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Pulling the Plug of the Morality Parallel

The Leapers and the We through Cathee Courter:

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We would like to help you tonight if you're feeling a little split between the old parallel and the new parallel, and talk about how to handle the transition time.

It can be very confusing. We think the confusion is not that you're suddenly being presented with new parallel opportunities, and that that's disorienting. Or that you don't want to go too fast or too slow in what you're able to handle, in moving into much more beautiful frequencies than were present in your former lives as of a few months ago or yesterday. We think it's more that you've all been aware that there are many parallel possibilities in your life, and that you have made many choices all along that have taken you in various directions, and that a part of you may have chosen a different direction than what you are on right now. The disorientation is really because you're admitting to yourselves what you've known in your gut, and haven't had us to point out how true this is. It's not that this is new. It's that your unconscious gut sense of it is becoming more conscious.

We sense that there's some rustling in the conscious mind of, if this is really true, why isn't everybody talking about it? Why haven't I read books on it? Why are so few people really understanding it, when I do talk about it to them? It can feel like a tug of war between the conscious mind, and the gut feeling of "this is right, and this is worth disengaging from some old ideas I have held dear for a long time, to be open to something that may be more suited to me."

So to address that, we want to talk about why you chose to come into the old parallel that was so dark. When you came in, you hoped collective problems would turn around, and you were here to help them turn around. But why here? Why now? We are the ones that have been instrumental in deciding what next incarnation our soul family would put out and be, which became you and you and you. From that perspective, why did we recommend that you be created? What was the evolutionary purpose at the time, and even now? And to go even deeper, why now are we recommending that you specifically move to a new role in what you're doing for the soul family, and in what you will experience for all of us as a whole in your experience?

We're going to talk differently tonight than we would talk if other people were here. The group that has gathered here tonight—all soul family—is very similar in the idealism and the purpose with which you were created. All of you, to be honest, have been very involved in what could be termed sorcery in past lives. And of course, when we say in "past lives," what we mean is just that among all of the lives of our soul family, we've had many sorcerer lives.

Around three million of our soul family are alive on Earth at this time. But then when you add in all of the parallels and the past lives and the future lives, it's huge. And we have many "cousin" soul families that also bridge the nature/human polarity with their own finesse.

Your lineage is along certain lines within our soul family, although you're connected to everyone in our soul family. You're going to identify more with some lives than with others. There are certain "past life" lineages that follow a theme, that are subgroups within the whole big oversoul. The group that has gathered here tonight has had links to the sorcery sub-line of our nature/human bridging soul family. And this lineage, these lives, have played around with bringing higher dimensional reality into denser matter in many different venues.

For instance, some of the lives that have happened around Longs Peak here have been experiments in taking more native lifeforms that looked somewhat like bigfoot-type creatures, and more extraterrestrial consciousnesses, and trying to meld them. Bringing more evolved consciousness to this planet and trying to incarnate it into creatures, trying to hybridize them. These creatures weren't bigfoots per se, but they were a little more animal-like than you're used to with present-day human beings. So that's one example of a lifetime we have participated in in our soul family, of trying to quickly evolve a form into a higher consciousness, but having it be very much of the Earth. We've also played in other ways of melding consciousness with form that has evolved with the Earth. We've done this on other planets as well.

We've talked about free will, and how it is one of the old paradigms. And how we tiptoe around it now that we're bringing in new paradigms, because we don't want to take away anyone's free will. But to bring in the new paradigms, we're working intimately with people in transforming them beyond where they really know how to choose. Free will implies that you know what you're getting into when you choose it. We're working with you now on a level where you just have to trust and say, "I want the highest good." That's your free will. "I want divine will." That's free will, but you have no idea what you're getting into, really. [laughs] The limitation of free will is, how do you choose something you can hardly even conceive of?

A lot of what we have done as a soul family is to try in various ways in various lifetimes to set up a kind of womb around the whole free will experiment on Earth, which is an unusual experiment as galaxies and solar systems go. We've tried to somehow, as the nature side of us, create a stage on which this play would take place, and monitor it so that it never lost its grounding in the bigger universe, which is more of a divine-will universe rather than a humans-calling-all-the-shots universe. This is a small stage on which we're playing this experiment of free will.

So we've been the ones incarnating at times when we need to, to keep things from getting too far out of hand with the whole human free will experiment. And these lifetimes that you're all in right now are really not so different. Sometimes that has involved just being a good witch doctor, and bringing healing plants to people to help them to get back in balance if they're swinging so far out of balance that they're psychologically getting a little crazy. Or getting emotionally so off balance that they're starting wars all over the place. So we've often been herbalists or other healers to try to calm things down and stabilize them as much as anything. But we were still trying not to meddle, trying not to go so far that if someone wants to start a war they can still do it, or if someone wants to explore the extremes of human experience, of human emotion, or of human psychological color. We wanted to let people still be very colorful. [laughs]

There are many of us here wanting to help modulate this, and part of that is holding hands with the nature world and yet being a human. You are marginally human, so you are marginally part of the human free will experiment yourselves. There are lessons you have been learning about that personally, obviously, but it's not really your driving force. You're all very aware that there are more beings than human beings in the world that are important. Many humans really don't know that, obviously, the way the theology of Christianity has gone. You know, "have sovereignty over the world and go forth and take over." We may be misquoting the Bible a little bit there, but it is what's happened.

Within that context, we now find ourselves at a moment where, as we've said in some of the other channelings, human free will has almost gone too far. It is not allowed to go to where the experiment takes over the whole lab and wreaks havoc on it. It just can't. It's not that it's not allowed, like someone's allowing it or not allowing it. But it can't do that without forces arising to say "this isn't OK." It's like when a counselor deals with someone who is bent on committing suicide. The counselor may have been working with that person a long time, saying, "You tell me where you want to go with our sessions. I'm here to listen and to support you in carrying out what you want to do with your life." But the day the client comes in and says, "I want to commit suicide, can you assist me in that?" a good counselor's not going to say, "Of course I'm going to assist you in that, because that's what you've chosen and I'm supporting you in everything." They will probably say, "That's going too far, and I cannot support you in that."

So this is what's happening now. Human free will wanted to explore destructiveness, to see what would happen if you blow it all up. And the counselors of the universe are saying, "You know, um, we have supported you all along, but we might be seeing a little more clearly here than you are." So how do we make this intervention, while not denying that the game of free will has been an interesting experiment, and very useful? The wisdom that has come from it has been very rich, of exploring that you can do even things that are not good for you or for anyone else, with you even deciding what "good" is.

So here we are. We're the team now closing in. Those here tonight have in your own ways been playing support roles for the planet—general contractors holding space, a dance teacher encouraging people's creativity, an empath healing others, etc. Those are all supporting roles that have not been forceful-intervention kinds of roles. So what's happening with the leap now? We'll show you more of what we're thinking we need.

First of all, we've said if the ship's going down, get off. Don't go down with it—we don't need you to do that. We've also said that from new parallels, you can send light back and help those who are still on the old parallel through your love and awareness. And we're constantly changing what we see needs to happen, which is, we know, very confusing to you all. You feel things shifting all the time.

We think you all have been good about boundaries, and not intervening beyond someone's free will. Not being forceful, even with the people you know and love who you see being self-destructive, or who are going down with the ship. You may have mentioned you're available to help if they need a friend to call, and said it in a mild manner, but not intrusively. It's time now to let it fly and get intrusive as far as we're concerned.

We've talked before about how the deal was that nature would set the space here, and be the playground, the womb for you to play out what it means to be human. And yet, when you've gone into things like genetic engineering and nuclear weaponry, which could destroy the higher dimensional level of things from which everything is manifest down here in 3D, then the created beings are trying to destroy the higher dimensional roots of themselves, the source. Plants need their spirit devas to have the blueprint to grow, and if genetic engineers are disconnecting plants from their devas, that's not OK. So nature is in a backlash now, where nature is saying, "We're going to set limits, and there's going to be change here." A simplistic way of saying that is that nature is moving more into free will, and humans are losing their free will in determining what happens here.

But you as interface beings, being both nature and human bridging those consciousnesses, are part of this force that is now needed to check human free will, and the human domination and destructiveness that's going on. And for each of you, what this will look like if you stop holding back and stop allowing will be different. How many times a day do you say, for instance, "The leaders of the corporations and in government are learning their lessons by doing what they do. So it's all good. . . ." Now we'd like you to say, "No, it's not OK any more. It's really not OK what's happening." It's a subtle thing we're asking you shift into, but it's taking your power in a way that you might not be comfortable taking it at first, and saying, "I'm going to intervene." It may look like action, and it may just be on a spiritual level saying, "I'm throwing my total weight behind choosing a new parallel for this Earth, and I'm going to put my spiritual energy and my psychic energy into that parallel. I am just going to remove my energy from the old parallel."

We have said before that existence does not always move in the direction of birth, life, death. It's where you put your focus of attention that grows. Where you take your attention from fades, and gets almost ghostlike and starts to slip away. So it's very important where you put your thoughts and your emotions. We're asking you to get very clear. The act of saying "I am moving into a new parallel" involves trusting the universe to recreate you on a new parallel, but also choosing it. Even if you don't exactly know what it's going to look like, you know the feeling you want, of a richer, more loving resonance. And so we're saying, choose that very actively, very decisively, and very consciously.

You're pulling the plug on the bathtub, at least as far as your experience and your sphere of influence goes, very decisively. You're without hesitation claiming this particular experiment of Earth as something that will bear fruit and move into a place of joy, where everyone's purpose is supported and people are no longer pawns. Everyone matters. Everyone is a beautiful creation to be loved. Do that very decisively.

There are so many beings coming to Earth now to help at this very decisive time, but they can't do piddly squat without incarnate beings to say, "Yes, I want your help. As an incarnate person representing the Earth (because I am a hybrid nature being, I can also speak for the Earth), I am choosing for your help to come in very powerfully." Now whether it comes through you in a way that you can feel the energy coming through you or not, that decision and that choice of saying "yes, we're choosing this help to be able to transform things decisively here" is very important. We don't know how to describe the power of one person saying yes. It's not your own power. You don't have to be an enlightened being. You don't have to be even a very powerful shaman. The power of being an incarnate being is that you get to be one of the ones that say yes, this what we want here.

There are many beings speaking in this group tonight who are not incarnate, and we feel our hands are tied in how much we really can get in there and help to shift things until you, who are living in bodies, say come on in. And this is part of the way the game is set up too, that the incarnates get to choose. So in a way you're using your human free will to say I want divine will. I want something bigger than me.

Now as you move into that, you may get some backlash from people you would least expect it from, who may suddenly feel a bit uncomfortable around you. It's as if suddenly they can see your power, because it will be more visible. And some people will really like that, and some people will move away from you. And that's just the way it is. So this is partly why we're saying, choose very clearly that you're willing to move into your power in this way, because you may have to deal with a few situations, and it may be a little uncomfortable at times. But we think, you know, what else can you do? You don't want to go down with the ship. And you don't want to support the ship going down.

There are whole soul families who have on this huge experiment of Earth taken on the very difficult purpose of exploring the good/bad polarity. We're exploring the nature/human polarity, but they're exploring the good/bad moral polarity. And we're in awe of those brave souls who are willing to really get in there and explore that whole game. We have honored them for millennia, and have allowed—have set the stage, the womb—for them to do a lot of that exploring. And we truly are now, at least in our soul family, removing our support for that particular learning on this planet at this time. It's largely been the game here, at least for the last few thousand years. It's been good, and we've learned a lot, and it's time now for a new play. So we are removing our support from that. Maybe we're a little prejudiced here, but we don't think that theme can safely—or even at all—continue being played out without our support. Something has to encompass a game like that to make it safe, so that too much isn't destroyed. You need boundaries, like in a football game. You have certain rules. "You can play, but you can't start tackling people in the stadium. It's not OK." So we've been the referees in some ways, by supporting the game. And now we are saying that that's not the game here any more.

Many of those who are here for the explore-morality purpose are leaving the planet in big numbers. And others are just trying to do their last fling. They know the game is almost up. "Let's really do HAARP big, and let's do incredible weaponry and torture. These might be our last few years to get away with finishing the experiment with gusto."

We're saying let's not even do that. You don't really need to finish the extremes. You've had enough time to do this free will thing. It's over, and we'll no longer support that.

It's not a matter at this time of the forces of good triumphing over the forces of evil. It's just a matter of pulling the bathtub plug, or popping the balloon. And it's, you know, we're done, it's over. The film is no longer being shown.

Hold your awareness of that, and when you see things in the news that still look like the morality drama playing out, just keep reminding yourself that there's nothing supporting it any more. You know how if you're pulling in a tug of war, and the other side lets go, you're going to be falling back. Or if you're pushing against something that suddenly starts rolling, you lunge forward, because you're in a certain stance. The last of this morality play still looks like it's in motion, but really there's nothing supporting it any more. The rope's been removed, or the cart's been removed. So there's still momentum and motion but there's no substance really there.

It's very weird. You've probably noticed that it almost seems dreamlike how bizarre the things people are doing in the news are. So you almost get that flavor already, of is this a dream, or is this the 3D I once knew, or what's going on? It almost is ghostlike.

We want to just rush ahead with you to the new parallels that we want to move you to. Our soul family has benefitted from holding space for this human drama thing. But we think you will find the parallels we wish to move you to to be far more engaging, creative and beautiful for those of us that are nature/human hybrids than is holding space for this game. So we pat ourselves on the back that we were willing to do this. It has been intriguing, and we have gained and learned much from it. But we feel there are so many more interesting paradigms in which to participate. And as we've said many times, we want you to help create what those will be.

We don't want you to get so full of longing to be there immediately that this is intolerable to you here. This is wrapping up, and you are still needed to give permission, and to hold this power. But we just want to say that those of us who have incarnated here in this particular Earth story are not experiencing as much joy and fulfillment as those of us who have incarnated in other parallels. And we know you all long for that kind of joy and fulfillment, and often have wondered, "How did I get here?"

So we truly honor you. We honor you for being willing to live most of your life up until now holding space for a very difficult—maybe difficult isn't the word—but at times very . . . well, you know. You know how it's been. You know that feeling that "somebody's having a party somewhere that I wasn't invited to. There's gotta be more than this. How can I have so many beautiful friends but live in a culture that just doesn't seem as mature and beautiful as my friends are? How'd I get here?"


photo in Rocky Mountain National Park

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