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Being Recreated on a Different Version of Earth

The Leapers through Cathee Courter

[The Leapers are the beings in any soul family who help to determine the best next incarnations.]

Do you ever feel like you're on the wrong version of Earth for you to thrive?

Individuals often send off shoots of themselves to explore the road not taken. For instance, if you make the decision to take a job, one part of you may live that out while another version of you lives what would have happened if you hadn't taken the job. Sometimes these parallel selves come back together again with the wisdom of both. There are all sorts of spinoffs now, selfhoods that split off in trying different things. As you move into fourth dimensional reality, this is a time when these spinoffs are a natural, common occurrence. But once in awhile there's a window when there's a mass exodus from one branch to another branch, which we see at this time.

Many people are choosing on this planet now to explore darkness and despair more than might have been foreseen a few months or years ago. And those that don't feel comfortable on that path are mustering and gathering to create a very different Earth that will not even be recognizable given the projections from where we are now. At this point you look ahead ecologically and it does not look good. There are a whole lot of people who still have their heads in the sand about how big a change is needed. And so there is a mass exodus of those who want to change and create a brighter future.

We're at a time in history when things have gotten dark, and will be darker if things continue as they are going ecologically, politically and spiritually. You are lightworkers, all very stalwart souls. This is not the first time you've come into a dark time to push it. You're the ones that come in for the long shot at the end of the basketball game. Just before the horn blows, you try. And sometimes you make the shot, and sometimes you don't. So we try to stay a bit light about it. "OK, so that world went down the tubes, we'll go again." You're the spiritual warriors. You should pat yourselves on the back because you're very strong souls.

This is not the first time it's happened that you come in thinking you can shift things, and if things reach a certain stage where you realize you can't, then what do you do? We don't see anything wrong with badness, if that's what a certain collective of souls is wanting to explore. And sometimes that's part of the separation game: how far can we take it and make our way back? Some people want to push it pretty hard. There are normally a certain number of people sitting on the fence who are worth sticking around for, to try to awaken them spiritually and bring new ideas and spur some real growth in this lifetime for them.

What we see is a numbness in mass consciousness that we have rarely seen on other planets that we've worked with. It's rather odd to us because sometimes you get in very polarized arenas where there's a whole lot of suffering, but there's still learning and some spark of consciousness that's exploring that. Sometimes very complex cultural things are happening, like when you mix many cultures and races, even ET races, and people are thrown together and have to work it out. Some of those situations can be very difficult, to rub shoulders with someone whose culture you instinctively dislike, and to explore what the oneness of the universe is that you can find even there. Or where people are having to make really tough decisions, where there seem to be no good answers. These are common difficult scenarios.

But we have rarely if ever seen a whole world where people choose to numb out like they have here. And it seems to us to be accelerating. The more we see world problems come to consciousness, the more numbness we see. Not even a despair, but a numbness. This is almost more of a challenge than any of those other scenarios. How do you bring someone out of numbness if they decide to go to sleep? The more you talk, the more they may want to zone you out.

So those that are awake are mass exodusing. The possibility is here for a big part of mass consciousness to split and create a new probable Earth that's much different than the one you're on. You may not have a big event, but a year from now you may be saying, "Wasn't there an oil spill? I was in Louisiana last week and I didn't see any evidence of it. Was that really in our life, or was I dreaming that?"

Mainly what we want to do tonight is to give you permission to say, you know, I've done my best. And how I can best use my talents is not to prop up a ship that's sinking, but to get on the lifeboat and go over to that island and create something beautiful, and just let the ship sink. We never thought we'd be saying this to a group. But we think there's a lot of joy in it really. You don't have to go down with this parallel.


When we're talking about switching probabilities, on one level it's a matter of saying, "What paradigm do I want to explore?" It's time to come up with new paradigms for the new age and let the old ones go. One major one that's been around has been martyrdom. That's been a game that says anybody who has a high, beautiful vibration and gets their act together and is more mature than the rest of humanity gets slaughtered. And then the ultimate symbol is that we drink their blood and eat their flesh, as with Jesus. We cannibalize them, and hopefully a little of their vibration gets into all of us since we've eaten their life force. There are quite a number of people on Earth right now saying, "You know, that paradigm has been interesting, but what if we have a paradigm where you evolve and get your energy very beautiful and full and mature, and you just get honored for that instead of being martyred?

Another example is the savior paradigm. Many of your movie plots show things getting really bad, and then the savior comes and takes care of it. The hero. We think that's part of why people are letting things get so bad - so Christ will have to come back. And we question whether you really want to take that paradigm on to a new reality. If you have the chance, would you ditch that one and say, like, "things can be good"?


As we look down on each of you, we see like a chess board with your many parallel selves. And if we look farther out, we see your past and future lives and your concurrent lives, some of which are sitting here in this room with you. It is a mosaic. We think the sense of selfhood that you feel normally is an illusion. Your selfhood is your greater oversoul that creates these parallels, these split-offs, and the past lives, future lives, and simultaneous lives.

So when we say, "Do you want to jump versions of Earth?" from another perspective that's inaccurate. We're really saying that your oversoul can create a new you on another parallel, and the old you can fade out from the old parallel.

You have an illusion of continuity that allows certain meanings to proceed. From our perspective above time looking down, it is like a sit com. You see an episode each week, and it seems as though the character in the episode is the same person every week. But really it's a new story and a new person every week. There's some continuity in the story line, so you have an illusion of selfhood going forward. We see this leap as a sit com where this week's episode is going to be really different than last week's. And it's not that there's any more or less continuity of selfhood in actuality. But from your perspective, it seems like a huge change, and you say, "I have changed." Who is the "I" that has changed? We would say that "I" is really the oversoul that has put out a new sprout, a new shoot.

So it's not hard at all to do this. But because each of you is at a very high level of consciousness compared to most people and most of your lives up until now, we're saying that we think you can consciously go into the oversoul and let the oversoul be who the "I" is that you see yourself as an extension of. And let that oversoul recreate a new aspect of self, a new episode, and go through that consciously, so that you remember the old and you're aware of the new. It's coming into the birth of the new self on the new parallel retaining the memories of the old life, like reincarnating and remembering who you were. Usually when you reincarnate, many different streams from different lives are combining into one new one. It's kind of new, but it still contains the old various seeming-continuities and themes, which you call karma (which is somewhat of a negative word for it).

You can do consciously what automatically happens. If your soul decides to jump over and create a new selfhood, it's gonna do it. But usually you aren't aware of it. And often that will involve the death of the old physical body. Now we're talking about jumping with the continuity of the same body.

But even there, we would like to say that it's the same energetic matrix of the body. It's not like we put you in a spaceship and take the body over. People who teleport are blinking in and out of the same energetic matrix of their body. That the body has a continuity is an illusion too. It changes every minute, with cells dying. But you have a basic blueprint of your body that is fairly consistent, that the new cells are created into.

So to physically feel pretty much the same is part of the conscious going over, but this is a great time, if you're wanting to ask for more health or a physical change, to say, "In my new life, I really want this problem cleared up."

Of course there are many probable Earths with many probable scenarios. If people don't consciously decide to jump over, they may unconsciously jump over. We're not the only ticket. We're just saying we think it would be cool to help you consciously do so, because that to us is a very interesting experiment in consciousness. We think many of your lives have led up to being ready for something like this.

We don't want you to worry about your loved ones. A lot of people will choose to either leave the planet before things get too rough, or will split off into other parallel realities through their positive expectancy, just not so consciously. But the one you are presently on in this moment is building up a very strong tug, like a whirlpool. And so it will be increasingly harder for people to even unconsciously split off into other better scenarios simply because it's seeming to have a numbing effect on people, where they forget they have a choice. They forget that they are spirit, that they are helping to co-create reality, and that their souls are stronger than the whirlpool. We see many people's guides who are trying to reach them, reach them, reach them, and say wake up, wake up, wake up.

Yes, there will be a whole lot of people leaving the planet. We think this is actually good for the planet, as well as good that many people don't need to take it to its inevitable end. They're going. This is merciful.

But for those that this channeling may reach, we would love to see a certain number of people take the seeds of the wisdom gained to another parallel, because then you are not having to start over. Sure, when you leave the planet, you look back on your life and you gain a lot of wisdom. Or if you're looking back from another world at this one, you say, well, historically that's what they did on Earth, and we can learn from them. But you have in every cell the memory very strongly of what you've lived so far on this planet. And we think there's something much more potent about survivors.

Cathee has been approached by several people who have died, including her cousin. Dead people tend to want to process their life, if they can, with a living medium, because it's much more vivid when you're discussing it with someone who's still in that density and that field, especially if you knew them. And those who have crossed over can come to more wisdom from reflecting on their life in this way than if they're just talking to their guides, and they're moving into a different density, and they don't really care that much any more. There's a different feel to it.

So we would love to see you not drop this body with its incredible experience, but take that wisdom with you in the same bodily blueprint to another parallel, and consciously remember what was going down, how it was. And to be able to creatively work with essentially the shadow side of twenty-first century planet Earth, and reap some fruit from having been through this experience.

It's a time for new paradigms, but the new paradigms will arise out of the old ones. We see this as a big responsibility for those who are conscious, to help come up with the paradigms of the new age. If those who have truly lived the old paradigms and know them inside out, at a gut level, are able to choose the new paradigms, you're coming from a place of terrific wisdom. You know how things on Earth work. As those who are not incarnate on Earth, we can advise. We can say, "Do you really want the savior thing?" But the incarnates are the ones that choose—at least you're a big voice in it, because you know what it's like to live these. And so it's extremely powerful if a certain number of people can retain the memories of the old paradigms even in their beings, and then be a part of choosing this whole new era.

What Cathee experienced when she first leaped was that nothing had changed, except that on a cellular level she felt very speeded up. But she's watched how her thoughts used to go, "I want to write a book, but I wonder if the planet's going to survive long enough to get the book out." There was an atmosphere of heaviness and despair. She started noticing how many times her habitual thoughts had been "I want to start a new project, but what are the chances of it turning out, because the economy's going bad, the ecology won't support it, people are numbing out, and so on." Those thoughts were based on an actual pushing out psychically and testing the waters. "Can I breathe enough to start a project? It's such a toxic environment psychically." All of a sudden, she found that it was like there was no more pollution out there. She could experience what fresh air felt like. And how if she writes the book and there are receptive people and there's an environment of optimism, her ideas could really spread.


We are beings with a particular skill set. And we are personally offering our services to help lift you, if you want to work with us in a conscious way. We can lift you a little farther into a discontinuity with where you are now than you would otherwise experience, that will be a sharper relief. It's unlikely that you will make that big of a change without some help from beings like us.

We feel that everyone we're talking to has enough spiritual experience to be able to handle a big break in continuity with their present reality. Your average person on the street couldn't handle that, it would be so disorienting. It's really a matter of selfhood. Who am I? Am I my things? Am I my career? A lot of people identify so much with non-essentials that they can't take too much change and have a sense of selfhood that even functions. So we're here to work with people who are saying, "I want a big change. And I want to remember the old, even as I'm consciously part of making new paradigms, and creating something new."

We're saying don't feel bad if you're getting sucked into the despair, if you're not so-called strong enough to hold your light in the middle of this tidal wave. Nobody can. We're saying, give yourself a break. There's only so much you can humanly do to turn it around. Don't feel bad if you can't. Don't keep trying to put the sand bags up when the tidal waves are coming in. We're saying stop sandbagging. Run. Be transplanted where you can be happy and fully develop your gifts.

To work with us is more a matter of the heart than of the mind, of just letting yourself go, and wanting it. Affirm your visions of how beautiful it could be for you. We think if you can manage to feel us, if you can be in our energy field, it'll be easy. So just call us in and ask for help doing this. And then be willing to bask in it. We would like to make our energy available to as many people as we can possibly help.


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