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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Creating New Paradigms in Parallel Lives

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Part of the bridging of parallel lives is discovering contacts of your own soul family in other times and spaces. We are seeing you from that perspective, locating each of you within your own soul families.

You function as groups, which you'll sense more the more you go up in dimension en masse. For instance, if Dave and Melody are in the same soul family, and Dave has a special need in one of his parallel selves, usually he'll call in a soul family member to meet that need. And so, Melody might shoot off a parallel experience just to help Dave's parallel self. These parallels are mushrooming out all the time. Other parts of you are having experiences with other soul family, or with other people in general and their projects. So when we look at each of you, we have to look at, OK, you live in a certain place and you're a certain age. But which parallel self are you, and how do you balance out the other parallel offshoots of your soul that may have come from forks in the road just a few weeks ago, or from when you were five? There's a whole mosaic for each of you that we have to read, to see if you choose to leap over to a different probable Earth, how will that affect the whole complex of parallel selves that you call yourself? And it's important that that all goes smoothly, so that you don't end up too far away from some of the other parallel selves with whom you share a very close stem root.

For instance, one woman's mother was diagnosed as terminally ill seven years ago, and was told she had four months to live. She died recently. Her daughter has been flying back and forth to take care of her for seven years. There are other versions where her mother died years ago. So the doctors were just off on which parallel held her prognosis of four months.

You do split-offs in your personal lives all the time. But at this time, many of you are disillusioned with the world situation. Your gifts are not being used, because things have gotten so dark that you can't turn them around like you came in to do. So you need to jump over. You may find that in the new reality things may not change overnight, but a few years from now you may look back and think, "I remember a certain president being elected, but the press is mentioning a different former president."

We're talking about a bigger jump than people usually make on their own. And we feel that each of you is here tonight or reading this for a reason, because you have for quite some time been saying, "I want a big change. The world is really messed up."

When we first started talking with Cathee and Peter, we spoke of pulling information over from other parallel lives to this one. We've ended up in just a few months now saying let's jump over and start a new one so that we can build. For instance, we're still very intrigued with the idea of a non-profit to bring together scientists, technologists, and nature psychics to work on evolving new possibilities in building, science, and ways of living. But we see no reason to do that in an atmosphere where that knowledge would not be respected and utilized. So we have a very big interest in seeing them jump to a probability where they would be in fertile soil, where that work could really take off, be funded, be appreciated, and be used. We told Cathee that in the old parallel life she could write a book, but it wouldn't get published. In a new probability, it could have a big impact. So that's what we're after.

Our interest in all of this is meddling. [laughs] When you have gifts to give, if you get one student who wants to know exactly what you have to teach, it's exciting. You feel that through a unique chemistry. Each of you has been on a soul path that's winded this way and that way, and you've somehow come into a resonance with us. It's nothing logical. Sometimes you just click with someone, whether they're a fellow human or not. Like attracts like. We're very happy to be of service all we can, because we see such potential in each of you. Something very exciting could grow.

You're all intuitive enough to know whether you like our vibration or not, or if you trust us. We are asking for a tremendous amount of trust, and we want to be really up front about that, because what it will take to help usher you over is as radical as with a plant being transplanted. We want to say up front that we are not omniscients, we are capable of making mistakes, and we feel utterly confident that we're not making a mistake here. That we have the capacity to help you if you wish. There's actually more trust required than if we came down with spaceships and scooped you up. This is playing with probabilities that cannot be reversed, although you can do a loop around if you want to go back to the old darkness.

It's more a matter of you giving permission than of you doing something. And of course, it's not just giving permission to us, it's telling the universe, "This is what I want. This is what I'm ready for." It's good to think about what you want where you're headed to be like.

How about our grown children? What if they don't choose to leap?

There are myriad split-offs and probabilities. We're talking about one parallel of you, and another parallel may stay.

It isn't like your children would disappear, but you might feel a distance. You might still see them during holidays but not feel as close, and you might not affect each other as much. They would just be a little farther and farther away, in a different orbit than you, and they may even disappear eventually from that, which would be a gradual thing. But it may not feel like a big loss. It happens with friends—you start growing in different directions and pretty soon you realize you're calling much less. Many of these parallel versions of you meet in the dream state, and so there's still a connection, even if you would never see them again. And really cool new people will come into your lives, who feel like family.

What you have been in, especially recently, has been for some people in its own way a very beautiful experiment, in seeing how far you could take polarity—good/bad, light/dark, nature/human, etc. When you take polarity to the extreme, you get to see things you couldn't see otherwise. There's a starkness, a contrast, and it's very rich, actually. We don't even put down the concept of people torturing each other or the Earth, or some of the stuff that goes on per se, because usually those that volunteer are seeing, "Is there anything besides love, or is it all love inherently at the core? Can we really get away from oneness? Is there really separation ultimately?" It's all a free will experiment, which Cathee has found boring for some time. [laughs] But some people still think it's exciting.

When we're talking about switching probabilities, on some level it's a matter of saying, "What paradigm do I want to explore?" It's time to come up with new paradigms for the new age and let the old ones go. One major one that's been around has been martyrdom. That's been a game that says anybody who has a beautiful high vibration, gets their act together, and is more mature than the rest of humanity gets slaughtered. And then the ultimate symbol is that we drink their blood and eat their flesh—the whole Jesus thing. We cannibalize them, and hopefully a little of their vibration gets into all of us since we've eaten their life force. There's quite a number of people on Earth right now who say, "You know, that paradigm has been interesting, but what if we have a paradigm where you evolve and get your energy very beautiful, full and mature, and you just get honored for that instead of being slaughtered? Wouldn't that be fascinating to explore for a change?"

We could name a number of paradigms. One is, how much can you devastate the Earth and still be in bodies yourselves, and pretend that the toxins out there won't affect your bodies? What is the mind/body/spirit relationship? You can explore that relationship by messing up the whole body of the Earth and then seeing how your spirit handles it. Cathee hears often, "Yes, there's massive electromagnetic pollution, but if your mind is sharp, you can transform its effects with your mind." And she says, "Clean up the Earth! I don't find that exercise interesting." She has a friend who keeps telling her, "There are people who play with poisonous snakes and they don't get bitten because of their state of consciousness." And Cathee says, "I have better things to do with my time than to play with poisonous snakes." Which is what you're all doing now environmentally.

You have to be pretty advanced in your spiritual journey of many lifetimes here to have had enough experience in playing with the old paradigms to be among the ones to whom the universe says, "We want you guys to be choosing the new paradigms." We think it's exciting to be saying, "We played with the playdough. We made a little donkey. It's time to fold it back in and decide if we want to make a donkey again, or what do we want to make?" It's exercising a godhood ability to say, "I'm part of deciding what the new creation will be. And then I may choose to take an incarnation in it, and get to play with some new paradigms the rest of this lifetime."

We're really talking about jumping paradigms. It's a question of, will your family member be interested in the new? Or is she really liking the old paradigms?

Rather than a break from people in your past, it's like an overlap. Do your life purposes from here on, and your choice of vibration and what you want to experiment with, overlap with other people's choices? It's usually not black and white. You usually share only some interests with people. You can grow closer or grow farther apart. But the commitment that we're asking for is not really "am I willing to leave people behind?" It's "am I willing to become the richest version of myself?" and that may involve leaving people behind. Even if you say no, I don't want to leave them behind, chances are good that you're going to grow apart from some people anyway. If you don't take a leap like this, every day you still make choices to go this way or that way.

What we're wanting to do with you that's a little different than all those everyday choices is for you to very consciously say, "I'm ready for a big change." And establish a partnership with us where we can give you a huge boost over that your little everyday choices may not have quite the power to do. As we said, there's a window of possibility now that doesn't happen every day. There are enough who in dreamtime have been discussing this. There's a mass movement, ready to make a jump. There are many people right now who are saying, "Phooey on this reality. I'm not going to play any more unless they change the rules. We need new refs. We need a new gamebook."

The Leapers offered to change some of our past to change certain personality traits and patterns that we were stuck in. I feel freed up from those patterns so that I have more energy to go forward. It feels like the memories of those patterns are slowly just fading away.

We are exceptionally good at helping people drop negative habits and addictions, if we do say so ourselves. You have to really know what you're asking us for help with, because it will happen most likely. And it's not reversible. But we don't think you'd want to reverse it anyway.

Basically, what we do is shift you onto another parallel to where you're not on the one where those habits grew into a certain lifestyle. We just jump you over. And the same with traumas. What if that trauma hadn't happened to you when you were a child? (That's kind of what we're talking about here with the whole world. It's a traumatized world.) From our perspective from a higher dimension, it seems rather easy to do that. When you're down in it, it seems so hard to change.

It's a new creation. But to create you as you would have been had you not had the trauma, it's not like there's only one way that it could have been different. There's actually a spread. We know that you think, "Wow, to create a whole new self fork in the road is a difficult thing, that's amazing, it's miraculous." To us it's what life is. It's continually creating things. And you do that anyway without realizing it. Every day your lives are full of amazing miracles, but you don't know it. That you're sitting here in this group or reading this—what all led up to that, of mutual friends running into each other, etc.?

We want to describe as much as we can to you the mechanisms, because you're growing into being more responsible, powerful co-creators. And you're very much part of the creation of even yourselves when you choose this kind of work.

We could look at it backwards and say we love planet Earth, and we always have. Our consciousnesses span thousands of years. One of our lifetimes is thousands if not millions of your years, so we see the big picture. From that perspective, we would like to be personally involved with the richest possible version of the playing out of the relationship between human and nature brought to its fullest fruition. And to be the most beautiful that we can even imagine being. That desire takes us back to what leads up to it, which takes us to you, because we're meeting halfway. You're on that path too. So it's right that we meet, and it's right that we do this together, because we're all affirming wanting to bring the most beautiful fruition that we can. To us it's not only easy to create that, it's almost inevitable to create that, because that's what you were created for, you could say. And that's what we were created for.

We're very happy to help you with personal trauma. Spend time thinking of what you want help with, and specifically ask for it. Don't say, "Read my mind to see what I want." You need to specifically ask us, "I want this trauma removed" for us to help. Cathee likes to do that work in a hot bath. "OK, just take this out of me."

As you come closer to us through this, we seek your personal love for us. This can be a rather technical undertaking, or it can be a glorious lovefest as we partner in a new creation with all of that excitement. We seek your love.

There are impersonal faces of God, and there are personal faces of God. Some beings much vaster than us feel very impersonal. They're almost structural. We Leapers are very personal beings. We relish the warmth and intimacy of love so that we're not just accomplishing something—it's really lovely. The journey is as rich as the destination, you might say. We want the process of leaping over to another version of Earth to be a joyful one. So we welcome you to recognize our signature energy, our uniqueness, as we recognize you and love you. This is what makes it fun.

[The group sat in silence communing with the Leapers.]

We want you to think of this experience with us not as being something that is rare and can only happen in this setting, but to think of this as a very normal communion that will continue now. We want you to feel that you can easily reach us and we you, just as if you were doing a project with other humans, and you could call them up any time you wanted. We want it to be very free and easy and fun. We love you all so much.

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