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Microwave Radiation is Food

Wild Onion through Cathee Courter:

You can see by my shape that I have many flowers that are like feelers, antennae. My stalk comes up, and a conglomeration hangs around it. There's a lot of space between my flowers, so that a little bit of plant hangs right out there, not clinging to the rocks like some of these little green plants do. I'm out there bouncing around in the breeze. And that's appropriate since a lot of my function is to sense energies, and to transmute them.

I'm feeling the traces of energy on the surface that parallel the energies that follow the metals deep in the earth. So there's both an element of feeling what's down in, and the antennae on top feeling what's up here. I'm transmuting frequencies from the metal realm into something plant life can thrive on.

If you learn to tune into me, and take me on as an ally, you're going to start noticing where you find me—in some places that to humans feel "powerhouse." To me it's just where the flow is. I wouldn't really talk about it in terms of power, but in terms of places that need me to transmute the energy to make it more plant usable.

So what does that have to do with you? You are in many energy flows now. Ley lines above the earth trace what's within the earth. These lines within the earth and their tracings above the earth have always conveyed information. They let the surface know what's going on in the depths. And in the depths of your planet is a resonance with the sun in her depths, and with other stars, and with the planets and moons in your solar system.

When you are born on this planet, you're made of earth, water and air. There's a lot of earth in you—even metal and crystal. And you are born sandwiched between the telluric resonance of the subterranean substances, many of which are metallic, and the moving cosmic bodies which are not only resonating with your planet, but are broadcasting from their present place in space. So you might say you're sandwiched between something that is purely a matter of resonance, that doesn't have much to do with 3D space distance, and the actual 3D bodies of the celestial beings that are sending microwaves and light. Whether it's reflected light from the sun that allows you to see them, or the sun's own light, it's still the emanations from these celestial bodies which have their own data, signature energy.

What you tend to think of as the densest place there is—the core of your Earth—is in a different dimension than 3D, so that it has different properties. Its qualities are more of resonance than of transmission. It is more of a logos level, that is different than the devic level that you're experiencing as you talk to me now, of plants. It's a matrix level, which enables the whole thing. It's like the canvas on which you paint. The devas of the plants are like choosing what to paint, but they aren't at the matrix of it all. For different parallel realities it matters very much what the core of the Earth on that parallel is resonating.

onion flower image

Normally as a matter of just being on the planet, you would as a human, like every being that is in 3D, in your very body be feeling what's resonating within the earth, as well as feeling the cosmic radiation like sunlight coming in. And between those two poles, you have as a species evolved an ability to use the resonance and use incoming radiation. People tend to think of radiation as being bad, unhealthy, instead of radiation being a vital nutrient in the mix of how your body is put together, and your subtle bodies as well. You need radiation, just like you need rain, food, minerals, and so forth.

The tricksters on Earth have found a way to beam microwave radiation—a very small part of the frequency spectrum that comes from outer space—so that it can convey information that is quite divorced from the very delicate balance of how normally microwaves transmit information that is vital nourishment to every living being on the planet. I find it very odd that in your scientific circles, what people are fighting about usually is whether this radiation is harmful to the body. This radiation in its natural form is food for the body.

People say, "Well, there are microwaves coming in from outer space, so the microwaves we produce must not be harmful. What we're producing is such a small amount compared to the cosmic radiation." But the radiation from outer space carries with it vital information, especially for your DNA development. Human-created microwave radiation is like a false signal to the body. The body doesn't know how to take that information. And I think this is mainly why it is said that radiation causes DNA damage. I wouldn't call it damage. I would say you're tricking it. It's like sending a fake message using a mechanism that has been used for millions of years.

In wartime, countries sometimes send disinformation over their enemy's communication pathways. They slip in a false message. And the enemy, if they take in that message and think it's part of the network they've set up, and act on it, get themselves into big trouble.

This is what it's like for the body. It's getting information that's faulty through pathways that it expects trustworthy information to come on. It's not just like, "if I hit my thumb with a nail, will it cause damage?" It's more subtle than that. And much deeper than that, because you have heard that this DNA damage gets passed onto future generations and horrible birth defects get passed on. Cathee, you've seen them in the flowers around here, some real strange. You recently saw a blanketflower that had three faces to it, where it should have just one face. There were three sets of petals on the same central globe.

I think that this false information is your main problem with cell phone, satellite, and wi fi transmissions, etc., and my main problem as well. I am right in the center of this controversy in my purpose as an onion. Some people consider me a wonderful plant to eat when you're sick, and will tell you the nutritional reasons of why I'm good to eat. But it's more than that. As I've been saying, my very function is to help modulate the resonance of the center of the Earth, and the radiation from outside the Earth. To help where you and plant life are in the middle of that, to make sure the information that is coming through. . . . Information is a funny word, but I can't find much else in your vocabulary but "information." It's signature energy. I think it's consciousness. My purpose is to make sure that these basic consciousness energies are transmuted, so that they're very usable and friendly in helping plants and animals like you function in the midst of these frequencies.

image of onion flower

Now, you've been told, Cathee, that you have a similar function, to live in this stargate portal, and help transmute these energies when they come in here, so that folks living on the plains and elsewhere can handle them. There are many wild onion plants here in the stargate compared to other places you've lived. We are sprinkled among the rocks here and there, but vital.

This is what I see as I look at your species and what you've done to the Earth. It is often said that the effects of human-generated radiation may not become cancer for years, so you don't really see how bad it is. I feel that the effects of this are much worse than any of those estimates. You've been told by your spirit guides that the Earth continues to rise in vibration. And that humans have isolated themselves from that ascent with human-made electromagnetic infrastructures, and aren't evolving with the rest of us. I think that was a rather crude way of saying that there's a lot of information coming in now from outer space and through the core of the planet. That basic information, which is evolutionary, shows where the whole solar system and the whole galaxy are going energetically. Information from even beyond our universe is transmitted.

But even if we talk about just the energy from the sun, that's bad enough to miss out on. When your communication network with the universe is manipulated and twisted, whether knowingly or not, you are missing vital information. And when I think of how among the reasons you are doing this is for you to see stupid sitcom reruns beamed from a satellite, I can't help but think this is the most ignorant culture that has ever been on the face of the Earth. It's also played out that instead of eating healthy food with lots of vital energy in it, your culture seems to prefer very unhealthy food with twisted information there too—not even nutrition that your body can understand, that isn't laced with neurotoxins and chemicals. It's very confusing to the body.

Your scientific establishment that studies the most off-to-the-side, mundane issues around that, and misses the big picture, is astounding to me. It's astounding, the lack of common sense, and the lack of just being able to sense that you need sunlight and what sunlight gives you. And that you shouldn't slather chemicals over your body to try to prevent that information from reaching you, to try to block the signal. So this is what you live in, and I think you know all this on some level. If one of our goals here is to help you become able to function in this kind of pollution, how can I possibly help you, right? Is that your question?

Cathee: Yes. (You're so beautiful.)

onion flower photo

On the way up, you were transmitting healing energies to trees that someone had hacked branches off to widen the trail. You helped the plants rebalance so that their energy systems could deal with the loss of the limbs, and the trauma of the thoughts of the person who did it. Certainly he did not ask these trees if it was OK with them. You also felt that often the tree across from an injured tree needed healing as well, that some balance there had been messed with, and that the whole forest was recovering from this mindless intrusion. Worse than mindless—it was mindful. Someone couldn't have hacked that strongly without very intentionally being violent. That sloppily, with no consideration for what it meant to the tree, and the tree's ability to live.

You're looking at the tree growing beside us here and its beautiful, perfect symmetry. It's about four feet high, with arms outstretched—not many branches on this side of it where the wind blows. There's a little pinecone right in the middle. The pinecone is perfectly placed. And Cathee, you can't even begin to imagine hacking at that tree and thinking it wouldn't hurt it. It's just so obvious. It looks like Shiva dancing. It's beautiful.

This work of balancing the natural networks of energy in the face of this onslaught of false data, that is posing as legitimately belonging to the internetworks of information on the planet that are necessary for the planet's health and survival, in terms of the current plant and animal life continuing on in its ability to stay in fine balance with the rest of the galaxy. Cathee, you automatically as one of us are always trying to rebalance. It's like trying to heal the forest everywhere you go these days. Everywhere you go. And you are overwhelmed, and you just can't do it. You just cannot do it. And I can't either. I really can't.

It's interesting that the big killer, cancer, could be seen as something that interferes with the body's natural networks of energy. It gives false information in cells. Well, these electronic devices are a cancer on the Earth. They're taking over, interfering with everything. So what do you do? You irradiate people with more of these fake energies when they get cancer. And that messes up the ability of the body's system to come into balance and live. And then you talk about survival rates. You don't talk about cures. It's bizarre. When people get the flu and they bring the body back into balance and get well, you don't talk about survival rates from the flu. Why from cancer?

So Cathee, my feeling is that although we have encouraged you to feel the land as your body, and to feel your connection to each and every plant here, I think there's a way of doing that while giving up the function of trying to balance it all. It's too much. You can't do it. Just say you quit. [laughs] You have to quit. You know you can't do that single-handedly, and that's why you've decided to leap to a place where you don't have to balance it, and you don't have to go down with the ship of this parallel world. Because you can't balance it, but you can go down with the ship. That's now the choice. Go down with the ship or not.

I hope this helps you understand the issues. I know my conclusion here is depressing, but a lot of us have given up. I speak not only as an individual plant here, but as the species of onion. We are not trying to balance humans like we used to. People say, "Food isn't as nutritious as it used to be. Onions don't seem to be performing like they used to." Nutrition is information. We are no longer trying so hard to balance your bodies. Cathee, you have noticed a difference. You used to put onions in about everything you cooked. And now you find that you sweat us out so much, you think maybe it's not good for you to eat us any more—that your body isn't able to metabolize onion and use it. I think you're right. We onions are no longer doing for you what we once did.

One of your relatives has cancer and you think, "Well, I'm not going to spend much time sending her healing energies if she's still going to use her cell phone and eat microwaved food, because it's not going to do much good." That's pretty much where we're at now as a species. And this is partly why I haven't talked to you in previous years much. There was still some hope. It was still being decided, but it's over now, at least on the lower parallels, the craziest parallels—that's really the word. Not lower, but crazy. So I am wanting to help you now do the opposite of what you would expect. In the past we were saying please help modulate the cosmic frequencies so that they help your species. And now I am here to say stop doing that. Don't go down with the ship. Ride these frequencies to a parallel world that has stayed right with them, that is just doing what is natural. It is very natural for people to be telepathic and not need contrived devices in order to communicate. It is very natural for people to talk to plants.

Cathee: What can I do for you?

Leap with me to a different parallel version of Earth. I'm talking as a singular onion, and as the deva too. I don't know how to describe how much more joyful and easy it is when you are leaping with another member of your nature/human polarity in the same soul family. Then it is super delicious.

Cathee: This place is so gorgeous.

The We: We're hoping you got what she said, to just stop trying to balance things. And you're asking, "Well, does that mean to not send healing to people I love?"

Well, good question. It's like starting to live in the other parallel before you even leave this one. And anywhere you are besides an utterly wonderful place like this, you just kind of be in your own bubble that's a different density, and not care. If somebody wants help leaping, then you care. But otherwise, just don't care. And we know that might be hard for you, but we think it might be glorious.

photo of onion flower


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