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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Co-creating Together in the Multiverse

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Find the delight in getting to experience what divine will is as you. For you to become aware of divine will as it is expressed as you brings a whole different level to it. The more you are aware of experiencing who you are, then you are contributing a fullness to what exists, and it just gets richer.

When we leap you farther than you could create with your own thoughts and feelings—here's our take on that. We've tried in these channelings to speak to the majority of people who would be likely to come to these teachings. And what is very "in" right now is the idea that you create your own reality through your thoughts and feelings. And so we have worked with that concept, and we've tried to adapt it. But where do your thoughts and feelings come from? If you're in the flow, those are coming from divine will too.

Few Westerners can be transparent to that extent. They're programmed to think that you have to make your life happen. You have to get the good grades, and the good job. It's your worth that's at stake, and if you're not worthy, then God's going to send you to hell. That really ups the ante. People who come from cultures that don't have the hell thing can flow with divine will more easily, because the flunking is pretty bad in Christianity.

To use a different vocabulary, who we are as Leapers is part of the mechanism of incarnation and the creation of everything, but also part of your perception of everything. And of course, your perception of things is partly what brings them into being. If you think a thought, do an affirmation, or feel a feeling, that's creating. But you can also say that how you perceive the flow of divine will is a very creative act. And so we are also in the perception of your reality, supporting your creative perception of this river that you're in.

Are the Leapers like the guides of our soul family, and we've really been in touch all along?

We have undergirded everything that exists. We're a force of nature. And when we undergird your perception of reality—which helps to create reality—we are helping to make your perceptions extremely powerful. We're talking about certain perceptions that you wish to reinforce. Not just the mind chatter, not just the obsessive-compulsive patterns, but the creative, lovely perceptions. The sparkly energy perceptions.

Is this what you do with everybody?

We do it with everybody in that we undergird the creation of reality through the perception of reality.

[To participant:] We'll speak with you a little differently because you are a nature/human hybrid, being part of our soul family which includes both nature and human beings. To choose to work with us consciously is for you to be saying, "I'm wanting to take on the responsibility of participating in nature's part of co-creating with humans. I'm taking on the human role of perceiving things and thus bringing certain things into being more and more by perceiving them a certain way. I'm also though—as a nature/human hybrid—entering into the nature part of that act of perception which creates my experience."

So when you say, "I'm going to come into close relationship with you Leapers," that then allows us to very powerfully be co-creating with you in a way that most people in the affirmation camp don't experience. It's like marrying the force of nature that helps to create the whole world. And in this marriage, you are giving permission for your co-creations to be much more powerful than they could be if you were saying that in your identity you're only half of the nature/human equation. When you say, "I am human, but I'm also nature supporting this and giving the substance for it, pulling together the constituents in the universe that will put this into form," then your creations can be extremely powerful. And in that, you are taking responsibility.

All nature beings can take on personality. But generally, we're much more in the flow of divine will than human free will tends to be. So in working with us, you're almost by default taking on an agreement to be very much in the flow of divine will.

And of course, that is the force that brought you into being in the first place. We could not have helped to create you even at your birth if it was not in the flow of divine will. At the level of creating human beings, it's like creation is just divine will flowing into a rivulet that happens to be a human being, and then going to the great ocean.

We're very excited to embrace you in this. Instead of saying "can I trust the Leapers" or "who are the Leapers as a personality" or something—it's more like we're the flow of divine will as it can relate to you. Cathee's guides have always explained that they're like the wind that flows where it's supposed to blow, and the words that need to be said in the moment are said. It's not so much like they're a strong personality saying them. They're just so transparent to the flow of what needs to happen, that they say Cathee is channeling her guides or her clients' guides, and the guides are channeling something bigger than them, and that something bigger than them is channeling something even bigger. If you go far enough, you get to what people call God. But it has to be stepped down. And when it can get stepped down into the world of polarity, then it's fun to have someone to relate to in polarity. It's fun to relate to someone who has a personality, even if that personality is not ultimately all of who they are. You're much more than your personality too. Ultimately it's the one talking to itself.

So we're taking on a personality, even though we're a natural force, so that we can relate to you. And we think, really, the delight of 3D and 4D is that we get to do that down here. We think it's grand. The creations are rich that come out of that polarity relationship, although in a way it's all divine will anyway.

Our initial getting to know each other involves seeing what works between us. How do we want to create each other in this relationship? You get to choose a lot of it, and we do too, to see what works. Some people will want to think of us as a grand force, and it will seem kind of impersonal. Other people want us to snuggle in with them, and they want to talk to us about everything they're doing in their life and every decision they make. Then we feel into how it works for us to find ways that you can feel us better. Some people are very verbal, and some people are more touch-oriented. We have an initial period where we sense out how close you really want us to be to you, and on what level—emotional or mental.

So we start dancing together. Really, what is true in your relationship with us is true in your relationship with anyone, even other humans—that you learn to create each other. You explore how you can interface as the two that really are the one.

And this is what we find so delightful even in the act of talking to you. We're probing as we talk to you. What can she hear? We're watching how you react to the words. Do we get more philosophical, or do we say we love you and we want to be close to you? Will that push you away if we say that? Do we try to sound like a guru? Or do we try to sound like your favorite sitcom? We don't think we're being deceptive by just trying to feel what works.


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