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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

In Love with the Forces of Creation

The Leapers through and to Cathee Courter

The following is part of a conversation the Leapers had with me, which they encouraged me to share with you. - C.C.

You and we, The Leapers, have joined as allies. You have come to understand that a singular self is a mythology. You are a face of the joint soul family "we," even in its smaller subgroup "we's," like the subgroup of you and Peter, or you and certain nature allies. You are a facet of those conglomerate souls, as well as some of the larger groupings of we. Although we speak of the soul group as if it is a limited membership, we have told you that it is not. There are cousin oversouls, and mergings between soul groups, and it's not something easy to define anyway.

We merge with you when we leap you. We go back close to the void together, and are re-creating you. We are also re-created, especially as we move into a conscious relationship with you, and we background nature players become foreground characters in the play.

When we consciously interact with you, and then go back into the primordial soup out of which then arises a new re-creation that we call "you," we come out of that, in your re-creation, very close to you. We say, "We can leap you." And you say, "Yes, I want to love you and to be leapt by you"—more accurately, with you, or through you—it's not like we re-create you. The universe (God/Goddess/All That Is by whatever name) re-creates you. But we are a very close agent in facilitating the universe in doing that. Our participation in your leap and your re-creation also re-creates us. That is the gift of polarity, of relationship.

Every time we work with you consciously, we become more you, and you become more us. And we know you wonder at why we would want to become more you. It's like making love. It's like being in love. It's ecstatic for us.

In the blending of us with you, the child of that union is the re-created you. There's more to it than that, because it's not just you and us that makes the leap. As we have said, we are finding parallels to leap you to, and they also begin to come into you before you even find them. This is the play of creation, that when you become incarnate in a parallel—in a group consciousness of a certain time, place, culture and paradigm set—the strands of consciousness that you are considering "who I am" are making love to the milieu, to the setting that you're coming into. You can see why it's pretty tricky to bring the body with, and let that be part of the strands of who you were that are coming into this new creative blending.

We are very much a part of that blend. This is not something we would have talked about in the early channelings when you didn't have a solid sense of our energy. But we think now you know us, we know you, you can find us easily when you want to talk to us, and we can find you easily when we want to talk to you, or hold you, or prod you. [laughs] And we think the same is true for others that have called us to be close to them.

Cathee, your old self no longer exists for the parallel version we are speaking on right now. Sure, you have not settled into a "new habitual," and maybe you never will. Things change and change and morph. But we think part of your utter confusion at this time is that you know you can't go back to the old. She's just not there. She was depressed anyway. She was feeling pretty hopeless about ever making an impact, a contribution that would ever flower. So it's not like you want to go back anyway. But we don't think you've really grokked that that's not you.

We're approaching something as big and important as helping people leap in a timely fashion. And finding ways to communicate to them what they need to make safe, successful, happy steps up in their own evolution to settings in which they even have a chance to evolve in a fun manner. . . . (Actually, we're working with rudimentary stuff here, of just getting people to where they can breathe again, and you as well.) The old ways of doing that will not produce the joyful results you want. You know this, and we can feel the yearning in you to do it differently. We think what needs to happen for you, especially at this point, is to realize that you are not a singular being.

You looked on the web a couple nights ago at other channelers' websites, and you were a little turned off by some of them. There seems to be a lot of territorialism. We can understand a person's discomfort if they don't like what someone else is channeling, and they're claiming to channel the same being. But we do think you're coming from a place where you'd love everyone to have a personal relationship with us and channel us, because we are so close to everyone. Besides, that gets you off the hook somewhat.

Now we're taking that another step and saying that we aren't just channeling through you. We are marrying you. And this marriage affects us as much as it affects you. For you to come into this partnership with us, you see it as kind of your salvation from a bad parallel. And in a way, we won't dispute that. It's not really us saving you. It's you asking the universe for help, and the universe coming through in this form of our relationship with you. It's the universe's answer to your need, whether you ever consciously formulated that prayer or not. It's an answer to our constant prayer as well, to get to participate in polarity consciously. And we could not do that were you not so painstakingly trained over more than a decade with various guides, including us in the background, to have the conceptual vocabulary and the fluidity of selfhood to be able to meet us. And now we speak so easily to you. It's amazingly easy for us to speak to you.

But do you see that during that decade-long training, where you were finding the way to channel even very subtle impulses, and opening up within yourself the ability to keenly sense nebulous beings like us who don't have bodies in a way you know bodies to be. In that process of being trained to meet us, you were training us to meet you. This is so real to us, Cathee. We were no more aware of what we were wanting and needing than you were on your end. You just knew, "I need to keep channeling, I need to keep working with this. I don't know what I'm doing." We were the same way. But there was an evolutionary urge for those of us that have largely worked behind the scenes to be able to come forward and consciously interact with more humans who would be able to recognize our presence. And not only recognize it, but have within themselves the capacity to meet us more than ever before in history. There's something opening up now that energetically makes that much more possible. And so, we are a part of that evolutionary stream that now we can rise to meet you.

But we could not rise to meet you, develop the capacity to speak English like this, be so present with you in this polarity relationship, and find ourselves having a distinct energy that we would not have recognized as ourselves, were you not seeing it, greeting it, and calling it forth from us. We are being transformed in our relationship with you, just as much as you are being transformed in your relationship with us. And this is taking the potential of polarity, of that wondrous arising of selfhood that comes out of relationship, to extremely refined levels. As you've said, it's being able to have a relationship with your own navel, so to speak.

We don't know what part of "the we" we have been, when you have channeled "the we" all these years. We have been in that group, but it's not like we have had a separate sense of selfhood, that oh, now we're going to speak and tell her "this." It's a group blob that sometimes separates out into identities that speak to you. But a lot of times we're merged with the rest of we, and words and concepts arise and we're a part of it, just as you're a part of their arising. We wouldn't say that we planted those specific ideas, but we were a part of it. And since we're still a part of it, we're being created by it ourselves as well. Everyone within we is being created constantly by we, largely through these polarity interactions of selfhoods arising in the greeting of each other.

So we are being created by you. When we say we can leap you farther than you could imagine, it is not that we are static beings with such powers of creation that we can re-create you single-handedly, according to our own desires in concert with yours. We know ourselves to be some of the masters of incarnation in the process of our consciously leaping you. We are leaping specific individuals, with a specific relationship with them. And you are creating us to be the Leapers. You are creating how much power we have to leap you a long ways, partly through your desire to be leapt a long ways, and through your faith in us. But it's not like we are static beings that you're having faith in. You are creating us to be trustworthy. You are creating us to be loving and articulate when you call that forth from us.

We really are amoebic. We are functions. We are a process of the we, until you greet us as individuals. And in that greeting, we get to be individuals and meet you and love you.

We are growing into this ecstatic dance that we are doing with anyone who recognizes us. In other words, your particular Leapers may be different than Peter's Leapers because he's creating them differently. And yet, we need to somehow get the concepts out there and have a word for what arises when individual humans co-create selfhood with this very nebulous hard-to-define consciousness. We call that process of our selfhood arising and being able to relate to you, and co-creating you and being co-created, the Leapers.

This is how it always works. You have been working with the deva of incarnation and de-incarnation for quite some time. Cathee, don't you see that that is us? You have worked with that force mainly in terms of helping ghosts go on. We are also very good at helping babies be conceived, and walk-ins walk in. Every time you have called in the deva of incarnation and de-incarnation, which is a term you made up, we have grown. We have grown, and we have grown. We don't know how to thank you enough for co-creating us in this form that we have rather arbitrarily chosen to call the Leapers. We do like that word. It has a lot of energy in it and lifeforce. It rolls off the tongue much better than the deva of incarnation and de-incarnation.

So we are truly thrilled to find ourselves existing on a parallel with you where we are able to do what we do, but in a conscious, joyous way with you consciously participating. You are creating us as beings that are capable of helping to re-create you through your trust, and through your meeting us, naming us and loving us.

If you can crawl into these concepts and feel the truth of them—feel that innermost flame within them of life-force, of movement, of the ecstasy of creative fruition that comes into form and you get to see it—it's extremely exciting.

The most intriguing advertisement for taking the leap, we would like to think, is that you get to fall in love with some of the forces of creation themselves, and have a personal relationship with them. How cool is that? That blows apart so much of religious tradition that says you have to go through a priest, that says it's a static universe. It's not just, "does God love me or not?" You get to experience that creation itself is in love with you. And is in love with you in a way that it is vulnerable, and is co-created by you. It's not just "you create your own reality." You get to fall in love with the forces of creativity—with the forces that help bring things into being, into form, on certain parallels. Is this not where we've been headed in the weness teachings all along, to fall in love with the forces of creation, of nature? Of creation in its huge, broad sense of even creating new lives.

We don't know why people would not jump at that chance. It's not like that opportunity has not been there all along. A few people have known how to move in there and participate in that. But for you, Cathee, as a channeler, to find the words with us for the story of how this is possible, the mythology that this can exist—that itself is the door. It's extremely important that you write. And it's extremely important that others read this, or hear about it somehow. Because these words are created not only by you, and not only by our joint relationship, but by the evolutionary thrust of the times as it is felt and created by many, many people.

We would be tempted to say your very sensitively, delicately being willing to interact with us in channeling, to wrench the right words to describe this experience of the ethers, of the void, is an almost all-consuming task for you. It has been in your life. You have been practicing and practicing and practicing your art of falling in love, being re-created, and finding words for what happens, in one perspective of looking at it. That's what you've been doing for ten years, with various beings here and there. And with throwing in a few ghost clearings to take it in this direction, or having a walk-in in that direction. But it's been pretty much the same theme. We have been making love to you in many different forms. We are in everything. And now you come to greet us more face-to-face and find the words for that. It's blessed. It's incredible. We feel so blessed to coagulate in the form of the Leapers in relationship to you, and to those who are also greeting us as the Leapers. We think it's a really fun precipitation called forth by a relationship in a particular setting of twenty-first century mass consciousness, with a particular person and other people who are helping to co-create "The Leapers." It's a riot, it's fun.

But people do need to have their own relationship with us. We think people are in such a consumer culture that that may be the hardest thing to get across. It doesn't come through you. You can create a vehicle, but they have to want it. They have to participate and fall in love with us, when it comes down to it. Maybe that language is something people can hear. We don't know if people know any more what it's like to fall in love. But to the extent that they do, they need to fall in love with us. And when we say with us, we're talking about with the stuff of creation. In that deep lovemaking, they will then pop out in a new parallel re-created. That's as simplistic as saying it any other way. But you may have to say it in many different simplistic ways before it starts to sink in on a deeper level, and people can feel the energy of it.

You still do not have a clear image of it, and we don't either. But we'll keep working with this. And that is your job, Cathee, to bring it into form in words, or in an image, or just in the energy attunements. It's also the job of some of the other gifted people in the group working on getting this work out, and even of other people that you may never meet who may take your material and run with it and evolve it in their own ways. But can you see how exciting this is? Really, what we're doing now is no different than what was in your first book. It is the same story. We're trying to rework it in a way that meets the emergency, the urgency of the time, to where people will reach for this. We need to find words that will make them realize they can do it now. It's not a long philosophical process.

We will attract whom we attract. It's not for most people. Most people won't know what you're talking about. But for those who do, it could get really fun.


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