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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

The Coming Holographic Terror

Dandelion to and through Cathee Courter:

photo of dandelion

I am a very close soul family member to you. I want you to know that everyone that you became close to of the plant realm in the old parallel will be with you in this new one. [Cathee: There goes a hummingbird.] And everything has changed, even though it seems like not that much has changed. [Looks like I stepped on some violets here.]

I am a fast-blooming plant. I'm not here long—a few weeks—and so I don't have long to catch your eye. But I am beautiful. And some of us carry a knowledge of the other parallels on which we exist. Because you are getting extra help moving out from the old parallel, the new may seem very different, and you will need a certain stability and familiarity in the new resonance and opening up of possibilities. In the longer run of your life, I think you will need a great deal of help. You probably don't realize just how different the reality many of us are hoping you will move to will be. We can develop our relationship much more fully than we have. And you can bring many more people into that kind of relationship, some who are also refugees from the old way of living.

So in a way you are not making this jump with just human loved ones. You are making this jump with those of us that love you from the plant realm. And yes, it's the deva [spirit] of all dandelions that will greet you in the future, not this particular one. I will probably not be around much longer to greet you here, even. In this new parallel I think you've been looking for stability and grounding. The love between us will be very important.

It's the chance of a lifetime. What you've been doing in the twenty-first century has been explained to you as working out free will, or taking things to the limit. You've heard various ways of looking at it, of it having some redeeming value in terms of learning or not.

photo of dandelion

You've been told that once you are safely grounded in the new parallel, you will be sending help back to the old parallel, and this is part of the deal. What is of value in doing that, is what plants like me have been working so hard to establish. I am known as the invader of people's lawns, and you grew up digging me out, to have a homogenous lawn that was not even edible or medicinal. It was good for football, I guess. Everyone took for granted that they would mow. [There's a tick.] I am one of the plants besides grass that has been very close to humanity in this civilization. I have a great affection for humans. I think it's one thing to say that civilization is going down. But many of us are not giving up on the old parallel. We are sticking with whoever's there. And so, I don't see what you're doing as totally bailing out, although that's what you want to do. I think it's working from a safe distance, from where some good can be done.

There are theories that things get erased at the end of an age, or the light and darkness cancel each other out, or there's a clearing of the screen, or an unzipping. I don't see it that way. To dandelions and some other flowers you work with, there needs to be a bridging of the nature and human realms. Things cannot be allowed to totally fall apart. Nature has to find a way to cycle this level of destruction through, because everything's a cycle.

You have talked many times with flowers of how it's a matter of the heart that most concerns us, not just a matter of death or the exploitation of a planet that's difficult. And it goes beyond even some people's ideas of having to clean up environmental messes and learn the lessons about that. To me, it's more a matter of this alienating absence of feeling that needs to be addressed and healed. As you've channeled, maybe there will be a time when humans will get out of touch with their own emotions, and will become more machine-like. But you have talked to the deva of silica, and she's wanting to be a part of the body in a very loving, co-creative way.

I feel good that our relationship really does transcend parallels. We were close there. We will be close in this vibration. When skullcap told you briefly yesterday that you can send love and help back, you wondered how that was going to work, but I don't think it takes a conscious doing of that. Anything we put into the deva of our experience together will reach to any of our lifetimes together on any parallel, in any time, and will be there. And so you could even surmise that some future self of yours who loves me has set this up that you and I would be close and able to connect on this parallel. You have often thought that Wameewa [your past life Indian self] in her intimate relationship with flowers made it possible for us to connect on the old parallel. This provides a real stability across all time, when we travel together this way.

You will take all that you are close to in the nature world with you to the new parallel. And yet, I will repeat that I think that the new parallel will be very different from the old in startling ways. You're thrilled here now, it's so beautiful, green, and fragrant all of a sudden after a cold winter. The bees are buzzing, and the red ants are wandering around. I'm wondering if you can imagine everything looking the same, in the same forest, with the same plants, but there being a whole different level of relationship that was barely possible in the old. In other words, what you had to do to reach inside yourself to be able to relate to me in the old reality will now just seem like the normal way of relating, not only to you, but to many people around you. You may still be especially gifted in that. [I wonder where these red ants are heading. Apparently to where I'm sitting.]

So would that not be paradise? I know you're not crazy about red ants. But it's OK if they're there.

Cathee: A mosquito just came by. It is paradise and it isn't, I think.

I am saying that you have a strong presence on the old parallel, even though you felt invisible many times. That you are a beacon there. And although the Cathee I am talking to has split off, she is very intimately connected with the Cathee that remains. But can you see how the Cathee that remains for however long she lives, which may not be much longer on the old parallel, is empowered by every thought you think and every connection you make on this split-off? This is like bathing her with light for you to be loving me and noticing my beauty.

You had many prophecies when you were on the old parallel of a huge amount of death coming. And I think the other Cathee might not be able to handle, especially, the death of huge forests, oceans, and continents, without a very strong presence in this parallel, and other parallels and other lifetimes. She needs tremendous love, and she is tremendously brave. In that parallel she is working in altered states almost all the time to try to keep some connection to light and to hope as things fall around her.

Cathee: Do you want to tell me what's going to happen to her?

Well, from what I can see, the holograms of ET landings here, with the fake landings of government spaceships out east, will cause on that parallel . . . and I don't want to go into it too much, because it's still a very fluid thing, there's not just one possibility. But will cause in a way a mass suicide. People will be coming out to battle with beings that are not really there. Like with your friend who is applying for a patent on this, you can set up a hologram and it looks like someone's there. And if you shoot at them, you will end up shooting inadvertently whoever or whatever is behind that hologram, such as the walls.


It will cause mass confusion, where what people see is not what's there, and where their very loved ones may be obscured by these holographic images. This technology is surprisingly easy to create. If your friend who was self-taught could have done it, think how easy it is to do for the military with huge coffers, and other interests even beyond the United States. And this is like the psychology of what you've read about that happened with the Cambodians, where the children were especially traumatized because they were told to shoot their parents. Well, in this probability, many people do end up shooting their parents, and they don't realize it until it's too late. They don't know what's real and what's not real, what's a real threat and what's not a real threat, if any of it's real. They do know there's somebody's hand in it, that obviously someone set it up. But an invisible enemy is like the minute men at the birth of this country, shooting from behind trees and you can't really see where they are. Terrorists. It would be a lot worse than that. I'm not saying that this would happen everywhere. But if it happens in major cities and populated areas, it's going to affect everything.

So it's a good thing you jumped. And we all see that you have jumped. You are in the new parallel. It will unfold. We are very close already.

I know you have a lot more to learn about our realm, the plant realm. But you will learn it. You will not be so horrified if you step on a violet like you just did. Actually, you handled it better than usual. You didn't mind killing the tick, though, did you?

I mainly wanted to clear up, that it's by actively going into what you love, into our relationship, into the new life, that you are able to automatically return light back to the old you. I do see some wonderful things happening for her too, in coming to trust the human beings that she does trust incredibly much.

Cathee: Will there be a coming around, a change of heart, of the human heart?

I'm not sure that I understand the technology enough to quite explain this, but I'll try. There will be a simulation also of emotional states, which as you know can be manipulated with electromagnetic fields. And so the interface between what your biology is, what your spirit is, and how one affects the other, will be explored. As well as what will happen if you can't believe what your senses are telling you, after these several centuries of so many people saying things aren't real except as verified by sight or sound. This will put that all to the test, because people at that point will not be able to verify anything by reading their own emotional state. Their feelings, and what they see, will betray them. Even what they smell.

So in a holographic world like that, anyone who can keep in touch with their deeper spirit and other ways of knowing will have a chance at sanity. And most people will find that they might have thought they had a strong meditational sense, but find that they really don't when push comes to shove. This is partly why we see you in that version as spending a lot of time in the bedroom on the bed, just keeping hold of us—of all your relationships—in a psychic way, in spite of a huge plume of negativity, pain and despair, a cyclone around you.

The Leapers said in one channeling that no one can withstand what's coming. You will on that probability die of it, eventually taking your own life. There will be mass suicide because people will hope that death will make plain what's real when the physical manifest world seems to be utterly confusing.

Again, it's not wholly without meaning. It's putting the empirical, rational mind to the test, which will be pretty useless. Some of the scientists that are working on building these features are even aware of what kind of experiment they're making, even though it's very weird—it's like torture machines that are very intricate. Of course, they are very twisted minds that are doing this. But they would not be able to do it if there was not some mass agreement that you would play out the ideas of your culture, worshipping technology, etc. to the bitter end. Taking it to where the value of human life gets reduced to guinea pigs for others to play with in these experiments. And these inventors know how to shelter themselves, they think. But they don't know that on a spiritual level they cannot shelter themselves from their own actions ultimately.

I see a parallel where this happens. And to be honest, the more people who split off, and yet are still in love and in somewhat conscious contact with the other parallel, the more assistance we can give. I know this all sounds so strange to you. You can have very wonderful high beings, like most of the well-known channelers are channeling, who of course are needed and are wanted, to help. But the connection of a fairly enlightened human who has split off from someone in another life—the power of that split-off self to help the one who needs help is very powerful. I won't say it's more powerful than help from an archangel. But it's much more direct and personally loving. It's almost a visceral bond, like a genetic bond, that you have with all your parallels. You've come from the same seed. And this is so very important.

I don't think it's something that in this new life you'll think a lot about down the road, although you will have these teachings, and these teachings are now, of course, in the new reality. But I do think that we will have to keep especially strong loving each other in this new reality, to keep that love being a very powerful beacon that can support those left behind.

So there is a responsibility here. I think you were hoping for a nice little vacation life for the rest of it, just doing what you love. I am instinctively feeling at this point already that we will need to be incredibly strong. Not because of problems here. Again, this will be a safe place. But to be able to hold that love so strongly that those who are caught in the hologram can even imagine that love is still available behind anything that can happen.

I know you are very tired of negative entities, of the polarity of the Earth plane, of the craziness of people. And that is not what we will focus on, and we won't have to focus on that. But I'm saying gather around you very closely those of us like myself. You are sitting on a narrow path with us gathered very closely around you now. The bugs are very close.

Cathee: The violets and other flowers are so beautiful.

photo of violet

We hold you very close, and we would like to have it understood that we are of a team. Let there be no separation, whether it be human guilt about environmental destruction or anything that can keep us from holding very tightly close, no matter how many of us you step on, OK? Your gifts are very rare, Cathee. Most people who channel flowers do not channel about probable parallel political realities. But we would be remiss not to talk on this level.

Cathee: So how will it all end in that parallel?

The end is not written yet. That's what we're doing. So we are asking how much you're willing to do. And you were asking, are there no just happy worlds to go to? Is this my life purpose, to do this from here? Was I created for this?

There is something about joy that goes even beyond mere happiness. It's joy that will pull you through, and that will help you to be the most effective. Joy. The more joy and love we can generate here, the more you have to give or resonate, however you say it. Cathee, this is a lovely, lovely reality you have just jumped to. In a world of polarity, there has to be a corresponding light for the corresponding darkness, and if the darkness is that dark, the light has to be ever so much brighter.

Cathee: Will the light and darkness polarity continue in this arena?

Since from a higher perspective there is no time, there may be beings who choose to reincarnate back into those "past" times. So those times will be a certain matrix of density and polarity where various beings at various times will dip in, kind of like traveling there.

When you hear everyone say we're spinning off into non-polarity, yes, at this time/space we are. That's kind of what the joy is about, and some of the brilliance. But it does not mean that everything that has already happened has not already happened, and can not be gone back into and rearranged, or a whole new story line come into that matrix. Some of what seems like the darkest is actually very rich for certain learnings and experiments.

So where I wanted to go with that is, how much are you willing to generate joy? As far as what you can offer to the other Cathee, I think the commitment that I would like to ask of you, and I would like to offer my love to help you with, is to be in joy most of the time. And this you can easily imagine happening now. So stay committed to that. And if you feel that diminishing, do whatever you can to get back to it. Work through whatever emotions, focus on what you want, and open your heart to us and the rest of the world, the people you love, the flowers you love, the land you love, the cosmos you love. Stay in joy. Be radiant.

Later the same day -

Cathee: I'm home now, almost sick to my stomach. I can hardly stand to think of Cathee being stuck back there in Version One. Anyway, I want to add a couple things I also saw. The wiring in everyone's home, if you're on the grid, can be used to create holograms in your home and beyond your home. Smartgrid is a very bad idea. Internet over wiring is a horrible idea. Frequencies that can change emotional states can be sent through people's cell phones, even when they're off.

The We: Afghanistan is wanted for much more than just oil and access to the Middle East. The vortex there is of a certain frequency. We'll try to get it through you some other time why that area is so important. We think you're still crashing emotionally here. But it is a very important vortex. It's like the outlet, the plug-in place, for the whole shenanigans.

Yes, it's a difficult thing. And you're thinking that people will think you're nuts, even though you feel it so strongly in your heart, that that's what the Leapers were talking about all along with the rollercoaster in the one channeling, and so forth. It's a hard thing. And you were thinking on the way back, should you watch certain movies along these themes, and we'd say yes, if you can handle it, try it. See what mass culture has been watching and therefore reinforcing with their thoughts. It's very bizarre, but these powers that be want that kind of reinforcement. They want Hollywood to put this stuff out, so that everybody can imagine it happening in vivid detail. That is a programming. Many movies are out there to program people's minds. Think of how much adrenaline all these movies get going, and emotions. That's what it takes to create things. And then they channel that energy toward certain ideas and concepts, and voila, you end up with it in your world. The main thing is to stay real in touch with yourself if you do watch movies, and maintain a psychic distance as well as a physical distance.

Later the same day, with Peter -

This is the Leapers. OK, so dandelion said it plain. We've been couching it here and there in words we thought people could hear better.

Why Cathee's having such a big visceral reaction is because she can feel the truth of it. You were just now asking, in the past when we've said you'd live to be eighty, were we speaking of this parallel that you are on and this version of you? Or did things just really change?

Yes and no. Mass consciousness tries on some dream state scenarios and plays with them, and then something's finally settled on, and it steps down to 3D. Most scenarios that psychics can read in the mass consciousness don't make it down to 3D. In fact, really quite few do, period. So you get situations like the psychic in Iowa City who warned everybody about an earthquake at one point, and it never happened. But it just didn't come into 3D. She was right that there is a fault there.

Cathee: What was I doing on such a dark, dark parallel?

First of all, you know the bodhisattva vow of compassion [to stick around until everyone is enlightened]. It's not just a spiritual ideal. It is the way things are—that since there's nowhere else to go, of course you stick around through thick and thin, because there's nothing but this, here and now, and us and the oneness. So of course, the one is everything, and if it wants to come to a state of harmony and balance in itself, it has to bring that about somehow. So it manifests itself as incarnates and non-incarnates to do that. It's not possible, as far as we can see, to really abandon anybody. It'd be like saying you're going to abandon your arm. You can't do that.

Our whole soul family is very strong, and not afraid of 3D like a lot of soul families are. So we get to go in and mop up a lot. Now you see why we're so wanting to reach a lot of people and offer what we're offering. Yes, there are parallels where things are great, and that will be true for you here. But that does not mean that you're any more or less evolved than the parallel self that is stuck back there. And what dandelion showed you, Cathee, is something that has not hit 3D. It's a vision, a probability. That word implies that it will probably happen, but it's not solidified. If the energies continue as they are now, that will solidify.

We think that how solid something is makes a big difference in the level of suffering, and also in how impactful any learnings are—the wisdom that comes from it. We tend to think 3D is a very impactful place. It can be argued, and it is argued by higher dimensional beings, that it's not any more or less impactful than anywhere else. But if you talk to incarnates, they say oh, ouch, it hurts. Or oh, it's really fantastic. It's different than the higher dimensions, that's for sure.

And we have a real affinity for it. Well, that's our job, to help create things. When we get something into 3D, we feel especially proud of ourselves, because it's kinda tricky, kinda touchy to get everything lined up to manifest in 3D. It's pretty cool, really, especially when you talk about even a walk-in who is not 3D and then we get him to be 3D in a body. We pride ourselves on that ability.

We think what dandelion talked about today, and what you viscerally felt, is what will happen on that parallel if nothing changes radically. But something did change radically, of course, here. She was recommending a course of action from this parallel to affect that one. And she said the end is not determined yet. So there is still room, to have a big impact on what the ending will be for that parallel. That's why she was asking for your commitment to joy.

These probabilities are swinging around a lot. And everything you think, and every feeling you feel is having an effect on the whole. So it is the conundrum of the prophet to hope that your prophecy will not come true, because people will change. That's been true for prophets all along.

Peter: Are ETs involved with the fake ET attack?

Well, extradimensionals are. Technically, we should call ourselves extradimensionals too. But even dead people are extradimensionals, you know. We see quite a contingent on the other side of souls that are there to help with the ascension process, and those who are there to do what they want to do. And so a lot of incarnates when they disincarnate seem to be sharing their wisdom from the other side. It's kind of a weird zone. They take advantage of the fact that most people think that they're either in hell or heaven by now, not meddling. People have always meddled from the other side. There are some pretty enduring alliances between some live people and some dead scientists and technologists. Does that answer your question?

Dandelion didn't say that in the probability after Cathee's death that the whole world dies. It would continue. The holograms would stop, but the chip in the skin kind of existence would be there, where you would need that to get food and all. Think how many people are reading Armageddon books and visualizing this, talking about it in church all the time. And of course, what you fear you bring to you as much as anything. So it's a very live probability.

There are lessons from this. Like, get off the grid. That is really basic. Get off. And also, don't trust all the ET landings that you hear about. [laughs] They may be hollow, they may not be real.

Just know that we love you. That's the main thing. We love you. We want you to love us. And we'll create a really beautiful parallel. We won't be asking you to break bad news to everybody much longer. We'll be too busy building something wonderful. But it may motivate a person or two out there to really make the jump. So that would be worthwhile too. It's the more, the better, as far as we're concerned.

We think what dandelion told you today, Cathee, filled in some of the pieces that you didn't quite understand of the puzzle that we've been giving you pieces of here and there. So we are grateful to her. And yes, she really loves you too. So, what a blessing.


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