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The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Members of the group present talked before the channeling began about their frustrations with their lives. Below are some of their comments. See if you identify.

All of us have started projects, and to give up trying when you've tried so hard, and never have things gel, is difficult. And to never have the satisfaction of even being able to put clear concepts on half the things that you're idealistic about, because it's still vague that something's missing, but what is it? So we have sunk into the mud with a great deal of frustration, of feeling like we need to do something but not really pulling it together. In the parallel jump, one of the biggest things I'm wanting is to jump out of that swampy feeling that nothing can quite happen, to leap to a place where things can build.

Where things are supported and focussed and completed.

And where there's a harmonizing factor.

We think part of the problem is the dimensional shift. As you go higher in dimension, things don't feel solid. They don't set up the way they can in 3D and the lower dimensions. There's always a flux. One of you here tonight has been in the same business for twenty-five years—that's pretty solid. You probably won't have that same longevity in anything you do as you move up.

But you can feel more satisfaction in what's happening. The solidity comes more from a sense of community. In the old denser reality, you can establish quite a bit of stability in your own little island, in your own little family and job. The higher dimensions involve more group effort, often with soul family. You have to have faith that what someone else is doing will complement what you're doing. You may not be able to see that other people are being drawn together to fulfill their parts. There's more a feeling of being part of an organism, and that can feel really good. It's going to be more about "I belong to the community, and the quality of the community really matters," whether it be the bigger soul family or the people you actually live near.

There are pluses and minuses to any of the dimensions. As you go up and things are more nebulous because they're so changeable, you have to have a strong sense of the energy of what the group is about. Your common purpose and resonance may be as solid as it ever really feels. You can create events and build houses and so forth, but the higher dimensions are always going to have that feeling of "I'm doing this as part of the organism. And I have to trust that the rest of the organism is with me on the same wavelength, because I can't control that, and yet I'm so dependent on it." There's more of a sense of dependency on other people, other beings and nature, on levels that get intimate. You're more affected by others' thoughts and others' feelings as well as others' actions than on the lower dimensions. It's got to be an organism that really works. But you may also feel that you have even less control over making it work, because it's a symbiotic thing.

So it's appropriate to leap to a community that has a beautiful vibe going, because the vibe really matters, even more than the rules. You all know that—you've dropped out of groups because you didn't like the vibe.

Didn't like the rules either.

OK, the structure. We think it's going to be beautiful, but you're going to have to get used to a different feel, and a different mode of operation. Trying to come to a consensus is a 3D lower reality model of a symbiotic community that moves as one. It has the structure and the rules without the heart. And if there's not true caring, you can't artificially create it. Or if you don't have people who trust that the community will come to good decisions, who can get their own egos out of the way, there's no substitute for that flow and faith in something bigger. You're not getting trained for this in the reality you've been in—you haven't had trustworthy institutions to give you that sense!

You need to recognize that you are beginners in terms of getting to experience a place where community does work, even though you've been trying for years. You are beginners compared to those on some of these other parallels where it's been working for quite some time. We applaud those of you who have been digging in there and reading books and looking at models of community in depth. But we think some of you have taken it as far as you could in trying to figure it out without making a leap. It's like going from grade school to junior high. Now you've got upperclassmen living in this other parallel who know how to do it. They can teach you. They've been living it, so it's natural for them. But it's like a foreign culture to you. You have just the idea of it, not a gut sense of it.

We find it very exciting to leap you to that parallel. We think it could gel very quickly that you would find new people and opportunities coming to you. The bugaboo is, when things don't feel very solid—because they're not going to in a higher dimensional setting—to not interpret that as, oh, it's happening again, things won't work because they don't feel solid. You have to come to a new trust level that even if reality feels quick-changing or dreamlike, that doesn't mean that it's just the same old thing, that it's going to fall apart again. It just is a different density. It may take rationally telling yourself when you feel doubts that it's OK.

Performers know that things can be very beautiful even if it's just for one evening, and then they take the set down and move onto the next town. A lot of their hard work isn't permanent—it's been for an evening of magic. But it's a very real evening of magic.

Different people have different soul purposes, and it's going to be very diverse where they leap to, and how far they leap. It's hardly going to sound like the same thing. But we'd love to see everybody leap off the old. What if everybody leapt away from what's not working, and there was nobody left for greedy corporations to employ? It's like the saying "what if we have a war and nobody shows up?"

If people were in tune with the Earth, that's exactly what would be happening, because the energies on Earth right now are not supporting those greedy ways very well. But humans have managed to human-dominate things enough that they can sustain this artificial weirdness.

Several questions were asked about cultures that have disappeared like the Mayans and the Anasazi. Did they leap? Or did they die off?

If it's behind your question, we don't see that disappearance happening to your culture. And of course, you're only seeing one probability from those cultures as you look back historically.

We see a bit of the savior interpretation laid onto the Mayan calendar. Nature works in cycles, and even when a baby is born, there's much that goes into that birth that is continuation. It looks like a break, like something different. But all the strands from other lives, and all the history of the parents and the family setting that went into that baby being conceived mean it's not a totally new start. Any time you're trying to overlay a linear way of thinking on top of a cycling calendar, there's going to be disappointment when it just cycles, and it doesn't go off into something "other than."

As for the ancient Mayan and Anasazi cultures, there are some very powerful things that happened with their leaving, and they also made some of the same crazy mistakes you have made culturally. They were not by any means perfect, or even ahead of you spiritually. They were different, definitely, with more inward focus in everyday life. But the Anasazi discovered the limits of population growth for their climate too.

It's difficult to come from a culture that has the messiah archetype so big, with the "elect"—"God's chosen ones"—and not think there's somebody out there who has done it better than you are doing it. The special ones, the evolved ones. What if, in a world of polarity, it's inherent in the game that you're going to mess up, and that it's not going to be perfect? The cycling is life, death, life, death. Creation—oh, this didn't work—death, disintegration. That's the cycle. Not perfection, and once and for all we did it. That's not even cycling then. The culture you're in is about the search for perfection. "Something must be wrong with me if I'm not perfect. But I'm sure somebody else out there is perfect." Jesus farted too. So the compassion is built in for imperfection. It has to be, to hold it all together.

You're leaping away from the fog, confusion, and heaviness of your parallel world, which make it hard to even see what your goal is. There are other things you're leaping away from. We see very much in all of your hearts a wanting to be with people you really trust. You are leaping into a future of being more surrounded by people with the same soul purposes and values, which makes it easier because you understand each other. It's hard to come into a real resonance with people who are so different from you that you don't understand each other. Small things that happen can be blown up because you don't comprehend someone's motivation for doing them, and you may never. Really, if you get some of these greedy corporate types together in the same community, they might just have a great time. No problem. [laughs]

We're very biased, because we're from your soul family and have been with you for incarnation after incarnation. So our idea of what's worth going for is very similar to yours. (Which is why other soul familys' Leapers are going to have to take care of them.) Your frustration, and yet compassion for each other and yourselves within that frustration, has given each of you qualities of unconditional love and immense patience, even though you may not feel that all the time. It's an old soul quality, that "I'm willing to keep showing up amid immense disappointment in my life. I'll still keep caring and loving and hoping," like the tragic hero. This in itself has a beauty that is amazing. You've known people who seem to have endless patience and love for their children or for their clients. It becomes a soul quality in you over time. It usually seems to develop with age and repeated disappointment. We think there's hardly anything stronger in this universe than that kind of beingness. It's like what nature has exhibited—humans run all over it and it just keeps supporting the whole game.

So from our perspective, you see yourselves as frustrated—not total failures, but not successful in a lot of things you've tried. Experimenters, but disappointed many times. Your idealistic goals are what you compare yourselves to. "Something must be wrong if we're not there. And we want to leap there."

We have to look as we leap you over not only to what you need, but to which parallel needs you and your gifts to come into their community. We look for where you can thrive, but also for where you can help that parallel thrive. And to tell you the truth, ones such as yourselves who have been in this incredibly frustrating Earth version are in high demand, because there's no parallel that doesn't need those soul qualities of unconditional love, patience, and "I'm gonna keep showing up and loving no matter what." We think those that are refugees from some of the toughest parallels have those soul qualities in much more abundance than people who are in versions where it's relatively smooth—easy to build and create a fulfilling life. You are the salt of the Earth, as Jesus said.

And we really mean this. Cathee worked with international scholars and students in a former job. Many of her friends were from places like Uganda. She thinks of those people as being the salt of the Earth, how they could keep going in a country where disease is rampant. But we think even though most of you have not been suffering in obvious physical ways, your suffering has been very deep, because of your depth of sensitivity to natural order and to spirit, and your instinctual gut sense of how beautiful it could be, but it's not.

So literally, we feel it's hard to place you because there are so many different parallels we want to put you on, because they need you. And if you could only see your own beauty, you would believe us.

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This is a matchmaking phase, of finding where you will thrive the most for your own sake, and who needs your gifts the most, under what circumstances. We're testing that out. We're watching you very closely. Certain things and new people are coming into your life, and we're seeing if they're a good match for your interests. So we're feeling our way here, in helping to support you in finding where you want to go. We're following your lead in some ways, and in some ways we're suggesting, "Well, you might want this or that." You may think, "oh I'm suddenly interested in this," but it may be because we're saying, "you might be interested in this." In other ways, we're just lifting you over and plopping you down, too.

It's hard to explain how this all works, without sounding very elementary in our conceptualization of it. It's resonance. But it's more than that. And we want you to own, if you can, that the incredible hope that has never quite died in any of you—the sensitivity that says there's gotta be a way for this to work out, we really can have a happy life. That you have all managed to keep that loving sensitivity alive and even develop it within yourselves in itself is a tremendous success.

There are those we are helping with the leap, whether they've heard of us or not—people asking for a brighter future—who, in order to get to where they want to be, have some pretty tough lessons to learn and qualities to develop within themselves. You know people who seem to be as interested in community as you have been, that just don't fit into community. They've got some personality stuff to work on, or more. Those are the tricky ones for us to help, to give enough sandpaper to smooth off the edges so they can get where they want to go, but not so much that they get discouraged and can't get there.

You are our jewels that we want to plant carefully in very fertile soil. The biggest encouragement we can give you is to think it can be really, really different. That the old frustration can just not be applicable any more. You don't have to go through another "it's not quite working" situation in your life, period. You do have to get used to though, as we said, things not feeling as solid as they once did. But that flow can feel like a natural flow of building and then disintegration, and then the new. It's going to cycle. But it doesn't have to feel like it never quite comes to fruition. Part of the cycle is coming to fruition. And then change morphs from there, hopefully to more and more satisfying forms as it morphs.

Thank you for going through this tough version of Earth, to develop those soul qualities that you have so wonderfully developed. And don't worry about the old Earth. You're still very identified with the old Earth. That can bog you down.

In some very real ways it's like dying and being reborn. If you had actually died with no hope of coming back to the old body, you would be seeing exactly what we have been saying. You'd look at what you've accomplished: these soul traits that you gained from this life. What a successful life. But you haven't had that break from it to be able to look at it from outside of it. And so you're still feeling in your bodies and in your personality make-up, "oh, we've gotta keep trying, oh my gosh, the ship is going down, we've gotta try harder." Survival. It's so built into you, because it's what you've been living. We'd like you to feel more closure, that really the whole striving thing is over. It's over.

Cathee worries that her programming around money and lack will somehow mess up the jump to something really different. When she hears about a friend applying for a job where there are hundreds of other applicants, shivers run up her spine of oh no, we're in this lack field. She's worried that she'll worry and create it in the future. The kink in the whole idea of just jumping is that you don't get the closure. And it's hard to supply that without having you die bodily.

It'll be in retrospect. You'll be in a new situation that's working and you'll look back and say wow, I've changed. So you'll get little moments of closure, of recognizing the change as you go. And it's good to spend time when you start reminiscing like that and say oh yes, I want to really recognize that this is different.

Right now it's a time of open-ended possibilities. Like we said, it's a matchmaking time. We find it so exciting to work consciously with people like this. To us the apex of spiritual evolution, of this stage anyway, is to not just have the universe deciding everything for you, but you really getting to have input on it consciously. Most babies when they come in don't get to do that.

And we want the process to be fun, and to be as important as the destination. The journey is really all there is, so savor it, definitely.

As far as sticking around to help other people—this is very real, and we regret to have to ask you to do this. What can we say? Thanks. Thanks, guys. There are people worth helping to move over. And they will be coming to you.


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