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Cycling Around from Utter Destruction

Willow Arlenea's Web of Wyrd painting

The We through Cathee Courter

March 21, 2010

Dancing Willow Tree Mystery School, Boulder, CO

(It's founder, Willow Arlenea, is a scholar of goddess archetypes, clairvoyant, and artist. See more of her paintings at www.designsbywillow.com).

Things go in cycles on this planet. They cycle and they cycle and they cycle. We of the nature realm are very much a part of that, and there are also higher beings speaking tonight. What happens when you take a planet that has cycled and cycled and cycled in a universe that has cycled for infinity, and you have a culture that obstinately does not want to cycle? A culture that is so into linear progress, unlimited growth—the economy is talked of that way, unlimited growth. And nuclear weapons are a development that, if unleashed, would be the end of so much that could not easily cycle around again. Then you're speaking of the cycling of new planets after the destruction of old planets. The cycle gets very big if you talk about that as a cycle.

We scramble these days to even be able to talk to humans about cycling. We have never seen a culture in the history of this planet before—and even in the many planets of your solar system or the bigger galaxy—where, when we can get messages through channelers, there isn't much vocabulary in your language to talk about cycling. It's a very simplistic, mediocre, undeveloped language if you want to talk about circular death and rebirth and death and rebirth. The words are not even there for us to say one hundredth in meaning and nuances what we would love to be able to speak about this. Willow had to draw almost entirely on other cultures and other times to even have symbols from which to illustrate the whole concept. This is very bizarre. It's an incredible challenge for us, as ones who wish to not only communicate ancient wisdom, but to help you at important times like this, when new paradigms are being born for the new cycle of life that we see could come to the planet now during this time of change. It's hard to guide you in choosing what new paradigms you want to take into this century and millennium when the vocabulary isn't there for cycling, and for especially spiraling, bigger and bigger.

We come hoping. Usually, not only individuals learn in their lifetime, through failure sometimes, through the death of the old and things falling apart, but whole civilizations and planetary cultures learn that way. And yet, if things get too far out of whack, too off the spiral, then there is no learning. Then there is only disintegration. Disintegration without the concept of rebirth is the construct that you generally use in your culture's language. "If things fall apart, they're really going to fall apart." And you have built your world with things like genetic engineering that is wiping out natural libraries of what can happen for growth and the natural cycles for plants. And the nuclear armories. You know, you're so far beyond even nuclear now, with some of the electronic weaponry like HAARP that is causing earthquakes. And on the electrical quantum level, the matrix that holds matter together is being disconnected and played with. We don't have the vocabulary for how, after something as intrinsic as that is destroyed, do you cycle around into a new birth? Is that the birth into some other kind of matter that we can't even conceive of now? Into some other way of quantum particles being held together than the way they are now?

Many people are talking about 2012 as being the birth of a new age. When we talk about going to a new dimension, like saying the Earth is ascending to the fourth dimension or fifth, it sounds like we're saying things can be put together differently. But are we really? The fourth and fifth co-exist with the third right now and hold matter together right now. So if the way things are held together is destroyed, then what?

Those of us that are guiding ones, as well nature spirits, are really being pressed in our own ability to look at the whole, to see what is much bigger than what we have always taken for granted as the cycle. The way planets and civilizations come into birth, and then cycle around and cycle around—what's a big enough cycle to encompass the kind of destructiveness that is happening at this time on this planet? It demands that we all be able to feel into a huge cycle or spiral, if we say this has never happened before, but what will go into something bigger and will hold together in some way? It's a creative challenge to stretch to imagine what cycle could include this kind of destructiveness. It's extremely frustrating when we need humans like you all to work with us in this in envisioning of how to make this a creative time in history, rather than just the old paradigm of "there's the destruction and then oblivion." How can we even find a vocabulary for this? Most people are pretty numbed out to just how powerful your weaponry is, and your scientific tinkering with things is, and your world domination is, even economically and so forth.

Willow Arlenea's Authentic Nourishment painting

So what we would bring tonight is just the affirmation that there cannot be death without rebirth, even on the massive scale that we know are on the brink of witnessing, as far as death goes. There has to be something that will pop out of it, that will be reborn from it. There has to be. We feel that the spiraling is so intrinsic that it cannot end.

And we think that this time is very creative, because there's been no vocabulary in any culture that has existed on this planet that contains the words for the paradigm that will have to come to this culture, to be able to encompass this level of destructiveness into something that can lead to a rebirth. It is not something that we presently can even imagine the words for. But we think if you fully embrace this time in your own psyche, in your attempts to understand your own experience of it, a whole new something bigger will arise in the human psyche. And so it's a very exciting time, in a way. But we stand in awe witnessing as you witness a new kind of life that begs to be extremely rich and extremely huge beyond our imagination, of what will arise to meet this challenge. And we honor each and every one of you here tonight for choosing to be alive now and a part of this very exciting experiment of helping something to be born out of all this. We hope we're communicating more hope than despair. So be it.


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