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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

Mass Exodus to Parallel Versions of Earth

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Individuals often send off shoots of themselves to explore the road not taken. For instance, if you make the decision to take a job, one part of you may live that out while another version of you lives what would have happened if you hadn't taken the job. Sometimes these parallel selves merge back together again with the wisdom of both. There are all sorts of spinoffs—selfhoods that split off in trying different things and sometimes then come back together. But once in awhile there's a window where there's a mass exodus from one collective branch to other major branches, which we see at this time.

Many people are choosing on this planet now to explore darkness and despair more than might have been foreseen a few months or years ago. And those who don't feel comfortable on that path are mustering to create very different versions of Earth that will not even be recognizable given the projections from where you are now. For instance, at this point you look ahead ecologically and it does not look good. Society is not changing fast enough, and there are many people who are still in denial about how big of a change is needed. So there will be a mass exodus of those who want to create a brighter future.

By your being conscious of that possibility, you help to create it, because that's what you're expecting. And then when you hear bad news, which seems to be all the time if you listen to the news, it can be very helpful to realize, "I don't have to live that probability. I can choose, and I am choosing, a very different version of Earth."

We think it won't feel abrupt, but you may years from now look back and say, "Wasn't there an oil spill? I haven't heard anything about that lately. Did that really happen?" It may get worked out in another version. You may not be able to connect with a lot of what you vaguely remember was going on.

You're at a time in history when cultural norms have gotten dark, and will be getting darker if they continue as they are going. You are lightworkers—all very stalwart souls. This is not the first time you've come into a dark time to change it. You're the ones that come in for the long shot at the end of the basketball game. Just before the horn blows, you try. And sometimes you make the shot, and sometimes you don't. So we try to stay a bit light about it. "OK, so that world went down the drain, we'll go again." You're the spiritual warriors. You should pat yourselves on the back because you're very strong souls.

This is not the first time you have come in thinking you can shift things, and if they reach a certain stage where you realize you can't, then what do you do? We don't see anything wrong with badness, if that's what a certain collective of souls is wanting to explore. And sometimes part of the separation game is: "How far can we take it and still make our way back?" Some people want to push it pretty hard.

There are normally a certain number sitting on the fence who are worth sticking around for, to try to awaken them spiritually, bring new ideas, and spur some real growth in this lifetime for them. Especially in these times, many people have a chance to make an evolutionary leap. You can make evolutionary leaps in this lifetime as well, setting the pace that allows people to follow in your wake.

But what we see is a numbness in mass consciousness that we have rarely seen on other planets. It's rather odd to us. We've seen very polarized arenas where there's tremendous suffering, but there's still learning and some spark of consciousness that's exploring. Sometimes very complex cultural dynamics happen, like when many cultures and races are thrown together and people have to work it out. It can be very difficult to rub shoulders with someone whose culture you dislike, and to explore the oneness of the universe that you can find even there. There can be other difficult scenarios where people are having to make tough decisions, but there seem to be no good answers.

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But we rarely if ever have seen a whole world where people choose to numb out like they do here. And this phenomenon seems to us to be accelerating. The more world problems come to consciousness, the more numbness we see. Not even a despair, but a numbness. This is almost more of a challenge than the other scenarios we mentioned. How do you wake someone up if they decide to go to sleep? The more you talk, the more they may zone you out. There's been a lot written about addiction, which is rampant, but it seems to be largely a choice.

We'd like to think it's a choice where mass consciousness has said, "Wouldn't this be interesting, what would happen if we all numb out?" But we don't find it all that interesting.

So those who are awake are mass exodusing from the old trajectory of events. The possibility is here for a big part of mass consciousness to split off and create new versions of Earth that are much different than the one you're on. And as we said, you may not have a big event, but eventually you may be saying, "Did there used to be a tax collection agency? I don't quite remember."

This is bizarre to us, but for the people who are awake, just staying awake puts you on a different probability than those who are numbing out. The numbing out is a choosing to believe that it's inevitable that things will go downhill. "It's inevitable that corporations will rule the world, and that we'll all die because of our own stupidity and non-green lifestyles. There's nothing we can do to change the forces that be." It's that kind of belief that leads to just acquiescing, or to trying to grab what you can.

It's ironic that there are people even in the top levels of government and corporations feeling the same way. People tend to think that many of those in power are so greedy and malevolent that they're dragging everyone down with them, and that they've structured society so nobody can get ahead without becoming like them. That the Illuminati are manipulating everything. But we think even the Illuminati are caught in this despair. "What can we do?" It's like a landslide, and who thinks they can stop it?

So if there's a mass agreement even at the high levels, you either say well, I'm part of the landslide or I'm not part of the landslide. It's a bizarre situation, but actually stepping out of it is going to be relatively easy for those who choose to. Your collective focus of awareness is moving into the fourth dimension, and your thoughts will create events very quickly for you, if you hold a strong intention. You see this landslide going down, and the dust is flying. But the fog of dust begins to settle, and you see out clearly, and you can start to paint your future very beautifully. It's not like there's resistance from the people who chose to go down in the landslide—they're trapped under the rubble and boulders. At a certain point you look around and say, "you're still here; you're still here; you didn't go down. Let's get together and build something on top of the rubble."

We think it's not nearly as dire as it looks, because you do have the power to create something very beautiful. And those who are awake are really awake, because they're in an isolation chamber of "if I'm the only one thinking and feeling, I'm really aware of that." If you're in a big house or a village where everybody's asleep and you're walking around in the middle of the night saying, "Why is everybody asleep?" you're very aware that you're walking around awake.

That clarity of awareness of how weird it is to be caring and spiritually alive can be very sharp these days. Like when you turn on the TV and you hear drivel coming out of it, and you think there are millions of people watching that show, and they're all being hypnotized by it. "Why isn't anybody else seeing that that's just drivel?"

So it's a cool time to be alive. It's interesting. But only if you stay awake.

The forces of darkness in this time are disguised as the desire for comfort above all else, and the desire for efficiency at the cost of meaning. You can have a very efficient machine now, which nobody knows why it exists or what it's for. For instance, your economic system. Why should everybody have a job? If you structured it so that people could live creatively and contribute in other ways than working in a factory or whatever just to survive, maybe you don't need everybody working. Maybe that's not the ultimate in efficiency in terms of the human experience. But you're so focused on "we gotta have everybody employed." Why? Not a lot of why's are being asked in the military. "Why do we need to kill people more efficiently?"

I've been experiencing the numbness in people, and wonder if the numbness is their choice because they feel they have no other choice, or if there's subliminal programming going on.

It works both ways. Yes, definitely a lot of subliminal programming is happening, or not-so-subliminal programming, but why have you created collectively the possibility that that would be there? In other words, if you want to numb out, there's alcohol available, there's TV available. Why do you have so much available? HAARP—the government's array of 180 radio transmitters in Alaska that bounces electromagnetic waves off the ionosphere—uses some of the same frequencies as brainwaves. You can manipulate people's brains with those frequencies and can put them into states of apathy. But why do you allow HAARP? There's been hardly any protest against HAARP even though a lot of people know about it.

You get called a conspiracy nut. People say our government would never do that.

Either they say that, or they say I work for the government and I want the government to have that power and control over people. Or I want the government to be able to handle those kooky new agers, or fundamentalists, or terrorists. Many people are willing to have the government have that power. So it's hard to say which comes first. What's your feeling on that?

Some are programmed, and some know something is wrong and don't know what to do. They go into survival mode.

We think the level of programming in your school system is going to produce a generation of zombies like you've never seen. They'll still seem like active sassy kids with spunk, but at very deep levels their spirits are killed of thinking they have a choice to wake up more. Damage from electronics and vaccinations have a lot to do with that, but even more, the numbness of their parents and teachers. Obviously there are alternative schools that are not readily available to the majority where that's not so big. But with some of the really sharp kids coming in, to shut them down requires some effort. Look at the chemicals in school lunches, the video games, the psychiatric drugs. And the electronics in schools, like wi fi, are a regimenting prison limiting how far they can feel and think outside of the human-dominated box.

We've got an electronic shield in HAARP separating us from the cosmos.

If you're staying right with the Earth's vibrations and the cosmic vibrations at this time of dimensional shift, it should be much easier to wake up than at just about any time in the last ten thousand years. It's amazing, the power of human consciousness to create a little virtual reality where it's hard to wake up. It's stunning. Because in this case, practically all you have to do is relax and go with the natural flow, and you will surface and awaken. You have to try hard collectively to keep the planet in this much darkness. So this is what's so puzzling to us. It's almost as if humanity wanted to see how much it could go against the flow, like taking your little rowboat out in the big ocean during a storm, and seeing how far you can get out in the ocean when everything's trying to take you to shore and safety.

There are very numerous high beings coming to help now, and not many dark beings coming to tear things down. Really, they're insignificant at this time. So to slow it down, you'd almost have to go into numbness, because on the good and bad kind of battlefield, we're turning the corner where the good should be a little stronger than the bad. So if we were playing that game, you wouldn't have what you're seeing. It takes tremendous numbness so that people don't know what's up and what's down and what's good and what's bad, and there's confusion without that inner compass able to be accessed.

We like to think that all things have meaning, and all things will be interesting in the long run. But we don't know what it will be like in some future reality when you'll look back and say, "Why did we do that numbness thing?" We're not quite sure what you'll figure out about that, to tell you the truth. We're a little puzzled by it.

But we want to reiterate that you don't have to stay there. Just stay awake, and you're going to see amazing change. Those who are awake are going to literally split off whole new versions of Earth. It's not the first time this has happened, but we see a real window at this time for a mass exodus from the numbness, and getting down to business. We would like to see a smooth transition to these new communities of light, and the only way to have a smooth transition to them is to have a big break-off in probabilities, which we think will feel utterly great to most of you. If you're leaving loved ones behind, it may not feel so great.

One of the biggest hindrances to this exodus on individual levels is having some investment in the old. We see this in Cathee. She has resentment against the powers that be for creating such a mess, and she's going to have to give up that resentment to get on with a new probability.

One of the big programmings of the last two thousand years is a Christian idea that you have to help save the world. Jesus already saved it, you know, but you have to be out there saving the world. And it's up to humans to fix things—the technological mindset. "We have to fix global warming, so we're going to dump toxic aluminum particulates all over the atmosphere." When do you say, "We've got to fix it, we've got to take responsibility. Be responsible, be responsible." And when do you say, "If it falls apart, maybe that's the best thing that could happen. We will build something beautiful on top of the rubble. But I'm not gonna feel guilty if I came here as a lightworker and we couldn't turn it around." We mean this literally, that that feeling of responsibility is a big problem. Your parents bothered to raise you, your society bothered to raise you, and your spirit guides have been helping you all along. So much investment. "We've tried so hard. We've put so much energy into things. Why couldn't we turn it around?"

It's good to just be able to say, "We tried. We threw the long shot. Didn't make it. Is the tournament over?" No, but this game may be over. And we feel odd ourselves talking like this, because it sounds so hopeless. But sometimes when a client comes for a personal reading, Cathee will see the lofty goals that were chosen for their life before it began. And sometimes addictions or traumas have made it very unlikely that they're going to even begin to turn around what they came in to transform, or to grow through. You hear about suicides, and everyone always says, oh, that's so terrible. And sometimes Cathee thinks, good for them. They get to start over.

And maybe there's karma involved, and maybe not. Many times we don't think there's even karma. Karma comes if you have a chance and you blow it, maybe. But a lot of people get in the numb-out, and from then on, they don't really have a chance. Are they even responsible for what they do when they're sleepwalking? We think there's no karma if you don't even have your own mind working. And that's getting to be the case for large numbers of people now.

We don't have a problem with death whatsoever. And we don't have a problem, actually, with even a certain amount of environmental devastation, as long as it will fold itself under and allow for a new layer on which to build. The trick is, yes, in staying alive, but also in shifting over, letting go of your attachment to making the old work, and just saying, "I'm ready for a new start. I'm ready for a new probability. Count me in over there." You can have compassion for what's going down, and for all the people who don't seem to be waking up. And truly believe it's a loving universe, and ultimately there's only one of us, and it all will be OK. There is nothing that can ultimately take us away from the godhood, that oneness, that love. Then this is just an interesting chapter.

When do you surrender to Spirit and trust that the universe is a loving universe, and when do you have to keep your wits about you and make things happen and stay on top of it? That's very tricky. Mainly what we wanted to do tonight was to give you permission to say, you know, I've done my best. And how I can best use my talents is not to prop up a ship that's sinking. But to get on the lifeboat and go over to that island and create something wonderful, and just let the ship sink.

We never thought we'd be saying this to a group. But we think there's a lot of joy in it, really. You don't have to go down with the old parallel. But you do need to support each other in affirming that this is a loving universe, and that you can literally create a different probability and live in it.

We want to talk more about the kids coming in now. There is potential for a new mutation of humanity where the normal emotional range is dampened down, and the technical, mechanical part of life is seen as an extension of people. If this mutation proceeds in the direction it seems to be headed, we may end up with very different future generations. What you feel as numbness, if you go into it enough, and into that technology and into that lack of a range of emotion because you're numb—there's something in there that could eventually become a new way of being, almost a new race on the planet. You may have heard of ET races that are not very emotional, that are very technological. Orionites, etc. And they are creations. Who are we to judge ultimately that it isn't a valid expression of the creator to explore consciousness in that way? However, and this is a big however for us, there at some point has to be a kickback. It's like the earlier question, "Is this being done to us, or is this being chosen by us, to head in the direction of mutation?" There's enough of "this is being done to you," especially when you're a child, that it is not just another option in the myriad of possibilities of the universe. And so there is a karmic aspect to it, if you go that way.

Therefore, this is one of the darkest probabilities we've seen on this planet in all of the time that we've been watching you—to evolve humans in such a way that they don't know the difference. They don't know what they've lost. They don't know what they could have had.

But the way to reach these kids, to help prevent this probability, is not for you to get in there and change the media, change the school system, etc. It's for you to break free and create the probabilities that you have dreamed of as so strong and so shining, that in the sphere in which you are linked with all humans everywhere, the possibility remains alive to wake up, and to dream that there's something else.

You play with ideas in the astral levels, and then they may or may not manifest down in 3D and become set in. Movies are hinting of the possibility of humans and robots merging, but it hasn't really solidified as far as we can see into 3D, but it could. If you can throw your weight into your own happy life that's as emotionally and spiritually rich as you can live it, and not just be a numbed-out machine, that is the best way to prevent that scenario. We are all one and connected, and you can feel what's happening on the inner planes with all other probabilities. You can give people who are caught in a spiritually arid, sterile parallel a glimmer of a dream of something different that they can move towards. We know this sounds incredibly dark, but this is where you are.

Know that your happiness is our happiness and is the universe's happiness.

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