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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Leaping Cultural Experience Over With You

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

photo of Peter with a camera

If you could see the number of beings that are helping each of you with the leap, you would be amazed. We have called ourselves the Leapers—the beings in your soul family that help determine the new incarnations. But it's like the whole Earth is rooting for you all.

Those who have experienced twenty-first century America in the parallel of extreme objectivity will take the gifts of that culture with them to the new. They have developed technologically, seeing everything as separate from them that they need to use or control or appreciate, but nonetheless separate. They have not been participating in the flow of everyone else on the planet, very open-heartedly anyway, or equally.

The ability to objectify one's experience is a brilliant experiment in human consciousness. It's basic to science. But objectivity is only real in a relative sense. It's an illusion within the bigger picture, but it's nonetheless been an interesting illusion, to think that you can stand back from the whole, when you are part of the whole. It's impossible to split off from the whole. But in your culture you go about thinking that you can.

It's given you a kind of awareness that the nature beings on the planet find fascinating. The more separate you get from everything else, the more when you do love someone from that distance of great polarity, that love can be sweeter than anything some of these nature beings have ever experienced before, because you're bridging a great gap. The game of separation gives you an intense focus. You have to focus on some idea of separate selfhood in order to play this game of objectivity. And that concentrates your attention, so that then when you do connect, even with a dog, or a flower, or another human, you can bring that focus into your loving, and it's exquisite.

Many beings of the nature realm who will have counterparts wherever you leap to in parallel versions of Earth, and also the higher beings that oversee these processes, are very excited at this experiment. Beings who have lived in an extremely technological society can now move to societies that are less extreme, if not in actual technology, in the self-image of being human-dominists. (How about that for a word?) So human-dominists can jump to a parallel where that's not the going thing, but remember what that was like. And hopefully be able to not lose the gifts of this intense focus and intense ability to love if you choose, because you're coming from a place of separation—to bring those gifts into a more egalitarian, flowing and oneness-oriented place. This is totally new on this planet, to be able to evolve in that way.

Our emphasis in previous weeks has been a lot for your own sake, helping you get the heck out of here before there's a lot of suffering. But from a much bigger perspective, the leap is an exciting development in human consciousness. We think it's much more interesting than the experiment of going down with the ship and watching ecological destruction and learning whatever paltry lessons you can learn from, oh, if we destroy it all, what would that look like? That's pretty boring in comparison to what can be learned for all of humanity by what you're doing.

We want you to take a lot of notes, so to speak, and be real aware of your reactions. Like, some of you have seen that the old traditional rituals just don't do it for you in any religion. Those kinds of things. We would ask you to really look into those feelings, and see what's going on. The part of you that feels hollow in those rituals now—what is it that you really hunger for instead? What part of you is wanting something richer, that's just not getting fed there?

We have said that there will be a mass exodus to other parallel versions of Earth. People will go to different versions according to what they long for and their soul purpose and so forth. Cathee's trying to understand, "Will I mainly end up in the new version with people who are refugees from the old version, or will I be bringing these gifts to people who grew up in a society that was fairly healthy the whole time?" It's hard to imagine any pocket of culture on this planet in this old version that hasn't been overtaken by human-dominists, to think that there might be a pocket you could end up in here.

Please remember what you came from—this is a big part of the experiment. We think you will be mingling with people who are not necessarily from this old version. But since you are all at the point of awareness where you understand multiple parallels, and you're multi-dimensionally oriented, of course you're going to gravitate to parallels where other people there are multi-dimensionally oriented and understand that we don't all come from the same place. Already many people on this Earth have a sense that they're more connected to certain star energies than they are to their own families. Many have an intuitive awareness that things are happening on many levels here, beyond just what you see. If that perception were openly spoken in the societies on the old parallel, people would realize you're almost more different than you are alike. It's just that on the old version there is a very strong programming to not admit that you see those differences, and that you have never been living in a consensus reality. Everyone is drawing to themselves their own version of what life is about, and you find enough common ground to keep the illusion going that you're all semi-conventional.

Earlier Peter was saying he feels pressure from Hindus to be Hindu, and within their own society, being conventional is being Hindu. Within the charismatic Christian society, being conventional is being charismatic Christian. You know that it can't really be across the board conventional to be any of those things, because you're all so different.

So you can say, "Well, we jumped parallel versions of Earth, and we came from a really dark one." Just be open and say, "We got here with a lot of help." It's almost like being walk-ins, only you bring your body with you. You're a walk-in in a new version.

It's good to play and get comfortable with that idea. We think it won't be an overnight sudden change, but you may eventually find yourself having more and more conversations like that. Someday you may find yourself sitting in a group and saying, remember when the oil spill happened? And the person next to you says, what? I don't know what you're talking about. And you can say, in the version of Earth I grew up in, this is what happened.

We think this conversation could happen for any of you any day, really. This is the kind of gradual blending into a new life that we're talking about. We think where each of you is going, you'll be meeting new people for whom that conversation would not upsetting—not nearly as upsetting as people pressuring you to take on their religion in the old, and to pretend that their way is the only way.

So we're very excited. We think this is unfolding very smoothly and very beautifully.

My wife and I went looking for rural properties to buy recently on the plains, and the smell of the benzene used in natural gas extraction was everywhere, with many operations visible. Should we wait until after our leap is farther along before searching for our new home?

This will be a roundabout way of approaching a very good question. What we're doing in resonating out an energy that will attract a new parallel version of Earth for you to live on is about the relationship between human consciousness and nature consciousness, which is of course our big concern. All of that destruction has the same root. We feel the biggest healing comes from you just connecting with nature consciousness, and healing the rift between humans and nature, more than politically trying to stop the drills from drilling. It may be hard to imagine that just actively holding it together with nature consciousness can heal the Earth, without doing a lot of political action. Do political action if you feel so led, obviously. But within the bigger view that the resonance of you holding it together with nature consciousness can lead you to a new parallel version, this starts to make sense.

We have long been feeding information through massive numbers of channelings to Cathee about holding close with nature consciousness. And of course many of you have been involved with other shamanic traditions or gardening, where that's also come to you in various ways. It's so pooh poohed in this culture that anything spiritual has power. But that's the only thing that really does have power. Good political action comes from good spiritual connection, or you don't make it. You burn out anyway. It's about wielding that power in 3D.

The channeling on the holographic ET landing mentioned that some probabilities are very strong and come down into 3D. And some are like dreams that never quite land in 3D. We said our bias was that things that land in 3D seem more real to people who are in 3D. They seem more impactful than the probable ones that don't, although from a certain perspective, it's all real. So our bias is to work with what's going to come into 3D as being very impactful on you all.

When you look at probable realities, the ones that have the most spiritual force, richness, love and intense interaction on a spiritual level, to us are the ones that seem more real. Now, some of this utter destructiveness that's happening is being played out in 3D, obviously, and so it's real to a certain extent. But from another perspective . . . and we don't know quite how to locate from what perspective we're measuring which are the most vivid parallel realities, that will have the biggest impact on God/Goddess/All That Is. Of all the possible experiments, which ones will spread out and influence other probable versions of Earth, other realities on the inner planes, and will allow new things to come into being and even to come into 3D?

The power of human beings choosing to vividly participate in the richness of love and a sharing of consciousness—in this case we're talking between humans and nature—is so much more powerful than the hollow drives for money. Or all the people that got a job with the natural gas company and just don't know any better. And all the people that are wasting a lot of gas. Everyone in your culture is really part of the problem in that you haven't come up with better solutions. But that kind of apathy or helplessness or "how can we stop doing this and have a lifestyle that we want," or just the space-it-out-and-not-think-about-it tendency. That's all very tepid spiritual energy. These attitudes and the not taking of responsibility or caring—a lot of it's apathy that has grown and it's devastating the Earth.

If you look at things from a cause and effect perspective, it looks like you're totally lost and the apathy has won, like apathy is the strongest force in the world. But since reality is not based on cause and effect in that way, it's not what you see, and miracles can happen. We're talking about going to another parallel—that is a miracle, really. And miracles are normal. They're very normal when you change your mind and experience a change in consciousness that has the power of love behind it, which is vivid and intense, because love is what we are. It's what the glue of the universe is. It's much stronger than apathy. Then miracles can happen all over. And the one we're suggesting of course is the jump. In the big picture of how things work, miracles like that are normal.

So when we hear your question, what we see is not that human problems like this have to be met and corrected. From our perspective as Leapers who help determine what comes into being in new lifetimes and help choose probabilities, we ask what's a strong one, and what will its new paradigms be? The ones that aren't working just kind of fade out. It doesn't mean that the old Earth has to totally be destroyed and die out. It fades out. Everybody says, "I don't want to be in that play any more because it's boring," and the play just stops for lack of interest.

Right now there's a lot of interest still on Earth in power over and human domination, so there's still a lot of juice in that. So that's why we're saying jump. Don't wait for it to fade out. But like in one channeling where we said, when it all falls and there's the rubble and then the ones that are left look around and say, "You're still here, you're still here. Let's build on top of the rubble." The rubble is like a fading out, like OK, so that experiment wasn't the greatest.

So it really does matter what you put your heart into, and to have hope and not despair. Because despair is a very juicy strong creator too. As far as devastation to the Earth goes, you know there's a lot of suffering on the part of nature as well as among the people that are getting sick from benzene. We're not saying that isn't real. But we're just saying where to put your energy and your attention. And as we've said, in your having noticed all this as you move into the new parallel, this will be so a part of your being. That memory will be there. And you will know for sure that human stupidity has no bounds. You will know that in your gut.

So was this devastation worth it to learn that? We guess.

A lot of help comes from moving your concept of your own selfhood into the bigger we, into your soul family. Once you get a sense of that, it will feel as real as your separate selfhood ever felt. You will know that this is a team effort, so you won't understand the details of where you're going, but you can have the feeling.

In the future, more people will see the land they live on as being literally a part of their body. And so then it's very easy to find the right land for you. It'll feel like your arm. And then you will know you have the power of that team effort with that land for everything you do, even in your personal life. It will be a part of your reference point, as well as the rest of your guides and your whole team.

If you are part of a soul family that is very land-oriented, it's like being a walk-in to your land. We think that feeling is very satisfying. Solidifying. Supportive.

Some of you are at the point of extreme sensitivity. Be careful who you hang out with and in what settings, electromagnetic-field-wise and psychically. We want you to be able to become hyper, hyper, hyper sensitive and stay well. We don't want you to have to shut down at this time in your life, or protect a lot. Some have been told your whole life that your sensitivity is a bad thing, and to not take it too far. But we're saying, take it, take it, take it. At this time it's really appropriate for you to just open up. By opening up your sensitivity, the sky's the limit on where you can leap. So give yourself the space you need to not even have to be functional all the time. What a silly concept, functionality. It's a good concept, but not in all situations. Not across the board at all times.


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