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Space Enhancements

through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

Energy Enhancements

Let the Magic Happen

"You create your own reality."

How often have you heard that expression? Or variations, such as "what you put out is what you get back," or "as you resonate, so it is." An energy enhancement is a powerful time to get clear on what you want, not only in your home or workplace, but in your whole life. Your home, your "third skin" (the second being your clothes) can be programmed as an extension of you, bearing your intentions. One could call this a form of prayer.

If we're talking about such prayer having results in the density of the Earth plane, we're really talking about co-creating with nature consciousness, which provides form for the creative blueprint of human intention. But nature doesn't just embody human intention. It can also relate to you, love you, the dog's sweet lick on the face. This would be a lonely world if you really created it all without it also creating you, as the incarnate expression of your soul.

Not only do you create, but you are a creation of a greater consciousness, having a unique life purpose whether you've realized what it is yet or not. We assume your true joy in life is in the direction of this purpose.

So we facilitate the coming together of many levels during an enhancement. The primary focus is the building or land and its significance to you, to mature your relationship with it so that it can support you more fully. Energy enhancements are often simple, elegant ceremonies of blessing your space and the activities that take place there—of putting out your loving intentions. I've been known to tear up while listening to people's beautiful, poignant intentions for their space and their lives. When we bring in the consciousnesses we work with who can imbue the very physical structure with these intentions, there is great power afoot. Usually this is all that's needed.

But we can go further and together relate directly to nature consciousnesses (see The Space Creating and Enhancing You). And we can go further and together, to the best of our ability, bring through the voice of your soul via your spirit guides via channeling to get a clearer sense of what is for your highest good to be intending in the first place! Enhancements, like clearings, are free-flowing, creative, unpredictable, rather festive occasions. They always feel wonderful, uplifting, and energizing.

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