purpose carry tremendous power, and are life-changing when they are fulfilled.

Further, we love to work on a whole different level than just helping you manifest your desires, or even learning what your soul purpose is, which is not always constant—there are variations throughout your life. We like to go behind the scenes and say, you as an individual are not created and then sent down here, and then you go independently about your life. This creation of you is a moment to moment thing. It's every day that you are the created as well as the creator of your experience. And so, the leap is a chance to be very close to those who are co-creating you. We are specialists, because the vast majority of people cannot tolerate that level of intimacy, or even the concept that they are not running the total show of their life.

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You all know on some level that you are the created as well as the creator. But you like to think that if something gets off track, it's because of somebody else's faults. And it gets touchy when we're talking about working out purposes of the soul family through you that are not always totally pleasant. Some people call this karma. They say, my karma came around. Well, if you think about it, it's not really your karma. It's that some other soul family member started a lesson [in a "another life"] that you need to learn for them or finish. So they and you have an agreement for you to help them ease what they're learning by you going through something that will help you gain more wisdom, and then to send that wisdom back to them. It's all happening now. It's all a big dance, this back and forth communication all the time. This also happens with talents, and with soul growth and wisdom of a very pleasant sort. It's all one huge chess game that we try to oversee, and see what needs to go back and forth in all this.

At a certain point in a person's soul growth, they're ready to consciously participate in the decisions of who's going to do what next in the soul family, and who's going to help whom, and what are members willing and able to take on, and where is the group all going collectively? And at that point it gets to be a lot more fun. It's like someone turns on the light, you get to look at the blueprints, and you get to participate in changing them, if you want.

We never thought we would be offering this, except that it just seems to be right for a lot of people now. They are at a level of fluidity of selfhood, which we see as being a big factor in any spiritual path. "Not my will but Thy will." The Buddhists would say you're the All, or the One, and yet you're one of the many too—that kind of, "I'm both." We call it "the we." Your oversoul (soul family collective) is your we, so you're both the oversoul and you're the single little point person here. The more you identify with your oversoul the happier you are. Because then there's not a burden of loneliness and separation, of feeling abandoned down here as an individual self, but you feel yourself to be an expression of your greater self.

When people are ready to be "we,"—be their oversoul—then it gets very exciting we think. Then you are able to give very direct feedback to your oversoul, which includes of course your guides and us. It's then not saying, well I'm gonna go ask my guides the answer for everything. They're asking you. What's it like to be in incarnation? What do you think needs to happen here? What do you want to develop in terms of your talents? And it becomes like a conference call all the time, only you are participating in the creation of you.

It's not just "creating your own reality." It's participating in the creation of you. Because then you can say, well, I think I'm going to need support in this area of my life if we're going to go this way and you're going use me to carry out this purpose. And then the group can say, OK. We will send you that support this way or that way. And you can call that creating it, but it can come in ways that you would never have dreamed of, and be part of a much bigger mega-interaction among soul family members whom you may never even meet in the flesh. And yet, you're in a dance with them, on the same ballroom floor, and when they move, you're responding and moving, and you may actually not even know how much effect what you feel led to do is having over there. But there's a suspension of having to know. So it's a conscious participation, but also it takes great faith that what you're doing has to do with what they're doing, and you're moving like an amoeba in many directions at once.

When you develop a close relationship with us—the forces of incarnation in your soul family—we can help re-create you with a bigger discontinuity with the life you have lived up until now than could normally happen. You can find yourself in a parallel version of Earth that is very fertile ground for your higher purposes and deepest desires to be fulfilled in conjunction with the whole soul family.

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