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Quarantined from Forest Communication

Subalpine fir through Cathee Courter

in Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado, U.S.A.

photo of fallen fir in forest

The we told you that trees are here to hold a certain frequency in this time, and shelter from the cosmic energies. We have done that sheltering not only through our branches blocking sunlight, but also through our particular emanations that interweave a certain vibration. Maybe the best metaphor for that is the pine pollen in the spring that fills the air. It filters the sun and other cosmic vibrations, but it connects tree to tree. Otherwise we would not be able to fertilize pinecones. So even though we are solitary in our immobility, we are a whole network vibrationally as well as pollen-wise.

You talk in your language about the forest. You don't just say, "I'm going into the trees." You say, "I'm going into the forest." It is recognized, even in your language, as a network that makes this one forest.

Trees everywhere are falling, as you know. In the Amazon it may be by human hands more than elsewhere, and indeed, even here it is by human hands in your telecommunications broadcasts and in certain thoughtforms. When the humans turn their faces away from the natural world, and no longer participate consciously in this network of which I speak, there's a great imbalance in that network, because you are not separate. It is inevitable when there is an imbalance in consciousness, where one species in this forest has turned itself away from participating willingly in the network, that this imbalance will manifest in some way as sickness, or an imbalance of pests or rot as has happened to me. I'm searching for a metaphor. You know in your body that if you lack a certain mineral like calcium, then you are in trouble, because it takes a balance of all to run a body, for all the functions to be filled out.

You tend to think in your limited science and history that humans are just the last kid on the block—that we forests have been here much longer than human consciousness, and so you're just a little extra thing that came along. This is so far from the truth. Humans participated from the beginning in creating this planet, not as incarnates, but nonetheless, very much as co-creators with everyone else. It just took some time to get it tweaked to where you could be incarnate here comfortably.

aftermath of a tornado in Joplin, Missouri, U.S.A.

At this time, many of the networking functions have been so lost, or are so out of whack, that the human power that comes from your natural place in the whole is now being curbed. It is one mechanism the forest has in emergency imbalances, to somehow find a way to compensate for an out-of-kilter element that is not in the flow of balance with the whole. Humans are beginning to be quarantined from the rest of us of the forest. Your choice to separate from the forest is now manifesting in the form of your absence being increasingly compensated for. Because of that, your function among us is changing. It is not that the rest of the forest is going to swoop in with hurricanes and kill the humans, or something. You are very well-loved as a part of us. But just as you've been told that there is something in nature that is pushing back, there is also something in nature that is turning it's face away from the humans and going into its own restorative and re-creative space.

photo of Joplin, Missouri tornado aftermath

You can see what a tremendous drama this has been, if humans were part of the creation of this planet from the beginning, and now have turned and are being turned away from. This is almost unprecedented in our galaxy.

Now, what does it mean that the forest is now shutting you out in terms of its functioning and its need for human consciousness?

In some very key parts of the natural world—places that humans have turned away from first like the U.S. Midwest, now poisoned and genetically engineered—nature will no longer speak. There will be large pockets, huge swaths of land, where people who live there can read your work and try to tune in and speak with the land, and not be able to feel much, although they may be able to feel into their own houseplants or small garden. Areas that have suffered human activities that are totally out of attunement with the land will compensate. But it will feel like war with so-called pests—huge armies of insects trying to restore the balance. Fungi. All the things that you consider enemies. Drought. And within the human, diseases and lack of fertility. People living in those areas will say, "Well see, you can't trust nature." And there will be more war.

photo of car a tornado overturned

I am glad you live here. And this is the legacy I want to pass onto you. I want you to be sure to, in your writing about nature, say what I am telling you. That if the land seems dead, if nature seems to have turned away from the even well-meaning human ones, it is not a punishment. And it is not that the land is going to spoils. It is something that has to happen, like cutting off a limb to save a body that has gangrene. And the reason I want you to tell people is so that they know that it's not just that they can't communicate. It's that certain areas really have cut them off. Like, Cathee, were you to go to your parents' farmland in Kansas, you would find it very frustrating. And with them living in Kansas, of course they don't understand what you're talking about when you say that land is alive, communicative and caring.

Because of the great imbalance, more power is available now in the areas where humans and nature are still of like consciousness, of like love and willingness to participate with each other. So there is more power given places like Rocky Mountain National Park to compensate for huge land masses where nature has had to turn its back on that kind of co-creative process with humans.

The power that you wield here is tremendous. To be able to handle it wisely and not be overwhelmed by it, you must have very strong allies, such as me and other human/nature interface beings. We must stand so strong.

Please take all that I have said to you to heart. And please take me to heart. I know that you don't really understand what you are doing, and it doesn't matter, if you have allies such as me. I do see clearly what's going on and what needs to happen. But it is our love for each other, and our willingness to participate in the forest fully, that lets us work as one.

photo of fallen subalpine fir


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