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The Parallel Worlds Handbook:

Leap to a Joyful Parallel Life!

The Leapers through Cathee Courter


The Whys and Hows of Parallel Leaping

Leaping Home: Cathee Courter's Prologue

President John Kennedy Jr.'s Prologue

Welcome to Another World

Mass Exodus to Parallel Versions of Earth

Creating New Paradigms in Parallel Lives

Nature-lovin' Parallel Earth

Jumping Ship

The Coming Holographic Terror

Selfhood Through Relationships

Leaping Cultural Experience Over With You

Gifts from Old Parallel Worlds

Soul Family Group Selfhood

Pulling the Plug of the Morality Parallel

Family Ties in the Leap

Helping Intellectual Stragglers

News Fasting During the Leap

Parallel Split-offs

Death in Being Transplanted

The Winds of Change

Straddling Parallel Realities

Flowing Beyond Free Will

Co-creating Together in the Multiverse

Co-creating from an Alternate Reality Soup

Feeling Homeless on the Old Parallel Earth

Spinning a Parallel Leap Mythology

In Love with the Forces of Creation

Fertile Matrix and the Soul Braid

Lines of Light by John Kennedy Jr.

A Personal Face by JFK Jr.

This introductory channeling, published in the international Sedona Journal of Emergence, is a composite of the first several channelings.

Being Recreated on a Different Version of Earth

Introduction to the Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook

Part Two: Parallel Life Experiences

Part Three: A Wondrous Destination

Part Four: Leap to Freedom

Video Channelings

Personal Readings


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