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Space Clearings and Enhancements

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through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

Erasable Space

Tranquil homes. Delightful classrooms. Thriving businesses . . . or flops. How can we turn the undesirables in our lives around? Working in a tense atmosphere is like pedaling uphill. Sharing a home with emotional residue from the past or from others is like living with predators you can't quite see—it's unsettling. When we're wanting a big change we can set new intentions. But changing course can feel like trying to pivot in mud up to the waist if we're surrounded by the emotional residue of past failures. Wouldn't it be nice if our physical environment supported us with a clean drawing board upon which to create more promising futures?

Nature's Embrace

It can. An energy clearing can feel like rainfall making the desert bloom. Outmoded debris such as old angers, frustrations, and limited thoughts dissolve. The aftermath sparkles with spaciousness, and is thorough enough to last—walls, earth, and atmosphere are transformed. It's as though your building took a vacation in a beautiful natural setting and has returned refreshed and ready to support you.

A clearing can give you a fresh start in a new home, or enable the faster sale of a former home. It makes your business a place customers like to linger, and supports harmony among employees. Land that has been cleared feels vibrant.

Your Home Base

The need to cleanse is a natural part of life. We model a clearing process you can use to maintain the sparkle. But performing simple clearing techniques is like vacuuming in the dark, so we'll turn on some psychic light to see what's there. In fact, we'll even pull up the rug if needed to look at environmental problems like fault lines, and probe into areas you might not want to stir up without help, such as extracting ghosts and untangling trauma that preceded your living there.

Every traditional culture has had shamans, priests or everyday folks who knew how to neutralize the human psychic garbage that wreaks havoc in people's lives. In fact, one-fourth of Jesus' healings described in the Bible involved casting out unclean spirits. We are evolving forms for modern society (the ancients' kids weren't bringing in etheric predators over the internet).

Your building/land has absorbed your emotions and thoughts. As this external mirror of your inner emotional state defogs, if you'd like, we'll offer insight into your issues and help you heal them. Most sessions include a psychic reading of the peculiarities of your space, and you're welcome to ask personal questions.

Clearings and enhancements are not isolated events, but forks in the road to new possibilities in the story of your life, or the life of your institution. We work with a spiritual team that cares about all of you. Your team can help you use the tool of a clearing and enhancement to creatively steer your life with more ease, understanding, and power.

A New Phase


We don't "do" energy clearings and enhancements any more than a mother creates a baby. We are midwives spring-cleaning the energy of your space to make room for an expanded you, who can embody not only your physical body but your environment with your dreams and zest for life.

Imagine how you feel after a healing massage. Vibrant. Relaxed. Now imagine that feeling extending out to the walls, floor and ceiling that surround you. What if your home sang in harmony with your song? Would you feel more at ease, flowing with life?

It's a sacred moment when you speak your desires during an enhancement. After we set the space, nature consciousness in the very walls is all ears, ready to receive the imprint of your intentions in order to co-create them with you into form. What do you wish your home, workplace, or institution to embody for you and others who share that space? Loving warmth? Effortless productivity? Flowing communication?

Often a simple statement from you is all that's needed, which reverberates in the silence until it solidifies in its new pattern. Other times insights or healing are offered.

We work on multiple levels to facilitate your relationship with your personal environment. Our antennae are up to bring through your spirit guides and ours. Our intellects are engaged, with data banks on electromagnetic frequencies, geology, sacred geometry, construction, feng shui, earth energies, etc.

Each session is unique. If you're wanting your home or business to sell quickly, we'll keep the enhancement simple, direct, and effective. Representing an institution? We'll instill the essence of its mission almost tangibly in the building for all who enter. Some sessions focus on practical cures for problems like incorrect electrical wiring that is causing harmful magnetic fields. We can also discuss possible structural changes that would change the energy in your space. Part of the fun is in seeing what needs to happen to bring everything to a smiling sense of well-being.

A Sense of Place

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Some people sense they have profoundly "finally come home" to a certain location, and want to know the deeper story. One man loved his mountain home, but felt his energy was being pulled on and needed help understanding his purpose there. Others want to build in harmony with the land and wish for us to facilitate conversation with the land's intelligence. We've also been known to "wake up" the nature spirits of the land to bring them closer to loving human access, or to connect a home to a major energy network on the planet.

We've been clearing and enhancing clients' homes, businesses, and land for nearly a decade. You'll also be taking advantage of Cathee's twenty years' expertise as a professional psychic, and Peter's twenty-five years' experience as a general contractor in physically enhancing spaces.

Call us today at 303-823-6108 to schedule our services, or for a free short interview.

. . . on winds of grace

A note from Cathee:

In our clearings, we're uncreating the products of subtle human activity. As you can see, I'm a photographer and I love to create. I find the same pleasure in uncreating. The creation of life-filled forms and the uncreation of the death process are both equally necessary experiences of the same cycle. Our clearings can be intense, but inherently they're quite delightful, splashing around in the subtle stuff of the universe. In our enhancements, we lead you in creating again, perhaps a little more consciously than you did before.

We bring techniques and teachings, but our greatest gift to you is relationship. We wish to facilitate your relationship with that which houses you here in the material realm.

In the following links we offer, with love, our in-depth gems of wisdom and experience. It's not necessary to read this information to have a fabulous clearing. Especially if you're facing an emergency, like someone without a body trying to get into yours, by all means just call us now at 303-823-6108!

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