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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

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Parallel Split-offs

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

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Can you split off parallel selves too much, and get too fractured, dissipated or unfocused?

To where you feel like you don't have full steam in yourself? We would guess you're asking that question because you have split off quite a bit. You do have some probabilities out there that are due to come back in, and this leap will probably bring them in faster than otherwise. You will feel that incoming fullness as these other parallels come back into you, so that's something to look forward to. And then at that point, once they come back in, you can tell us if you felt like you were too scattered before, when you do feel that wholeness.

There was an awful lot you wanted to do. Some people come into a life with a "to do" list of five items, and some people come in with a scroll. "I'm gonna wrap, wrap, wrap up." And really, some people's purpose is to wrap up a lot of loose ends for the soul family. Yours has been more along that line. You really have to be able to live in the moment. And you may have some envy for people who come in, know what they're here to do, do it, and that's that. All by the age of twelve. [laughs] No interruptions. No unexpected children. They don't date fifty people before they find the one, like some of you do. So we hope that the people with the long scroll of things to wrap up find that just as satisfying and interesting—it's very interesting—as the people that come in with five items. We're being very simplistic here. It's always fluid.

Your culture as a whole is not geared towards telling people, "Live in the moment. Do what's before you, even if it's different than what you were raised to think you'd be doing." There's such a strong emphasis on success and building a career, even though people say, "Well, you'll probably have seven careers in your life." The implication is that you'd better do all seven really well and successfully and be focussed and energetic about it.

So in answer to your question, technically, wrapping up a bunch of things should not be any less fulfilling than knowing your career choice and who you're going to marry at the age of twelve, and being happy with that. Theoretically, either way should be just as purposeful, and splitting off a lot of probable selves should be just as fulfilling as not doing that. But we know that in your society there are pressures to the contrary.

And things are speeded up so much now anyway, that everyone feels a little scattered, we think. Part of that is learning to deal with being more fourth-dimensionally focused. A lot of times just sending a thought—say of forgiveness—can be just as powerful as it used to be to go do a lot of actions that would demonstrate that. It may be that just sending a thought of forgiveness to someone can wrap up a relationship schism that in the past you'd have to go for couples counseling to heal. It used to be a big deal, and now you can get there really fast, but you feel like you should have to go through the motions more.

So you can handle a whole lot more now than you used to, because your thoughts are so powerful. They are like actions. But to the extent that you think that you should be working everything out, and doing the dramas clear through, then it gets a little confusing. You feel like, "Oh, I've got too much to do." But sometimes just a feeling of peace can handle a lot of things on the to do list, and bring it all to a new level.


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