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Parallel Worlds Leap Handbook:

Co-create a Joyful Parallel Life

Helping Intellectual Stragglers

The Leapers through Cathee Courter:

The old version of reality that you've been on involves the mass consciousness decision to just go into destruction more. This is part of the picture. There are other parts to the picture. There are a number of people who are here who will not be ready to either make a leap or find the meaning of their lives until they're really up against a wall, but who are not really here to learn about the destructiveness and so forth. We have talked in generalities in some channelings, that people are numbing out so much that they just won't get it. But there are people who will wake up as things get worse and worse, who almost require things to get worse to do so.

To participant: You live in a very comfortable society [in the U.S.] This is not Africa where people see suffering everywhere, even if they are well-to-do themselves. It can be almost harder to make great strides in spiritual growth in a very comfortable society, where there's plenty. We see that you would have a great gift to work with people as the ship goes down. To be in the world but not of it, to personally not have to experience a lot of the effects of an economy gone bad, a political system gone crazy and so forth, but contribute your insights and your ability to help people find meaning in their lives as their illusions—their false gods—are stripped away. You can help those who thought politics would save us, those who thought having enough money meant you'd be fine, those who banked on their family and there's some betrayal there. We feel that you carry with you the gift of a built-in sense that there's more to life than what you see here. There's a spaciousness around you that's very beautiful, and a warmth. You put people at ease easily, and they can open up to you quickly. So like a wonderful grandparent, you can put people on your knee and say, "It's gonna be OK. We're here for something good. There really is purpose in the universe, it's not just chaos. Let me hold you and let you cry if you need to, and go through your fear until you know it's gonna be OK." Then when people get past their initial panic, fear, or anguish over whatever may have happened to them, the deeper questions come up in people. What am I here for? What is the meaning of this, really, in the bigger picture?

We know you probably were hoping that we would leap you over to a golden city. And here we are saying we want to leap you to where you consciously have at your disposal a thousand angels and all the help you could imagine, and a very deep confidence that nothing bad will happen to you. That you are here offering the lifeboat as the Titanic goes down, just saying, "You might want to look at the lifeboat."

We know that in these channelings, we've talked about rescuing and the savior model as being out. But we still believe in offering help, which is what we're doing.

What we're suggesting is much better than it sounds. Because of your make-up and your big heart, we think this would actually be very fulfilling to you, more than leaping you over to some lah-di-dah village that's isolated from the world, which is where Cathee wants to go. "Get me out of here." She's probably not as mature or as old a soul as you are. [laughs]

If you choose to leap today with us, what we would hope to be able to leap you to is a deeper sense of peace, strength and power than you knew was possible, so that you would be like a lighthouse more than you are already.

We want to empower you. We would welcome a much closer walk with you in terms of communication back and forth between us, so that we are in very close, intuitive contact. So that when someone comes to you, or you're in a group and see something going on, you'll know exactly what to say, and be channeling a lot of the time even though you don't call it that. And also be able to ask for help. Just a very close walk.

I accept. This gives me hope. I welcome the strength to guide people.

You won't have people who aren't ready to grow. You won't be out in the chaos. You'll be with people who want what you have to offer. We will not send you out with the wolves whose purpose is to take the ship down. nThere's a range of destructive probabilities. We won't have you on the worst where nobody makes it. We want you there in the middle where you can reach the ones that are reachable. But we see that you can be of most help if your needs are taken care of, and you're not ensnarled in the web.

I've been wrestling with nature's free will—universal principle—versus human free will, and how much I exercise either.

Free will will be a big issue in your working with people. It rests on an ability to have a clear choice. And in this society, drugs are so prevalent. (We consider soft drinks to be drugs that cloud people's minds.) Electromagnetic fields greatly affect the brain. And a lot of the subliminal fear-based messages that come through your news can be brainwashing. We think very few people have free will these days, because involved in that is having the ability to think clearly. And of course, with Alzheimer's and with anxiety and depression disorders, there are a whole lot of people who don't even come close to that.

The brain is under assault in this culture at this time. And so a lot of your work will be bringing people to a place where they can choose. Getting them past the programming of those who would control people, past the fear, and even providing nutritional meals and getting people to detox from some of the things they don't really consider drugs that are, to a safe space where they can choose. We could trace philosophically when the time was when people really had a lot of free will, a clear choice. When they weren't ruled by governments, kings or the church, and the power over people was not such a threat that they could actually freely choose something without fear of retaliation or having their fingernails pulled off or something.

We would love to explore this with you. Because as beings—both your own guides and the Leapers—who have worked with people for thousands of years, we really admire those who live now. It's such a different game than it ever has been, especially in terms of mind control potential. It used to be that if you abused a child enough, you could almost make them a slave. Or if you abused your slaves enough, you could get them to do your will. But the game now, for those who want to control, is mass. It's going in and using people's pleasure principle to get them to choose and think that it was a free will choice, when really it's elaborate, the control that exists.

So to get people to a place where they can freely choose is no small task any more. And it seems to involve, again, doing things on a mass level. Spiritual teachers need to get their work out big now. Many of them feel called to do that, to counteract the mind programming that's already out on a mass level. And it can feel strange. There are about twelve million people we would love to reach with the idea of leaping, who are spiritually mature enough that we could work closely with them. We would not suggest for someone to leap who doesn't have that spiritual maturity.

When we're talking about the ship sinking, a lot of that is only because people think it is, and go into fear, which feeds those who feed on fear. People give away their power. But it becomes so institutionalized.

So we're always open to suggestions on how can we work within that environment. It's a whole new game, and we're doing our best. This is part of the idea that you are part of the oversoul level giving your suggestions, not just taking orders. With every situation you encounter, you feed the questions and the wisdom of that back into the whole. And then we all try to learn from your experiences too. So it's an extremely creative time. And an extremely trying one, because things are not what they seem to be so often.

I know a lot of free thinkers who are angry against the system, and think they're out of the system because they're angry, but the anger is a trap that keeps them sucked into the system.

We would hazard to guess that they have basic emotional needs, or even physical needs, that are not being met that go deeper than their present struggle with the system. We'd say go in and meet their needs for belonging, safety, and love. You can verbally be dealing with the issues they want to talk about, but you're all the while having these conversations in a safe, nurturing space, helping to meet their needs as much as you can on a real mothering, chicken soup level, to where they can relax. Because you can't really deal with that issue until there's space around it. And you need to be be clear on your anger, too, because you're all caught in this. But we're open to what you find works.

We are very glad you're willing to help people as they reach walls where their expectations are not met. We wish we could give you a tenth of the feeling of how much we value your willingness, all of you, to be incarnate at this time. The help that has gathered of non-physical beings is just immense. It's almost mind-boggling how many beings want to be here to help. And it's equally mind-boggling how one little belief on the part of a human can block that help, and make them so inaccessible.

Folks in your culture seem to live in your heads most of the time, and ideas are the most important thing to many people. You have a tremendous number of PhD's and scientists running around whose livelihood is thinking. To be able to reach people on a spiritual heart, nurturing level, to feed them and let all that tremendous help through to people, when the door that keeps all that help out can be just a belief, a system of thought—that's another thing we have never dealt with to the extent we do now. In the Middle Ages, people would be get these cock-eyed ideas to kill the infidels or whatever. But they usually didn't have an elaborate theology built around them, or scientific justification. It didn't take a PhD to foster the idea that God said to go kill the infidels. So it didn't take someone with a PhD to talk them out of it, and go through all the mental blah, blah, blah. You would just say, "What about love?" and work from there.

Now it can be elaborate to get people to give up their cherished systems of thought. It's really quite a chore. And you can have all sorts of power and love and angels and other beings, and everybody wants to help that person with tremendous compassion. And that door is so shut, just on the basis of a thought.

So this is also something we welcome your help with, as we move forward in this time. Maybe Cathee's coming through a little strong as part of this group. She grew up the daughter of a college dean, went to seminary and became a preacher, and worked for a university for six years—all this intellectual stuff. She dropped out of school twice and came out to the mountains here, and both times we sent her back. She was like, I just want to be part of nature. And we said, go learn about your society and develop your intellect, because that's the name of the game now, to be able to meet people where they're at. She really doesn't like having to do that, and yet we keep telling her, we've got to come through with some intelligence in these channelings, and learn and speak the language that people are speaking. What are people thinking? She's like, look I'm half nature, just let me be out in the woods. And we say, you're half human. Get back there. [laughs] See what's going on intellectually.

So that's the game now, the times, and you're all very much a part of it. And we are grateful that you're all very intelligent. Together we'll figure out how to reach people. To us at this point, it's sneaking in below the mental and feeding people. But so many people don't even know they have a spirit. It's very strange to us.

It's kind of fun, if you like a challenge. Even nature spirits now have evolved to be able to do complex, abstract thinking. Cathee goes out and talks to daisy, and she can get pretty complex intellectually. It's not just Cathee interpreting what she's saying. Nature supports your thoughts, and your thoughts are made of natural, mental substance. Even the nature/human dance now is complex and abstract. It involves that component. Who would have thought? So here we are.

In making any kind of move in life, I'm learning to look at the entire picture and not just a piece of it that looks pretty or sparkling or enticing to me. I'd like to hear more, in terms of the leaping, about the whole picture.

We don't see any part of it that we think won't be sparkly and uplifting for you. There may be resistance on the part of the small self. You may at times feel like you're asked to do more than you know how to do. But that's the idea of this, that you can do more than you know how to do when you're working as part of a team, when the bigger self is coming through you. Once you accept that whatever you're asked to do, you can easily do, and you get out of the way and stop clinging to your smallness and limitedness, we just think it could really be fun.

This is how I've been approaching life. I have a twelve horse buckboard, and each horse represents a different aspect of society—banking, military, etc. And I just realized I have this fantasy that I believe that if I can control all twelve horses, society's gonna be OK. I'm constantly, twenty-four hours a day, trying to monitor those twelve horses. And when something happens like an unforeseen environmental disaster, I feel a sense of futility, like I failed the world.

Wow, you're powerful. So you're gaining some appreciation that the meaning of life may not be necessarily in solving problems. The meaning of life may be in individuals' meeting problems, and a maturation that happens within them.

Even if the ship goes down, much can be gained in terms of personal experience. Crisis brings out qualities in people there's no other way they could develop. It's helpful to be able to name for people that soul growth and that beauty that is in them as they meet crises, even if they don't solve them. In other words, humans are much bigger than their problems, and always will be. It's not a matter of winning all the time. It's having experience.

You would be surprised at the number of people—maybe four percent—who come into incarnation with the plan of having problems that they will not get through. Because the whole point is to meet a problem they can't solve, and discover that who they are as a soul is valuable, worthy, and beautiful irregardless. They are lovable and loved, even if they fail miserably. So there are often people who come in with elaborate plans to fail, basically. And really they succeed if they fail—they finish their life purpose with bright colors if they fail like they planned to do when they came in. If they would succeed, they'd mess up their life purpose potentials for growth, to discover that their worth goes far beyond that.

This is part of the beauty of even on a mass level saying that mass consciousness has decided to crash it. And look how beautiful this is, because this culture is so success-oriented, and so technical about it. Efficiency. There's no room for loving people or forgiving people. The president of the company makes a mistake and people lose their jobs as the company goes down. From what we can see, there's very little compassion for that, and fewer and fewer safety nets. When people lose their job, will society still hold them? Do they still deserve to eat? So many people question when they fail whether they really deserve to eat. And society has built that in by saying a lot of times, we're not going to feed you. It would be difficult for this culture to really change course in all probabilities, and suddenly see the worth of people given the momentum and the direction you're headed. The crash is almost inevitable, unfortunately, to learn the lesson that people deserve to have a good life, even if they fail. And heaven help the ones that are born handicapped, or the ones that develop Alzheimer's.

So in some ways, we see the crash as a really beautiful thing. It's just that if it's not your soul lesson to experience the crash, we really want to get you out of there. It's enough for some people to hear a few words from someone they know saying, "I consider you very worthwhile, no matter what's happened in your life." Offering that love. And they don't need to totally crash with the society to get it, and to start building where they can a different way of being.

There are those who have so bought into the system, and many of these people are the ones who are successful, who really need the crash. They haven't had to look at the importance and power of love. And so crashing for them—utter crash, bringing the planet down—is really a blessing, if they get that soul wisdom even on their way out. There's a problem when you get into enough mind control that people won't even get it then.


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