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The We through Cathee Courter:

photo of pasque in Rocky Mountain National Park

We come to you very gently. We speak now as part of a combined voice of the nature spirits you all have with you as well as other guides. What we want to focus on tonight more than anything is forgiving the human race for what seems to be its messing things up pretty royally, and not really caring. We want to tonight somehow convince you of how loved you are by us. How cherished. We won't say we worship the ground you walk on, because that's us.

We would love it if you would let us in to scout around and help surface for you in this moment any places where you hold back from our love and our meeting of you deeply. This may be out of guilt or fear, out of all you've been told about humans being sinners, or how evil you feel the corporations and the polluters are—which of course is everyone. See if you can feel where you hold these physically in your body.

The human being is a marvelous creature, from our viewpoint. The capacity to experience extremes of emotion, and the capacity to experience oneself as being separate and evil, is a marvel to us.

[A bear outside the window roars.]

Please talk about the suffering involved in the latest oil spill.

Underneath that may be the question of whether nature is willing to sacrifice itself, and be OK with human free will taking things to the extreme and doing really dumb things. Can we rephrase it that way?

We find it almost humorous how humans often speak in terms like, "There's a plant created to cure every human disease," as if human disease is all plants are for, and plants don't have a life and purpose of their own. We're not saying that plants cannot help with human disease, of course. But you hear that, and then when something like this happens, there starts to be some awareness that maybe the ocean existed for its own sake, not just for the humans' sake—extraction and so forth. So we're finding this tragedy to be one of the best tragedies we've had in terms of waking up humans. It's working better than earthquakes. But is there tremendous suffering on the part of sea animals and vegetation? Yes, there is.

There are levels on which things are experienced, and we don't see them that differently in the plant, animal, and rock worlds than in the human world. On the level of individual fish, whether those be dolphins or guppies, there is suffering. There is a feeling of things being so out of balance that nature struggles hard to find the balance and can't in some situations, and then you get a downward spiral, which is happening now.

On a bigger level, with both humans and nature, there are meanings. There are beings that volunteer to play out certain values and explorations that sometimes involve suffering. And we know from working with many humans that humans love to see the meaning in suffering. We hear these things too. "People in Africa are growing on a soul level through starving." Or "we have so many autistic children, not because we've made the environment a mess, but because they're growing on a spiritual level." And that may be true. But then when you get sick, all of a sudden, it looks different. If I'm the one with the environmental disease, then of course, I don't like participating in something that's waking up the planet. I just want to be well.

So it's very difficult to answer a question like that. Because if we come out and say well, nature volunteers at times to let humans play things out like this, because you're hopefully learning to not mess up the planet by messing up the planet. And humans being what they are, they tend to have to really do it big, and incarnate down in and experience it and see it. If we talk from that level, we can sound very heartless. But if we leave that level—and in healing individuals we do try to work on healing all suffering, especially when you ask—then it can seem like you can get lost in suffering if you can't find the meaning in it, if it's just a matter of heal, heal, heal, but why? Why is there this suffering? Then we get blamed for that too. "Can't you see the bigger picture?"

Until recently, in this particular parallel version of Earth, the human free will experiment has largely been what the going theme has been. Nature has said, "We'll provide form for bodies for you to incarnate in. We'll be your playground for you to play things out, because we're learning too. Part of the human/nature polarity dynamic is for us to support you in this."

Until now, nature has been willing to do that. Humans have taken it just a step too far, though, to the place where there is a danger of not being able to hold it together, of the separation between human consciousness and nature consciousness getting too big. It's especially evident in things like genetic engineering, which changes the very DNA of the organism. Changing the DNA alters the ability of the spirit, say, of corn to connect with the 3D manifestation of corn. When you're separating a plant from its spirit through your experimentation, this is playing God. This is going too far.

Another example is electromagnetic fields. If you die in a nuclear blast, your soul's memories of that lifetime are erased. Things happen at quantum levels that affect souls, so it's not OK to mess with that level in developing weapons.

One way to conceptualize this is that higher dimensional frequencies are stepped down and down and down until they become our 3D universe. Thus the popular saying goes, "change your thoughts and the universe around you will change." The higher dimensional essence of something manifests in its physical form. For instance, the resourceful spirit of dandelion manifests in a flexible physical plant. Humans are messing around with the 3D level of things to where this manipulation is damaging the spiritual level, which is its source, with very serious consequences.

So nature is now having to respond and change the game. It's no longer a free will game of humans doing what they want.

One could say that nature now has free will. Since nature is so very much one with divine will, it's more like saying divine will is coming up through nature. We don't know a single nature being that is going to separate off from divine will. But people can experience this backlash, or you might say, this correction to the game in terms of nature now choosing what happens to it.

There will be many natural disasters. In the same city, you will have areas where people are land-attuned and the rains come, and areas where people are not respecting the land, and the rains do not come. You will see regions that will thrive and regions that will not thrive, largely due to the human/nature relationship being strong in some places and not in others. So there is beauty in this time, even in the devastation.

We know the oil spill is very heartrending. To be honest, our quick answer is to encourage you to choose to let us help you jump to another timeline, another version of Earth. If it is not your lesson to be here when things really get bad, or if you do not feel called with all your heart to be pushing to turn things around, then consider being transplanted. You have to feel into your own heart and see, am I here for this? Or am I to work in a culture on a parallel version of Earth where we can really get some creative things going? (Some beings who have volunteered to help people do that are talking now, in addition to the nature spirits and people's guides.)

We never, even a couple months ago, thought we would be saying things like this. Bail out. But we have seen such joy in Cathee and Peter since they did, that it's encouraging us to offer that option to you if you feel so led.

There is a beauty in great destructiveness, or we don't think people would choose it. There is a beauty in death. There is a beauty in things falling apart. You get to see what things were made of—the parts of things. You see what cannot be destroyed when you try to destroy all of it.

photo of skullcap wildflower

We're speaking to a very select group here tonight, of people who are nature-attuned. There are many people here tonight whose soul families are comprised of both nature beings and human beings. You can call these people nature/human hybrids. Our feeling is that in this version of Earth, the take-it-to-the-limit-and-see-the-extremes version, people from very human soul families are benefitting a great deal. And we have to give it to them. They have volunteered to be on an Earth that's getting torn up to learn something for all of us, to see how far free will can go, and what things are made of. Our feeling is that those who are more nature-attuned are not benefitting much from this experiment. It's a very human experiment.

To give an example, Cathee once asked us, "Why don't I get into things everyone else around me seems to thrive on, like war, football games and aggression?" And she was relieved when we told her that with people from largely human soul families, there are developmental stages to mature through, through many lifetimes. One of those stages is a fascination with war and competition, to learn about power and domination. So some people thrive on that. It's like when a child reaches age two or three, and they need to learn about boundaries. And they go through a phase of testing everybody and being difficult to deal with. And you don't blame them for being two or three. They're learning something they need to learn, to grow up. It's the same with long term human development. There are stages that involve war. And who are we to judge? Some really important insights come from learning about boundaries, and you do boundaries really big with territorial boundaries.

But for the hybrids, the human/nature interface beings, that's not really part of your development. It's not a necessary stage in the evolution of what your purpose is. And so, it's not necessary for you to be in a room with three-year-olds who are learning all that.

It's very uplifting and encouraging that there's another option than staying on this version of Earth with the present intent for wholesale destruction.

This is a very special time in history, when it's time to let the old paradigms go. And we think that destructiveness is part of an old paradigm, really, of glorying in saviorhood. You can't have the messiah come save everything—which is a huge paradigm of the last several thousand years—if people are responsible and mature. But if you get destructive, and need saving, then the savior can come. And those who feel like they're on his team can gloat about it, and watch it all be saved. Obviously, a lot of politicians believe that an Armageddon is coming and that Jesus will come and take them up in the "rapture" and leave everybody else, the poor pagans. They are really getting into the destructiveness, because it's almost like saying, "OK, Jesus. You haven't come yet. If we push it far enough, we'll make you come save it at the last minute." Look how many movies are based on the hero coming in and saving the day at the last minute. Many of your movies have some element of good guy, bad guy, come in and save. It's a huge, deep paradigm.

We're now at a time when we get to choose the new paradigms for the next several thousand years. And it's very, very important. Those of you who are very conscious beings and are working with these energies, and have lived endless lives in these old paradigms—you are the experts on the old paradigms. How many times have you experienced this destruction? And so you have been given a lot of power and responsibility at this time in consciousness. A lot of this collaboration and decision-making happens in the dream state, to say do we want "let's destroy it as much as we can so someone can save us" to be a reigning paradigm in the new age? The universe is listening to your thoughts and your feelings. What do you want the new paradigms to be?

So it's a very creative, pivotal time. We don't even know how to put into words the importance of how much power you have, and how much we listen with all ears. What creative new paradigms can you imagine for a new world? It really is a lot of your task, to let go of total environmental destruction as being a worthwhile archetype.

I'm getting a vision of a cleaning lady holding space, just waiting. Could you interpret this symbol for me? And surely the nature spirits are not all going to leave this parallel?

They're not all going to leave, but that brings to mind that Peter and Cathee have been talking to a couple subalpine fir trees that fell in the forest out in the national park. The trees say, "We want to pass on our legacy to you. We're leaving the planet. We aren't able to constructively deal with the values of this time." You know, most of your human contact with fir trees is toilet paper. Apparently they don't feel that that's enough. They have bigger things to leave as a legacy.

[To questioner:] Now, we're interpreting your vision, so you'll have to let us know if this feels right to you. The feeling we get is that the clean-up is not so much of the Earth, but of the souls. As those whose role in this incarnation was to play this to the extreme come out of incarnation, there will be a tremendous amount of the erasing of karma, you might call it. Karma is another old paradigm image. And we can choose to keep that one or not as well.

If you're willing (or if you are created) to come into a very dark situation and push it to the extreme, is there karma in that if that is your purpose to explore? If there is no karma in that, when you come out of incarnation, how quickly can you be cleaned up? How quickly can you turn that experience into wisdom that is valuable that you've gained for the planet, and not just be unconsciously mired in it? We see your cleaning lady being ready to help people immediately as people leave this incarnation, and some even before they leave.

The feeling I get is of this incredible depth of patience, which I have to admit I don't really personify. It feels really light, bright and patient.

Cathee: Nature is so unconditionally loving. Some of the spirits tell me they have no druthers—they love the bad guys and the good guys equally. Nature supports the whole game. Nature supports the birth and growing up of the Inquisitors as well as the victims. Sometimes I've been a little bummed with nature because of that. It's just so unconditional.

If nature is here to support whatever dramas we've gotta do to move forward, my heart just goes "wow," how humbling. How beautiful that they're honoring what we're doing in a big, huge way.

photo of cactus in Rocky Mountain National Park

Cathee: They are. And it's such a turnaround from what you'd think. They tell me that humans are so valued because we give nature spirits a sense of selfhood when we interact with them. And a sense of love (or not love). A dandelion told me, "We get to be in close interaction with humans when you pull us from your lawn. We love that." A daisy said, "When you step on me, if you step on me from a place of feeling guilty about it, that's a separation. And I feel the separation as pain. But if you're feeling one with the Earth and I'm feeling one with the Earth and the stepping on me happens, it's just an experience." I think ancient peoples, as they walked across a meadow, could feel the Earth, they could feel what they were stepping on, and their consciousness was meeting the consciousness of the grasses in a way that the grasses delighted in, even if they died. Nature beings don't have a problem with death. They have a problem with separation, and with this weird human guilt stuff. I'm told that with ancient peoples, the buffalo loved to be in the interaction called hunting. And then the people would wear the buffalo robes, they would wrap their teepees in them, they would eat the buffalo meat, and the intimacy between the buffalo and the people was a delight to both. It was joyful for both. I think we have a long ways to go. But I love to think of my food delighting in me eating it. We channel sometimes for a group that met at Thanksgiving, and the nature spirits were talking about how they loved to be on our Thanksgiving table. Both vegetables and animals do, if we appreciate them, and if there's that meeting of consciousness. So it's a whole different sweet perspective.


Gratitude and love to Bob and Ardeth Goldfarb for hosting this event.

photo of daisies in Rocky Mountain National Park

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