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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Straddling Parallel Realities

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

Please bring us in as fully as you can, to where it almost feels like the world does not exist outside of this room. We'd like to bubble you, as if this room is a little spaceship in the whole infinite universe, and we are right here with you. We are like the air you're breathing. It's like we're holding you on our laps.

We are at the beginning of a rather weird phase in all of your lives, where having one foot in the old world and one foot in the new will feel very real. It may feel a little schizophrenic, almost like there's a glass between you and the old parallel. As you're walking around, it may seem like you're looking outside at the world through a department store window.

We may need you to keep a foot in the old for awhile, to get this worked out. But we want you to move into the new at the same time and not feel like the old is such a weight on you. It's coming soon where you'll feel yourself slipping into discussing old parallel subjects and your heart just won't be in it, because the old just won't feel real. It already had seemed like sci fi, with that "how did we get here anyway?" feeling. But we think it will be increasingly uncomfortable to fuss about old parallel stuff. There seems to be a gap, because you wonder what the new will look like and when it will get here, and all those questions, and yet we think that there is already in all of you some deep kernel of peace. That's what it's about, really, is the peace. The details will come. That there is something else besides the old reality is enough reason for joy.

So what we want to talk about tonight is how to navigate with a foot in both worlds, and also how to relate to people in the old reality. We think you all run into snags in your own arenas—conversations that still pull you in and under and get a complex of emotions going again. And that's alright as long as you catch yourself and say, "OK, that's what's going on. This is old."

If you've ever watched the bubbles in a stream—there might be a conglomeration of bubbles, and then they end up on different shores as they spread out. And even though they start in the same place, life looks really different from a different part of the stream, from a different perspective.

For each of you, things are going to be happening very quickly now, like going over a waterfall. We've noticed a tendency in you at times to reach for negativity to help, thinking that would slow things down. "Let me grab hold of a problem or an emotional reaction to something, and that can take me back to the old enough that things feel a little more normal, and I'm not moving so fast." But it doesn't really work. It feels like being on a moving ship going over a waterfall with negativity on board, instead of just being on a moving ship going over a waterfall.

We've talked about the death process that's involved in leaping—or in any spiritual growth or transformation—where you have to let go of the old before the new can really take hold. But there also may be moments where it feels like you're in a void. Not just like some part of you is dying—it may feel like your entirety is involved in what people describe as missing time. It can feel like you know something just blanked, and you're back, but you don't know what that was. And it's not that there was a spaceship involved.

It's like when a computer is being upgraded. Cathee's web provider occasionally says, "Your website won't be up for a couple hours on this date, because we're upgrading the system," so there's a blank two hours there. It's possible to stay conscious through the change, but we don't think you'd really want to. It would be pretty advanced to watch the old in yourself be erased. You'd have to be outside of it in a bigger perspective to be able to do that. You can make advances in your emotional body, mental body and so forth, and they get more developed and go to a higher vibration. Then something has to happen in the physical to match them, or you would fry, basically. The physical has to keep up as long as you're in the physical at all. And so that's when this happens. You're consciously more evolved on the subtle levels, but the blank feeling is the physical trying to catch up. Theoretically, you could watch what's happening with the physical level from the astral level, but it's a lot easier just to let it happen. We're telling you this so it won't disturb you if you feel like you're even losing some time.

It can also feel like that moment of blankness is happening outside of you. This is harder for us to describe how in the parallel shift there are plateaus and then shifts up, where when you're switching to a different parallel, it will feel like you skipped a step and like that same process we're describing is happening on the outside. Things around you may seem to have flickered like in a movie—a flicker between the frames. You look around and say, "This looks the same but it doesn't feel the same."

For instance, Cathee has suddenly been able to tolerate the EMFs in her house a lot easier, and there's not much explanation for it. She has altered things, but not enough that she thinks those changes would have done it. She doesn't quite understand what has caused the shift.

We think you're all experiencing these shifts, but since you don't really have a language for them, and you don't talk about them much amongst yourselves or with other people, they quickly are forgotten. You're in a familiar place, but it feels different. You question yourself. Sometimes it may even look a little different. But you think, well I must have remembered it wrong.

Our job is to make these shifts small enough and incremental enough that they won't disturb you. But fast enough to get you to where we want to go in the time we want to go there. In other words, to get you the hell out of the old before it blows up. [laughs]

Last week Cathee felt a new acquaintance had wanted to tone her down, as if she'd thrown an etheric net or film over her. But this is a case where Cathee had one foot in the same parallel that the woman was in, and another foot in a very different parallel. And rather than "trying to tone Cathee down," this woman was just trying to be able to communicate and have an overlap of parallels enough to be on the same page together. But Cathee kept pulling over to the new, expecting her to be able to go there. And she couldn't. It was a very strange, split feeling.

We think you'll all have to put up with this happening with old friends, acquaintances, and family. It can be uncomfortable because you can identify with the parallel they're on fully, because you were there just a few weeks ago yourself. But you can't really pull them with you. So it can feel almost lonely, a "nobody understands me any more" kind of feeling. It's not necessarily anything verbal, but just a vibrational difference that you're feeling, that you're no longer quite resonating the same with people.

In this case, Cathee didn't know the woman before, so it didn't feel like the loss of someone she knew. But what could be coming for all of you is a feeling of grief, but you don't know how to reach back and hold on. They're slipping out of your grasp.

It can even feel that way with situations. Someone mentioned that the old religious rituals just don't do it any more for her. And that can be a loss, when something that used to be meaningful to you no longer is.

I used to feel so connected to the web of mass consciousness, and now I feel on the other side of the fence. It's a great feeling in one respect—peaceful. But another part of it feels like an abrupt disconnect, and I can funk into that.

And how are you when that happens?

It's a jerk for me. But there's a lot of it that I don't miss, like the news, because I totally feel what that does to you. Even with the information that I sent friends recently on electromagnetic fields—I wondered whether to read it, because it feeds the old.

We've mentioned that you can still have a heart connection to those who are in the old parallel, and send light, and they will receive it. We might ask you at some point to be almost like guides to some of the old reality people. And in that case, you may wish to feed them information, and send the e-mail on. But it would be with a different feel to it, like saying "this is information they need in the old parallels, so I'm going to send it."

And of course, the idea behind our suggesting you bring information over from other parallels is to have good information to feed into the old. At least while we're in this phase of straddling, you may feel led at times to listen to certain subjects and feed that information to people. And yet we think eventually as you get stronger in trusting that the new parallel is really where you are, it will feel different to do that. It will feel like e-mailing into the old parallel some information, or calling someone up in the old parallel and talking through that glass wall, and giving them what you think they may need. We know this is probably going to be pretty weird for you because you're still in the body, and most of what's around you still looks the same.

It's what we do all the time as guides, of course. It's a skill, an art to be able to find the right words or images and send them through that dimensional warp, and have them come into the other reality in a form that people can understand. It's a matter of density, like how do you talk to a fish that's in the water? You know that your voice—if you're talking in the air—is going to sound distorted down there. Can you modulate your voice so that it can be sent underwater and be heard in a different density? It's a creative challenge to do that. We find it quite pleasurable. If you wish to have contact at all with those you know, you may find yourself even thinking consciously, "How can I speak to someone in the old parallel in a way they can hear me?"

It's exciting to be so flexible in your selfhood that you can traverse dimensions and parallels even in the body. This is truly being a space traveler. We think this is more exciting than all the sci fi about time travel. And much harder, actually, because when things look the same but you know they're not, you can start to question yourself.

When someone's not quite getting where you're at, you might not want to feel like "I know more than you do," or "I'm in a vibration you're not in," as if that's elitist or snobbish. But it just may be true. "I'm in a different vibration. I'm in a different world." You may be in a situation where if that person thinks you're a little crazy, you either take on their interpretation that "there's something wrong with me that I think I'm in this other reality," or you might feel a little weird that they're not seeing that you're in a different world. How can you even have a conversation with someone who's in a different parallel? It seems very weird. But it's possible. It's what's happening.

For many, many years you've probably already had somewhat that feeling of "why don't they get it?" just in that you're seeing more than other people in your church or temple, or in your family, or wherever. But where you're going it's a little more pronounced. And someone may be ripe to leap, so that discomfort may be worth it if you can talk to them and make it seem attractive to leap, and keep the door open while you still can.

And then you know a lot of people who are not even in the vicinity of leaping, and that's just that. So you're polite. You try not to take on their puzzled expression when they look at you like "what planet are you from?" It might even be fun to be considered from a different planet, if you keep a sense of humor about it.

We want to express our deep gratitude and excitement to all of you. We feel that you're all masters. You're doing something incredible to stay conscious through this shift, and be willing to live with a little of the discomfort we've described in straddling the worlds. If you can imagine the wisdom you'll have the rest of your lives having done this consciously—it's a whole different level of living.

Even though re-creation is always involved, many people think they're creating their own reality. They're visualizing things intently, and then they think they created them. That to us is a level of much less wisdom than you will have in being willing to throw yourself open to the universe and say "re-create me." This is entering the much bigger arena of going with divine will—a much higher intelligence than you could muster on your own. And indeed, we almost hate to say this, but we think many people who are really good at manifesting things are going to have to hit a wall in order to open up and surrender to something bigger than themselves. And they won't understand it, and they'll be upset that their manifestation skills don't seem to be working all of a sudden. They may need some comforting when they hit that wall.

We personally love that moment when something is just coming out of the void—the birth of something new. It's utterly unpredictable. So part of this process we're talking about is you learning to dip back into the void in various aspects of your life and have something new be born, and have faith that it's an organic process and you can trust it. You can let go into it, and it will be good. It will be beautiful. You just greet it.

Cathee has had to play with this. There were many days where she'd go down to a river and not know who the heck she was. She learned to just say, "Well, whatever I'm feeling right now is who I am, and that's all I know. But that's all that's ever true, is that who I am right now is who I am. It doesn't matter who I was last week." She started to kind of enjoy that "ooh, who am I today?" And she has spent hours and hours watching little bubbles in the river pop. They only last few seconds, but they're just as real as a human that lasts seventy years, or a daisy that lasts a year or less. It doesn't matter how long. And that's a good attitude to go into this with. Who are you today? It's not like there's a future parallel that's predetermined that you're headed towards. It's much more creative than that. You'll know when you get there, what it is. But you can trust the process, and delight in the discovery of who you are each day.


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