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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Co-creating from an Alternate Reality Soup

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

We have talked often about asking for what you want. And how we want to help matchmake you with a parallel version of Earth where you'll feel much more comfortable than you could on the old parallel, and be able to use your gifts more.

Parallel leaping puts everything in a much bigger context than just you and your desires. You've all been part of a culture that is narcissistic, me-oriented. "My desires are what I can learn to manifest," as in the catchphrase, "you create your own reality." You, you, you. There's some truth to that, but there's a lot missing. To create anything, you co-create. There's nothing that is not co-created with nature. Your dance partner, a whole different type of consciousness, has to be taken into consideration, especially if you happen to be a human/nature interface being with a higher purpose of learning to dance with that partner.

Your focus jumps around between areas calling for your attention. Cathee's used to this, but it still drives her nuts that there's usually a whole book that we want written each week, or some different project that's huge. She asks, "Could I get a clear picture here, please, of what I really want, or what I am to do?"

It's all so much simpler than it seems if you think about it too much. There's a place in the middle of the whirlpool that is always still, in the present moment, out of which it all spins. When you can find that place, the rest is creative, it's hopefully fun, and you begin to know that it's the journey, not the destination that matters. This is true for nature spirits as well as for humans.

We would love to be able to hug you, and have you see the way we see how many parallel universes spin off all the time, in little ways and big ways. Some have quite a wide interface between them. For instance, there may be a version of you that lives in Longmont, and a version of you that has moved to Estes Park. And so those two versions are sharing the same time but a little different space and circumstances. In both versions you may have mostly the same friends, because you're not that far apart—your Longmont friends visit you in Estes. But some things are quite different in your everyday life. In the Estes version you go for a long walk in the woods every morning, and that radically changes your quality of life from your Longmont version. So there are aspects of your life that cross over, bleed through, or share an overlap, and others that don't between those parallels. Versions tend to grow farther and farther apart, but sometimes they then come back together. Say, your Longmont version decides to move to Estes, and ends up in the same place but has had different experiences. Then there's a merging back together, and you feel richer and fuller, but you don't know why. Or say, the versions continue parallel, but there's a lot of bleedthrough. Maybe a friend in Longmont that the Estes version didn't have becomes a friend in the Estes version as well.

It's fascinating to us. Looking down from above, there are changing patterns, like in a river when water goes around rocks, and there are little eddies and interference patterns of waves. Cathee says, "Look, a week ago you told me to focus on finding a new place to live, and a few days later you were saying to create a center for conscious building, and then today daisy was saying, ah, just do what you want . . . as long as you come visit me tomorrow, of course." To you it looks like separate projects that have suddenly come up. You're taking your little kayak down the river. And out of the blue here's a big rock sticking up, and there's another big rock sticking up, and you don't see beneath the surface to where they're all connected. But connecting these are movements, decisions, and desires within you and within the land.

We could give many examples in any of your lives in even the last week of how things have surfaced that may look like separate events. Things are precipitating out that seem like major directions, but they're precipitating out of a solution that's like a big soup of so many feelings, intentions, movements of mass consciousness, and yes, galactic will. If you look at the various salts that precipitate out, they can look very different, and you can feel destabilized. "I was going in this direction, and now you want me to go that direction, and now you want me to go in another direction." We'd like to suggest that if you can become the soup, you can much more feel why something set up the way it did. And how just one new ingredient then makes something else precipitate out in another place a few days later—just one little chemical in the solution. A phone call from a friend gets you thinking in a new direction and zjuuup, a different opportunity or need materializes.

This is partly why we want you to news fast, because we want to calm down the input, the stimulation. We want you to find more homeostasis in how you generally feel. We'd like you to feel joyful all the time, and not have something pulling you down.

Are we getting our science right here? We know we're mixing metaphors, talking about things precipitating out of soup, which really doesn't happen too often. "Oh, the potato just came together." [laughs]

Everyone in the world is involved in an infinite number of parallels. It seems like the airwaves, with all the signals going through them.

It's "welcome to the fourth dimension," basically.

Mass consciousness.

Mass consciousness, and also just less density. Since things don't have to solidify quite as densely as they used to, they're all more fluid. We can say with confidence that you will never the rest of your life feel as stable as in your childhood and earlier life. So if you're missing that, sorry.

I'm feeling so spread out and connected to everything that . . .

You feel like you can't operate. Learning to surf in a new way is required, to not need things to precipitate out quite as firmly as they used to. It's like going to a film festival, and there's movie after movie after movie and you have to shift. You're in World War II, and then a couple hours later you're on the beach in the Bahamas. Some people really love that, and some people really hate that kind of shuu shuu shuu playing with your emotions, the way filmmakers do. Can you be complete enough without having to digest the World War II movie before you're into a movie set in the Bahamas?

If you come with the typical human programming that is continually reinforced in the press—that you are responsible for everything that happens in your society and in your own personal life—to create big changes takes a lot of work and perseverance. "If you have an addiction, it's gonna take you years of AA or therapy to get through it. If you want to lose weight, it's gonna be really hard, and you're gonna have to concentrate on it. Or starting a business. Oh my gosh. You won't be able to do anything else with your evenings. It's gonna take. . . ."

Three years before you break even.

Exactly. And you won't have time for your kids at all during that time.

This thinking is understandable, because it often used to be that way. But now it isn't. If things seem to require a lot of flexibility, it's also easier to be flexible. And it's easier to manifest things quickly, and then have them dissolve quickly, and manifest something else. So if you're used to the old things-move-slowly, walking-in-the-mud kind of feeling, if three different projects come to you in the same week and you think each of those could take years to do, then it's totally hopeless. You usually get paralyzed and just say "forget it." But if many opportunities appear, and you can realize that things are different now, it could be that what really needs to happen is for you to respond to and transform just one small aspect of a project. You don't always know why you're being asked to do something, or why you get the ideas you do. And so we recommend moving with things quickly. The underlying purposes in the solution there may set up in various probabilities.

Let us pour our power into the room now. We want you to feel how powerful we are. We're part of the soul family, part of you. But you need a visceral feeling of how for us it is easy to shift things quickly.


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