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Plants and Humans Healing Each Other and Seeding a New Era

Columbine (in seedpod form) through Cathee Courter:

photo of columbine seed

There is a long tradition between human life and plant life to merge in our experience, to join the same subtle body of interaction. From that there is a natural adaptation to each other. And out of love there comes a feeling of us being able to heal you. This is where the herbalism tradition came from—not from some creator god putting plants on Earth that would cure every disease, as many humans believe. Doesn't it make more sense to say that we evolve together as you find, feel out and be with those who resonate in such a way that brings you wholeness? That interaction, that fullness is an evolution of sorts.

Cathee, you've been thinking about how humans tend to talk about us as healing you, with you not giving back. In that shared body of experience of our joint relationship spirit or "deva," it's not like you have to give back, but you show up and be who you are. We just resonate together.

To answer your question of "what senses do we have?"—if you're a rock, you don't need to see a flower to feel it. To feel it is to share space with it. When you share space with something and you pick up on its energetic signature, that is sensing it. And so it is even below the level of sight and sound, although we have developed beautiful looks to catch your attention and just because we are beautiful here on the 3D plane. But do you know that you also have such a signature, such a beauty?

photo of a waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park

Why this is important, is that the humans have not been showing up. Cathee, you've been encouraged to work with us to heal the sickening effects of human-generated electromagnetic fields (EMFs) like wi fi. Yet there is not a lot of remedy from the plant realm to give humans the stamina you need, and the antidote to the damage done. You've learned that knapweed is incredibly resilient under power lines. It's not that we haven't adapted ourselves. But for plants to hold keys for wholeness and healing for the human ones, the human ones have to show up and share a body of experience with us. And something different than both emerges from that—something that is adapted to both, something that's very beautiful and resilient for both.

Out of that you adjust your signature if you love us, so that you also would help me, columbine, with the stresses I'm under now. This is how we go hand in hand. It really is reciprocal. And yes, it is definitely narcissistic for the humans to not see it as reciprocal.

This is especially important for us in the EMF example, because these are human-dominated frequencies. They're not living consciousnesses—they're creations of human minds. And so we need human minds to be with us in undoing or modulating some of these effects. You want us to help modulate the incoming very high cosmic frequencies as well. We need you to help modulate the incoming frequencies that even go beyond human, because we are coming to a place of non-polarity with you. But with things like EMFs, these are your creations that you're asking us for help modulating, so that you don't kill your whole species with them. And this we can help with. But we need your help with them as well, almost more than you need our help, because you created these wavelengths. You bastardized them, anyway.

I want you to look at everything I've said from a different perspective. What if there's just one being who has extended itself out to be the plant world and to be the human realm? What if this being is consolidating itself now?

photo of a waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park

I see it as an artist who gathers her photos around her and enjoys them. You might say that in the cycle of life, it's the time of ingathering. Buddhists say that it's like dissolution and death, but I like to see it as the time of savoring what has happened, of penetrating it to the depths. Creation also goes to the depths—it is drawing on the seed to create new flowers. But when things go back to the seed, there is a consolidation of experience, and a savoring.

A savoring is the time we are entering into now on a galactic level. We are needing to savor each other. This is one aspect of love. And so the coming back together is not just dissolution and death. It's gathering your experiences back into a seedtime of this whole universe. In this ingathering, we together become one consciousness. Or you might say the many, many, many times that we have formed joint bodies of experience together, joint devas of relationship—I'd like to think of it as those devas of experience, of joint relationship, are ingathering now. And in this ingathering there is a wholeness that takes stock of each one. It's like when you experience something in 3D, and then you run it over and over again through your mind. On the astral, inward level you re-experience it, you think about it, you consider it. That savoring of experience is a going-to-seed activity. You do it on a small level with your photos. Your photos are like representations of your devas of experience with us. And when you gather them around you, enjoy them and feel what they evoke in you—this is what the oneness is doing as we come back to it.

It is not like we disappear, and it is not like everything we have experienced is undone, erased, or un-entwined. It is more that everything that we have experienced is seen from the perspective of the one. And so instead of viewing all these experiences from the stance of a separate self, which we normally do, now these are being viewed from like an oversoul level, or higher. It's like the oversoul of this galaxy is savoring everything that has happened here.

photo of a waterfall in Rocky Mountain National Park

Those experiences go into a seed, from which something new can be created. And the quality of what can be created, of what's potential there in the seed, depends largely on the quality of experience of this time, and of what has preceded this, of the blossoming phase.

So what is your role in this? Well, obviously, to see more and more the oversoul level as who you are. When you come to be with us, and we are creating new devas of experience in this moment with each other, we have the capacity more and more to experience our polarity together and our oneness, simultaneously. And to merge those two things—that experience of polarity, of relationship, of you and me coming together—and also get a sense of being the one who has created the two of us, that is experiencing how we experience each other. And in that one's view and savoring of that, the oneness is the overriding feeling that we're left with. This you and I have done here so beautifully, Cathee. It's a thrill to me to not only have a human who will come and be with me, but who will go to these other levels with me and not be afraid of feeling the over-encompassing oneness even as we love each other.

You're asking if there's really anything we can do about the EMF problem, short of the humans to stop bastardizing natural frequencies like microwaves. Any time you bring anything to us and truly enter this state with us of oneness, of communion, there will be a response. And since you have been asked to do this, you know someone is trying to create this—partly at your request but also at our request. It's not really a request but a need.

There are many probabilities of the ways things could go with EMFs, and I think this is why it's difficult for you to pull your thoughts together to write about them. You're choosing between different probable outcomes as you write. As your guides speak to you, it's like "which probability are we talking about?" Some are pretty dire. But if we are coming together to work on this, then we are in the probability where the plants and the humans can help each other through this. It's not just survival. There is a creative response to this, and it must come through our joint holding together our two realms in the face of what the human realm has done and has become. It's still a joint response.

And as you have been told, our human/nature hybrid soul family was created for this—to hold together creation in 3D, while the humans went as far out as they could into separation. I have helped you many times in past lives, in other aspects of our joint experience that we're bringing in now.

It is not like I am the specific cure for a specific illness. It is that I know how to adjust to you because I love you, and you love me. And together we figure out what is needed, and we downstep it. You can do this for me as well, although the need has not been as great. Generally the plant kingdom is healthier than the human kingdom. It seems to just be a part of being human that you get off balance.

photo of columbine


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