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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Jumping Ship

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Tonight is the technical question night. How does this all work?

It gets to be like a chess board of parallel selves as we look down on each of you. We see your many parallels, and if we look farther out, we see your past, future, and concurrent lives, some of which are sitting here in this room with you. It is a mosaic. We think the sense of selfhood that you feel normally is an illusion. Your selfhood is your greater oversoul that creates these split-offs, and past lives, future lives, and simultaneous lives.

So when we say, "Do you want to jump?" from another perspective that's inaccurate. We're really saying that your oversoul can create a new you on another parallel, and the old you can fade out from the old parallel.

You have an illusion of continuity that allows certain meanings to proceed. From our perspective above time looking down, it is like a sit com. You see an episode each week, and it seems as though the character in the episode is the same person every week. But really it's a new person every week. There's some continuity in the story line, so you have an illusion of selfhood going forward. We see the leap as a sit com where this week's episode is going to be really different than last week's. And it's not that there's any more or less continuity of selfhood in actuality. But from your perspective, it seems like a huge change, and you say, "I have changed." Who is the "I" that has changed? We would say that "I" is really the oversoul that has put out a new sprout, a new shoot.

It's not hard at all to do this. But because each of you is at a high level of consciousness compared to most people and most of your own life up until now, we think you can consciously go into the oversoul and let the oversoul be who the "I" is that you see yourself as an extension of. And let that oversoul recreate a new aspect of self, a new episode, and go through that change consciously, so that you remember the old and you're aware of the new. It's coming into the birth of the new self on the new parallel, and retaining the memories of the old life, like reincarnating and remembering who you were. Usually when you reincarnate, you're bringing in many different streams from different lives, and combining them into one new one. It's somewhat new, but still it combines the old various seeming-continuities and themes, which you call karma (which is somewhat of a negative word for them).

You can do consciously what automatically happens. If your oversoul decides to jump over and create a new selfhood, it's going to do that. But usually you aren't aware of it. And often that will involve the death of the old physical body.

Now we're talking about jumping with the continuity of the same body—the same energetic matrix of the body. It's not like we put you in a spaceship and take the body over, but it's the same. People who teleport are blinking in and out of the same energetic matrix of their body. That the body has a continuity is kind of an illusion too. It changes every minute, with cells dying. But you have a basic blueprint of your body that is fairly consistent, into which the new cells are created.

So to physically feel pretty much the same is part of the conscious going over, but this is a great time, if you're wanting to ask for more health or a physical change, to say "In my new life, I really want this problem cleared up." Or "I really want to have curly green hair instead of what I have." The probabilities are better now than ever, if that's what you really want. [laughs]

What's your perspective on ascension, the raising of the frequency of the planet?

Cathee almost feels like crying as you ask that. The planet will continue on schedule rising in vibration. The humans will find it increasingly difficult to live on the planet if they manage to numb themselves down, and live in artificial electromagnetic environments like you presently have. HAARP and wireless transmission towers are essentially an electronic prison keeping the very atmosphere and land at a certain vibration, out of synch with the planet's natural frequency. The most pain that we see coming is the glimpse that people will have more as this will probably get worse, of what they've done. That they have created their own hell on Earth when it didn't have to be this way.

What we see coming is a rending of the veils, where people will drop their rationalizations. People come up with elaborate thoughtforms of why they need huge militaries, and why it's OK to do uranium mining and have nuclear reactors in spite of what they do to the Earth—all the modern thinking that keeps you numbed out to experiencing what is going on. People seem to think things are made at stores. They don't realize the minerals involved are extracted from the ground at huge ecological cost. Etc. You know the story.

You are able to carry on this behavior because of this rationalization that is part of the numbing. It's abstract thinking gone wild. It's virtual reality apart from, like, where did the chair come from that you're sitting on? "I'm gonna give my kid a cell phone because everybody does it." That's a big thing. If everybody does it, that means that it won't have a bad effect on people because even the experts and the advertisers are saying to do it.


Humans have put the Earth in a hologram of artificial, almost dreamlike experience. Your minds are powerful enough to do that. It's dreamlike not in a natural way, but in a way that is a total human domination of the environment on all levels—not just physical, but even psychic and psychological. And at some point the human-dominated artificial environment has to collapse back into what is real, in terms of the planet also having consciousness and reality. As that happens, we don't know a word for the realization of "oh my gosh, what have we done? And what is real?" It's like if you're on a rollercoaster, and you go real fast over a bump and you get that feeling of "aahhhhh." You feel like you're flying out into space with nothing holding you, and you would be, if you didn't have a bar holding you back at that moment. So it's the feeling of a roller coaster without a seat bar. And that sense of there being absolutely nothing real to hold onto, when you realize that your whole world has been an artificial joke.

Won't people go berserk when that happens?


So it means all hell would break loose, basically.

Right, especially in the psychic and psychological realms. A nuclear explosion on a physical level is like that realization on a psychic level.

Part of our wanting to airlift people off who are ready to get off is that even if you are trying hard to maintain your grounding in this artificial environment—stay in touch with nature, and do what you can—that kind of mass . . . [whistles]. We don't you to be caught in it. Because it's going to be like saying, "I can stand in the middle of a nuclear bomb or a tidal wave and not get hurt if I keep my thoughts positive." We think there's no reason for you to be caught in that. Nobody who's in the body could be strong enough to withstand that.

Of course there are many probable Earths with many probable scenarios. If people don't consciously decide to jump over, they may unconsciously decide to jump over. We're not the only ticket. We're just saying we think it would be cool to help you consciously leap, because that to us is a very interesting experiment in consciousness right there. We think many of your lives have led up to being ready for something like this.

We don't want you to worry about your loved ones. A lot of people will choose to either leave the planet before that happens, or will split off into other parallel realities, just not so consciously. But the one you are presently on in this moment is building up a very strong tug, like a whirlpool. And so it will be increasingly harder for people to even unconsciously split off into other better scenarios simply because it's seeming to have a numbing effect on people, where they forget they have a choice. They forget that they are spirit, that they are helping to co-create reality, and that their souls are stronger than the whirlpool. We see many people's guides who are trying to reach them, reach them, reach them, and say wake up, wake up, wake up. We think if channeling about this gets out to a bigger audience, a lot of people will grab onto it, like a life raft.

So the planet will still ascend. What does that mean?

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The cutting edge, where things are happening and alive, will be more and more in the higher dimensional realms even for a typical plant or rock. The devic aspect of so-called material objects, of plants and rocks and everything, is coming into a stronger focus than it ever has. More and more people are able to talk to plants lately, not only because people are evolving, but because plants are evolving. The devic level is very alive and able to interdimensionally see things. When Cathee goes out and talks to daisy, daisy is more able to see what's going on than daisy ever has been able to. Even in what you think of as the golden past where people talked to plants, it had a different feel to it. It was a different density.

And so the planet herself is rapidly coming to where the polarity between human consciousness and nature consciousness is narrowing. Eventually there won't be much difference in your experience. Some people talk about that as, the free will of the humans and the divine will that the planet has held are no longer so different. That there's not as much individuation, like the humans have brought to the planet. We're all going back into oneness. The whole cosmos is like a huge magnet pulling us toward itself, that oneness. The humans have to fight that magnetism amazingly to keep the separation thinking going so strongly. It's really remarkable.

So at some point lower frequency people are going to die and leave the planet.

Well, that is happening, and those may be the lucky ones.

This is intricate, because when we're talking in these ways, we see spread before us several different scenarios. And we may jump between them when we're talking. Any channeler's going to be looking at one or another or another, and so you get a variation. And they change constantly. With everybody's choices in every moment the scenarios change.

Yes, there will be a whole lot of people leaving the planet. We think this is actually good for the planet, as well as good that a lot of people don't need to take this script to its inevitable end. They're going. This is merciful.

But in this small group and for those that this channeling may reach, we would love to see a certain number of people take the seeds of the wisdom gained to another parallel. Because then you are not having to start over. Sure, when you leave the planet, you look back on your life and you gain a lot of wisdom. Or if someone is looking back from another world at this one, they might say, "Well, historically that's what they did on Earth, and isn't that interesting? We can learn from them." But you have in every cell and in your brain the memory very strongly of what you've lived so far on this planet. And we think there's something much more potent about survivors.

Cathee has been approached by several people who have died, including her cousin. Dead people tend to want to process their life with a living medium, because it's much more vivid when you're discussing it with someone who's still incarnate on Earth, especially if you knew them, like a relative. They come to a lot more wisdom from reflecting on their former life in this way than if they're just talking to their guides, and they're moving into a different density, and they don't really care that much any more. There's a different feel to it.

So we would love to see you not drop this body with its incredible experience, but take that wisdom with you in the same bodily blueprint to another parallel, and consciously remember how the old one was. And be able to creatively work with essentially the shadow side of twenty-first century planet Earth, and reap some fruit from having been through this experience.

This is the time to create whole new paradigms, to let go of the martyrdom, the saviorhood, and put something in their places. For instance, the hero paradigm is a big one here, with many of your movies having things getting really bad, and then the hero comes and takes care of it. If you have the chance, would you ditch that one, and like, say, "Things can be good"?

It's a time for new paradigms, but the new paradigms will arise out of the old ones. We see this as a big responsibility for those who are conscious, to help come up with the paradigms of the new age. If those who have truly lived the old paradigms, and know them inside out, cellularly, at a gut level—if you are the ones able to choose the new paradigms, you're coming from a place of terrific wisdom. You know how things on Earth work. As those who are not incarnate on Earth, we can advise. But you incarnates are the ones that have a big voice in choosing, because you know what it's like to live these. And so if a number of people can retain the memories of the old paradigms even in their beings, and be a part of choosing this whole new era, it's extremely powerful.

You're saying stay in the body. Jump into a new dimension. Meanwhile, all hell's gonna break loose on Earth.

Not a new dimension. It's a new energetic. Cathee's been watching all week how her thoughts used to go, "I wonder if the planet's going to survive long enough to get a book out." There was a sense of heaviness and despair. She's started noticing how many times her habitual thoughts in the past have been "I want to start a new project, but chances are good that it won't turn out, because the economy's going bad, the ecology's crashing, people are numbing out," and so on. And those are thoughts, but those thoughts are based on an actual pushing out psychically and testing the waters. And all of a sudden, she found that it was like there was no more pollution out there. Before it was like, "Can I breathe enough to start a project, because it's such a toxic psychic environment." And all of a sudden, she could sense what fresh air felt like. "If I write this book, and there are receptive people and an environment of optimism, those ideas could really spread." It felt so different than writing a book that would go out to a polluted environment, and she'd be lucky if people could even understand what she was talking about.

Where is this parallel reality going to take place?

It's not a where. It is another version of Earth. It's a split-off.

But we're still in our bodies?

You're still in your bodies. And it's gradual. But it has a different meaning.

You've been told by many channelers that you create your own reality. Say you decide to start a group. In the old days you'd say, well I have to call this many people, and the more people I call, the more likely I am to get a certain number to sign up. And there are steps you take, based on cause and effect.

In the new reality, a lot of channelers have been talking about resonation. So you just visualize the group, and you put out the energy of a wonderful group, and people are attracted to that and it gets created. And you may not have to call anybody—they may just run into you at the grocery store.

So what we're saying is basically, you've been on the paradigm of things going down. And even lightworkers coming in to try to turn it around is part of the savior paradigm. You're going to a different paradigm, so you're resonating differently, and you're going to attract different outcomes.

There's a huge polarization in today's politics. The unenlightened ones are getting meaner, angrier, more fear-based, and more greedy all the time.

We're not saying, like many channelers, "We see this polarity happening, and there will be those who will move more to light, and others more to dark." What we're saying is that we are beings with a particular skill set. And we are personally offering our services to help lift you, if you want to work with us in a very conscious way. As we have said, we can lift you a little farther into a discontinuity with where you are now, that will be a sharper relief, if you want that. And we're not putting any judgment on whether anybody wants to work with us or not.

For instance, Cathee's been getting visions this week. She'll drive along the highway and she can imagine a world without cell phone towers. And she can imagine going home to a small community where everyone is living in homes that are very Earth-friendly. She'll think, "I want to manifest a lot of money in this jump." And then she realizes if she is living in a community where people love each other, they will want each other to have wonderful houses, and they will make sure everybody is well taken care of. She might not need money. She's realizing that the value of money for her has been the avoidance of scarcity. And if there's enough love, it's going to look really different. So she's saying, can I get to a very different reality from the one I'm on in the same body, in the same lifetime? Is that possible? And we're saying, it's unlikely that you will make that big of a change without some help from beings like us. And we feel that everyone we're talking to has enough spiritual experience and wisdom to be able to handle a big break in continuity with their present reality, to handle things changing a lot.

Your average person on the street couldn't handle that, it would be so disorienting. It's really a matter of selfhood. Who am I? Am I my things? Am I my career? A lot of people identify so much with non-essentials that they can't take too much change and have a sense of selfhood that even functions. We're here to work with people who are saying, "I want a big change. And I want to remember the old, even as I'm in the new. I'm part of making new paradigms here."

Is there a timeframe to take action on this? What's the window of opportunity?

Time questions are hard. Like we said, it will be gradual. The main thing is the decision. So is there a window on when people need to make the decision?

We're just ad-libbing ourselves. We're actually kind of surprised to find ourselves talking to this group about this. Several months ago we weren't foreseeing this ourselves. As far as we're concerned, we're willing to work with people up to the very last minute, to help people go over.

Will my wife and I go to go to the same place? Will my dog go?

Your dog can go, because she's such a part of you. It's a matter of resonation where you end up. And so the more you talk with the people you love, and resonate with them, and have the same values and the same dreams, the more you will. And we think this is very good if you do bring that kind of stability and love with you, definitely. The love between you and the people you love is so strong that that has created you being together this long, in this reality. So it's very likely to carry forward.

My children are of a very different lifestyle. Should I try tell them about this? People aren't aware of any choices. It seems important to get the word out.

Even asking, "Do you believe we can create heaven on Earth?" is a novel question these days. Because people think, "I'll die and then I'll go to heaven and happiness will be there." Ask, "Do you think things can get better?" in which case they're probably actively moving towards experiencing that. "Or do you really think it's just all gonna go down?" And if they say they think it's hopeless, then use whatever vocabulary you can to say, even in traditional terms, "God loves us enough that He will not abandon us to just go down. There have got to be other possibilities. Let's actively pray for those." People may think in terms of praying for the one Earth on the one parallel, but it helps to at least move people in their consciousness to think that there is a choice beyond just going down.

Even the Christians who embrace Revelation [in the Bible] may believe in the idea of a thousand years of peace. They're much more likely to create that, even within a very narrow interpretation. So we would encourage people who can only hear it in that language to believe that there can be a thousand years of peace on Earth. That's beautiful, instead of focusing on the parts of Revelation that describe an apocalypse, which seem to be the parts that attract people the most. The first time we talked about what we were offering, Cathee said it sounded like "the rapture" in Revelation [the concept that some will disappear and be taken with Christ, and some will be left behind in an apocalyptic horror.] You could call it that. Maybe that's what those prophecies were about, in a way. But why do people really want to be around to watch "the blood flow as high as a horse's bridle," per Revelation? That's what puzzles us.

The savior model.

And too many movies where you forget that all you watch happening on the screen is really painful.

Why isn't this called a quantum shift instead of a parallel reality?

That would imply that we're all shifting quantumly on one Earth, instead of there being different avenues you can take. That's why we use the word parallels. "Quantum shift" is more of a scientific term, actually.

To me a quantum shift means a big shift in consciousness quickly. Changing frequencies. Then you're in a new operating system quickly and the rules are different. It sounds to me a lot like what you're saying.

Except that we're saying you're already at a level of consciousness such that if we shift you to a new parallel, it wouldn't take a big quantum shift in your consciousness. It just takes choosing different meanings for what your life is about. "I don't want that paradigm. I want this paradigm." It's not a huge change in you, necessarily. It's just a choice. "I want to move over, to take another fork in the road."

A lot of lightworkers have come in thinking they would shift things over globally at this time. Don't go down with the ship is what we're saying. We're making it seem like a decisive choice because we are here available to help anybody that wants it to be a big change. Also, for a lot of lightworkers, we think the paradigm you've been in has been one of martyrdom. People feel guilty to think of jumping ship. And so a lot of what we want to discuss is that it can actually be a gift to the planet for you to preserve yourself and not go down with the ship. Don't feel guilty about jumping ship. And don't let yourself get so sucked under that you can't shine your light any more. We have never seen such despairing, even among lightworkers. And that's not helping the planet.

It's hard not to.

We're saying don't feel bad if you're getting sucked into the despair, if you're not so-called strong enough to hold your light in the middle of this tidal wave. Nobody can. We're saying, give yourself a break. There's only so much you can humanly do to turn it around. Don't feel bad if you can't. Don't keep trying to put the sand bags up when the tidal waves are coming in. We're saying stop the sandbag thing. Run. Take as many people with you as you can. But there's such programming.

The bodhisattva vow, to stay to help the last person.

Yes, and the Christian, sacrifice yourself, but don't give up. Be a martyr. We're saying martyrdom isn't going to do anybody any good here. To go down. To get sucked in. It's a very strong programming in people. It's a subtle guilt a lot of people have, especially if they see their loved ones making other choices. There's a lot of grief if you can't pull someone with you and you want to. Or the whole country. There are people who have made huge investments in the political system working, so there's a lot of grief for them to give up on it.

What do you have to do to sign up for assistance to move to a parallel reality?

All you have to do is set a quiet time and say, "I would like to experience this. I am saying yes. Go for it." It's really so simple. "Clearly I'm choosing this. Yes."

We are higher dimensional beings who have a great love for Earth, and we've been involved with Earth for a very long time. We're excited when we meet people who seem so ripe, and we see so many ready now for exactly what we have to offer. We're thrilled to be of service at this time when many people have some consciousness of their past lives, future lives, guides, and the multi-dimensional scene. Our focus and gifts in this universe include looking at the many probabilities, seeing people as their parallel selves, and getting a feel for the best growth that can come of someone's constellation so far. What would be the next best life to shoot out into, to fulfill what you've learned here and there for your "we," your oversoul? So it's like playing chess or seeing a mosaic.

We ourselves don't incarnate so much. We see ourselves as part of the oversoul of Cathee and Peter, as part of their "we." We advise, see the patterns, and help orchestrate the jumps or the new shoots. We can if necessary downstep into some semblance of a human being and walk around among you. But we can't sustain that very long. We have done that on occasion. People call us angels when they say, for instance, that somebody suddenly appeared from who knows where to help them in an accident and then disappeared. We can do that. But we would much rather have you come up to our level and sit around and talk like this, and not have to bother to do that. We'd rather talk through a channeler than manifest physically. So we thank you for the convenience. [laughs]

[Note from Cathee: The Leapers have said elsewhere that the function they hold in my soul family is held by similar beings in other soul families, who are equally ready and willing to help their own with parallel leaps.]

We want to tell you our experience of the last week or two. Cathee's been asking for the highest and best possible resonance so she'll end up in the best possible parallel. And she's actually spent the last two days just lying around affirming that. "Let me feel what's the highest and best resonance, and where we can go." And it's so exciting. It feels so good to say the sky's the limit. You don't have to wait for your society to catch up, for politics, or socioeconomics or anything. You can just say, "I want to resonate to something really beautiful and jump." We love working with people like this. We love to help people experience what your birthright is, to jump.

We realize we go back and forth. We say you are choosing to jump. And then we say, well, your oversoul is choosing to create a new you in a new place with a new meaning. But to us it's kind of the same, because at that level you are participating with your oversoul. And you're saying, re-create me there. You're not losing all of what you were, but there's definitely a change.

How good could it get? Cathee's realizing how much she holds herself back from even wanting to wish for something better. And we think you all do that, because you don't want to be disappointed. You create lukewarm relationships sometimes because you think if it gets really good, and then it falls apart, that'd be just awful. Or if you would get your dream career going and then hit an obstacle and lose it, that'd be awful. Or there couldn't possibly be enough support from society to fulfill your dream. So there's holding back, holding back.

A couple weeks ago we went around in a group with each saying what their ideal world would look like. One person said a world without hunger. And we were happy that somebody still dares to believe that it could be possible. Most people don't. So we really applaud that person for even being able to dream of that. "I could live that. It's gonna happen."

How much am I responsible for in making this leap happen? Do I have to envision it all the time? Or can I just call you in and say sign me up and then it's just gonna happen.

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That's a good question. And the answer is: we don't know. Because it's your mind asking that question, and we think it's a matter of the heart more than of the mind. It's a matter of "I really want this." And if you get a big "I really want this," it's going to happen. And so it's more a matter of just letting yourself go, and wanting it. It's not a matter of "I've gotta remember that I'm on this mentally."

It sounds to me like you've got to have a magnetic relationship with the vision.

If you can manage to feel us, if you can be in our energy field, we think that that magnetizing will be seen as a fun thing, not a "to do" thing, because it'll be easy. So maybe the main "to do" is just to call us in and ask for help doing this. And then be willing to bask in it.

Cathee: Last week the presence in this room was practically pulsing. It was extremely powerful.

We would like to make our energy available to anyone out there on the inner planes that is looking for someone like us. Affirm your visions of how beautiful it could be for you.

We'd also ask that you imagine our energy being available to as many people as we possibly can help. Please hold an openness to this kind of light and help going out to many people.

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