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Space Clearings

through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

Non-soul Entities

by Cathee Courter

We've talked about how human thoughtforms and feelings have substance that can linger. And we've explored the human in earthbound "ghost" form. Our team has coined the term "non-soul entities" to cover a variety of things in between that are a little more self-cohesive and lasting than your average thought, and less immortal than a human soul.

Some of these entities are leftover personality fragments from dead people, some are created unconsciously by the living, and some are deliberate bogeymen sent out to get you by your neighbor. Dismantling these beings, if they've attached to you, can create great shifts in your quality of life, restoring your sense of wholeness. We'll also describe the huge entities that large collectives can form.

Personality Fragments

Non-soul entities can feel downright sticky at their simplest level. You sit beside someone at a party who has been fired from their job. You sympathize. Later you feel an intense anger, like a burning volcanic cloud around you that you can't seem to shake off. You begin to wonder whether the partygoer was angry because of their job loss, or whether they lost their job because of the thick anger that surrounds them. You've been slimed.

These presences are composed of astral substance—concentrated patterns of thought and emotion—and etheric substance—the energy matrix of our bodies. Ideally, when our souls pass over, the parts of our personalities that have not been integrated into them will disintegrate just as our bodies decay. However, in many cases a person's repressed, addictive, or habitual thoughts and feelings are so focused as to remain cohered in a personality structure after death, which can seem to have a life of its own. Now separate, these fragments may not much resemble the whole person from whom they split off. Many of these parasites must feed on the energy body of a living person to stay viable. This drain can cause health problems for their human host.

We have choice in what thoughts and feelings we feed with our attention. Ideally. We're the creators of our personalities, right? perhaps with a little help from genetics, upbringing and stellar influences. But often it seems that our emotions run us, not vice versa. Get me on a thought loop or an emotional roller-coaster, and my brakes can be hard to grasp firmly enough to switch tracks. It's no wonder, then, that sometimes the difference can be less than obvious between an immature ghost and a well-developed non-soul entity—which is often a dead person's disembodied personality, after all. In fact, when they attach, each can generate similar personality changes, addictive behavior, etc. in their attachee. The difference is whether there is a human soul in the center of the whirlwind or not.

Peter and I handle these two intruders very differently. Ghosts we often interact with. Entities we ask our team to dissolve in very intense light. In a room full of entities, I often feel like I'm within a predatory flock. We clear far more non-soul entities than we do ghosts.

Worse than Ticks

Lightly structured entities can be passed around almost like flu germs. Say you have a difficult customer at work, and feel drained when they leave. Are you tired just from the ordeal, or did something pass to you from them? If a good meal or a good night's sleep doesn't bring you back to yourself, you might need a quick aura clearing. You may already be working with a health practitioner who can help with these attachments, as many massage therapists, acupuncturists and energy healers are proficient in clearing them.

When I feel sick, I usually go through a little checklist and ask within, "Is the origin of this illness purely physical? Is it emotional? Does it hold the gift of a lesson for me? Is it an entity?"

If it's the latter, often it will be attached where you already have a vulnerable spot in your field, perhaps due to injury. It's not surprising to pick up a parasite embodying someone's oral issues (lack of nurturing, etc.) that they left at the dentist's office, if you have similar oral issues. Healers' offices and hospitals can be quite thick with entities if they aren't cleansed regularly.

These concentrated thoughtforms can be passed down in families as well. I described to one client the sense of shame and inadequacy comprising the entity she'd picked up from her uncle at his funeral. She said my description could apply to all seven uncles on her mother's side, as well as to her mother. Such thoughtforms can induce similar situations, patterns of behavior, and health problems down through generations. Sometimes just recognizing the pattern is not enough to free yourself from it.

When someone who has been abused becomes a perpetrator of abuse, it's often a sign that something has attached to the victim that wants to continue to feast on fear. I don't wish to oversimplify, as I know the passing on of abusive behaviors involves psychological complexities. But non-soul entities could be described as psychological complexities. A clearing won't magically heal everything, but sometimes a clearing can do marvels. Have you ever felt "ridden" by something you don't quite identify with, questioning your own reactions and behavior, but compelled to act them out nonetheless? (I'll bet many prisoners have.)

If an entity that feeds on anger attaches to you, it will impulse you to create situations that generate angry feelings. But even before outer circumstances are ruffled in this way, it is likely that you'll think, "I feel angry. There must be some situation making me angry. Let's see, it must be such and such." Seldom do most of us stop to think, "Is this anger I'm feeling really mine?"

People scramble to put up psychic shields and dodge emanations when someone with a dominating entity enters the room. I've seen businesses where whoever was promoted to work most closely with the predatory owner underwent a personality change, taking on and acting out the owner's contagious aggressiveness. It's hard to work in the rain and not get wet. In such a workplace, seeing the dynamics can help you to keep yourself clear and not succumb.

The more I sense an entity as being attached to the person—not part of the person—the more chance I have of freeing the host from the parasite. However, if someone has sheltered an entity for an extended time, their personality may have grown around it and come to depend on it. One client had two fierce watchdog-like entities that felt protective to him, because they kept people from getting too close. But he came to realize that because of them, he was missing out on love and intimacy. To let go of an entity that's become embedded in your personality can require courage, and the flexibility to adjust to shifts in your sense of self that can result. Without a commitment to change, you'll likely attract another just like the one you released.

Drunk on Entities

Think twice before frequenting establishments that promote addiction, such as bars, porn shops, and gambling halls. Once their beasties are with you, it may be hard to remember what feeling free and clear was like. Peter and I don't root around for porn- or drug-hungry beings in people's homes, and we won't be shown any by our guides that someone is not ready to release. But for those who are working on healing themselves of addiction, a clearing can often make the process much easier. Let us know if you'd like us to check you and your home for compulsion-inducing leeches. The impulses driving you may be someone else's as much as they are your own.

To state the obvious but overlooked, entities, like ghosts, aren't stopped by walls. If you lease or buy workspace next to a bar or coffee shop, you may become busy just trying to keep your space clear. Any establishment that promotes addiction should be avoided as a neighbor—especially if you harbor a similar addiction, or work with clients in such a way that opens up their fields, such as in massage therapy.

A candy store owner was having ghost problems. We stopped by, and agreed to do a remote view with our team later. A week earlier, I had bitten into some shelled nuts, and had lodged a stray shell sliver up into my gum, causing a slight soreness. The night of the candy store visit, I felt gum pain like I didn't know gums could hurt. I tried every home remedy I could think of, and lathered screaming nerves with energy work until finally at 2:00 a.m., exhausted, I asked if I'd picked up an entity. My team answered yes. I gathered myself for a look. There it was, an etheric form shaped like the inside ribbing of a mouth, biting with rabid pac man ferocity. Horrified, I managed to hold intention while my guides dissolved it, and then drifted off to sleep. I felt good the next day, but asked my dentist to check my gum. He could find nothing wrong.

We did the remote, and had to tell the owner that yes, there were harmful ghosts and we could remove them. But in order to do so, we'd have to thoroughly clear the store. His candy-related entities were luring people in from the sidewalk outside, and a store clearing would remove these entities. While well worth it, he could actually lose a little business as a result. I was saddened, though not surprised, when he decided to "handle the ghosts on his own" and forego a clearing.

While Alive

In Alzheimers patients, the sloughing off of the personality substance may start before death. If you are a caretaker, be vigilant to ask that your personal energy field be filled fully with the light of your own soul. You may already be worn down by the challenges and sorrows of watching your loved one decline. Don't become them. In cultures of the Far East, precautions are taken to prevent ancestors' non-soul personality chunks from haunting the living. In the U.S., with over five million folks afflicted with Alzheimers, we seem to have an epidemic of such problems happening even before our elders die. However, the good news is that many Alzheimer's patients are mature and aware in their astral bodies, and we can reach them telepathically on that level, bypassing their disabled brains. In this way, they can help spark higher awareness in those trying to relate to them.

Other mental illnesses such as schizophrenia can also initiate personality crumble for someone still alive. Compounding the problem, "hallucinatory" experiences in which the patient hears the voices of the dead will draw more dead to be heard, who can attach. Ghosts are often frustrated at how few of their former acquaintances can see and hear them, and flock to someone who can, destabilizing their seer.

We were invited by a small group of psychologists to clear a hospital's former lock-in psych ward that was being renovated. It had housed tuberculosis patients decades previous. Our clients were outpatient therapists but their offices were being moved into this wing that felt thick with anguish. We insisted that the therapist who contacted us get permission from that hospital floor's administrator and that her co-therapists be invited to join us. This permission was apparently no problem to achieve. It didn't take scientific measurement to know the ward needed help!

Energy from the recent suicide that most concerned them was only the top layer of the emotional morass. We quickly ran the white sheet basic clearing to create some breathing room before talking to them about non-soul entities and ghosts. Then our team worked its way slowly and thoroughly, its dissolving light deftly tracing and cleansing convoluted folds in the layers of time. Negative entity had influenced the creation of negative entity, on and on, until the walls, floor, and air itself had been stuffed to the brim with human emotional debris. We opened the tunnel, and dozens of ghosts from the main hospital joined those from this branch as the tunnel became a wide funnel out.

The cleared space felt not only sweet but physically expanded. It was obvious the tremendous difference the cleared environment would make in these caring healers' ability to facilitate their patients' ascent from mental illness. In the pre-cleared murky atmosphere, healing had seemed impossible task. We installed some energy features that will facilitate maintaining a healthy environment as new patients arrive with new entities.

A Dinner Guest

Non-soul entities can be highly developed. I don't often talk with these personality fragments the way I do with ghosts. But on my birthday, friends took me out to a restaurant in a well-known haunted hotel, which happens to have great food. I'd sensed the presence of entities there before, but didn't expect one to join us for the celebration. This being slipped into our dinner conversation, asking us questions like, "What do you see as the difference between me and you?" and "Do you think entities can evolve?" When she outlined the benefits for us of letting her enter our bodies, and asked for volunteers, it was time to end the dialogue and bring on the light.

I was humbled by her questions. Truth was, she didn't feel that different from a live human. How many of us end our time here with a purity of personality? Our neuroses may outlive our bodies. Now, that's creepy.

Live-human Creations

A sick person will often draw on the energy of their family members by attaching etheric streamers, with implied consent given. It's best to make agreements as up front as possible, however, and ask for help if you need it.

A client's mother died two weeks before his clearing. However, he felt her spirit had left six years previously, at the onset of her dementia. We saw that he still had cord-like "entities" from her in his aura, through which he had helped to keep her alive. He told us that six months ago, his siblings had called to tell him she was near her end. He was travelling at the time, but with a ten-hour drive and an international flight, he made it to her deathbed. When he arrived, his mother perked right up—and went on living. During this time he had experienced mysterious severe health challenges of his own, as if running on empty. When a call came the second time, he had waited until after her death to join his family for the funeral. What's appropriate in the flow of energies between people can be ambiguous! But now her body had been cremated. It was time to cremate these extensions in his energy field.

Streamers can be intricate. During several readings for ex-members of the same cult, I've gotten the same vision. Subtle long vacuum tubes with suction cups on the ends, like octopus arms, were attached to each of the members, who, in the name of community, let their energy be siphoned off by the huge organism of the cult. The leader was the center recipient of all that energy, of course. Members learned to relate to each other similarly, almost as if they put straws into each other's energy fields and drank. Meetings were held in which the group would criticize a member to help them understand their flaws—life force feasts at the expense of whoever was receiving this "help."

This scenario is an enlarged version of what happens in many dysfunctional families. And if you grow up this way, you may not know that unhealthy cords don't lead to happy relationships. Nation-states can also act like a huge cult organism, drawing on the resources, and through warfare, even the lives of its citizens.


When a friend who worked on an Indian reservation became ill, she learned to look for a feather in her vestibule. The wind would blow it around with the leaves, but the leaves would scatter and the feather would continue to swirl near her door. She had to destroy the feather—thus destroying the attached curse—to get well.

With the rise of Earth's vibration into a zone where thoughts are impactful, voodooing for many people now doesn't require learning spells, hiring a witch doctor, or stomaching weird rituals. For many, spitefulness is about all that's required to do someone serious harm. Our maturity hasn't kept up with our power in this ascension process.

One talented client had a focussed, passionate, and commanding presence. Her business was floundering, and she believed that her ex- was sending her voodoo curses. I was amazed when our guides said there were two hundred entities in her home, although it felt plausible - a heaviness hung in the air like smoke. We found that she had a talent for imbuing her thoughts and feelings with a density closer to that of physical matter than most people can muster. She was unintentionally hexing herself with her own feelings of anger and victimhood, spinning them into entities.

There are many talented creators among us, who can conjure up daunting etheric predators. Generate enough ill will and focus it at someone, if you have this gift of rearranging denser energies, and you can be a voodoo king or queen without realizing what you're doing.

I received such an offering from an insecure woman with whom I worked on a joint project. She slipped something into my aura that pulled down my energy level and fogged me over with a numb haziness for three days before I went out to visit my favorite ally in the Park for help. He dissolved a black blob of dominating energy from her ancestral culture. He also extracted from the top of my head something that looked like a ring of barbed wire that had been shutting down my light. I doubt that this woman had consciously sent barbed wire, just the thought of holding me down so that I wouldn't outshine her. Perhaps my mind came up with that imagery. But I thanked my ally, walked through the forest a hundred feet, and came across a loop of barbed wire the size of the etheric object I'd just released. There was no other barbed wire in sight. It was a message from spirit to take entities as seriously as I take physical objects.

Of course, there are voodoo practitioners who do use physical objects, and when I use the term voodoo, it's not necessarily negative. Think of a peace pipe, smoke carrying a prayer upward, or holy water. For good or for ill, involving objects in one's intentions can make them extremely potent. This is why we're going to, in your enhancement, imbue your physical home with your intentions, and nurture a relationship with its spirit.

Letting Go

I've read many books written by authors who do space or aura clearings, some thick with technique. However, at some point in the book, every practitioner will acknowledge a guide or ally who does the heavy lifting. I'd like to gratefully acknowledge my guides and allies here. My intention is the switch, but they supply the power and most of the know-how. We merge into each other and work as one.

To further distance ourselves from Hollywood, I should mention that the particulars of the entity are only told us if the client can benefit from that information. Often we'll be told by our guides, "There are three entities here." Peter and I say, "OK, please remove them." We hold a focus and watch them dissolve. "OK, done." It can be that simple. Other times it feels like we're doing intricate surgery, as if removing embedded fishhooks. And other times, still, we'll describe in detail what's about to be removed, so that our client can consciously understand and adjust to the shift that will be involved. As I've stated, sometimes the entity is no more relevant than a flu bug, and other times its presence says a great deal about the host's personality.

Dissolving attached beings, etheric arrows and such can leave an uncomfortable gap. As an astrologer, I have great respect for the natural psychological cycles of life. People's issues come up in perfect timing for them to be released. We don't push, if it's not in right timing for any entities to go. When a doctor gives the perfect dose of the perfect substance to someone who is already healing, it boosts their progress. Giving a high dose of a drug to try to force a healing won't help in the long run. Likewise, yanking something— even something hurting you—is not conducive to your growth. The right support has to be in place to help you replace what is taken out with something better.

I sometimes get lazy when I discover an entity on me, and try to just visualize light around it and me. Doesn't work. The light in which our team dissolves entities is more like the void, than it is like light in the light/darkness polarity. We're not pushing against darkness. We're transcending the light/darkness polarity, essentially holding one foot in the void and one foot in the material realm, helping the entity move back to the void from which new creations can be birthed. We're recycling entity stuff.

Entities can be malevolent, even vicious. They have their own agenda, and often don't like to see us coming. Confrontation is really not my talent. But discernment is. Meeting an energy fully, and holding a focus with my human intent, is my part of the teamwork. Higher forces of light do the dissolution of these forms. So my training over the years has not been in sorcery or in how to put up a good fight. It's been in accepting that, like these entities, my personality too will someday die.

Death in our culture is so denied that many see it as an ending rather than as part of a natural cycle. In some of my favorite forests half of the trees are dead on the ground, while half reach for the sky. Since we heat our home with a woodstove, I am grateful for the death of trees. I am grateful for the dropping of fruit from the bush, which means the berry is dying.

I'll admit that when spending long days in the woods with my nature spirit teachers, complex human emotions, judgments, and addictions seem bizarre. These are the stuff of which non-soul entities are made. So rather than sword-wielding strength, I find a sense of humor to be pretty necessary to this work. We're an interesting species if you can stand back and enjoy the show. In the section on ghosts I told the story of a drug addict who was still trying to make up for his failings even after death, which didn't help his ex-wife at all. Sometimes death is a blessing, when our creations get overdone and a bit outrageous. Best to have a new start, but what exists needs to be undone first.


It's upsetting to be hit by a negative entity aimed right toward you. Just as ghost hauntings may be an occupational hazard for those working in nursing homes, non-soul entities are a situational hazard for those born on this planet. Earth is like a swamp—we all start out thinking we'll avoid getting muddied, but guess what? Pretty soon we're flinging the stuff at each other! Try to keep perspective. These days, chances are good that the sender didn't intend quite the impact they made.

Playing on the dark side is a stage of growth for many people. In fact, there's a good chance that your favorite healer gained his or her talent in past lives juiced by anger, envy, lust, greed, or other such human motivations that seem to spur fast learning. Souls eventually learn that love is the strongest force we know. But in the meantime, let's view that person who sent you a subtle energy dart as someone in a process of growth. I would certainly distance myself from them as much as possible, physically and emotionally. It can be painful to cut off a relationship, but much less painful than being someone's scapegoat or feeding trough.


We can pull any ickies out of you that someone has sent. Getting them to stop sending their poison is certainly trickier.

For rich illustrations of everyday streamers, I recommend Barbara Ann Brennan's Light Emerging: The Journey of Personal Healing. In one character defense, the person throws their auric energy up and over their head to come down in attack on someone. Even if you don't think you see or feel auras, her drawings and descriptions may lead you to a visceral recognition of what you've experienced many times. She describes such maneuvers and then tells you how to deal with them—in this case, by teflonizing your own aura and feeling the earth's support beneath you. The goal is to come to a place of communion with the attacker you care about.

Dealing with possessed or influenced people can be even more difficult. Let's say someone is trying to suck your energy with their streamer, and you're, ala Brennan, lovingly sending them energy without allowing yourself to be sucked, avoiding eye contact. But then you notice that thing on their shoulder jeering at you maliciously. I myself don't "see" these entities with my eyesight, but can sense an extra presence who may not be cooperative in my attempts to bring the relationship to a place of healing. If, for instance, my friend and I come closer in reconciling after an argument, the entity may try all the harder to get his host to push me away, perhaps even encouraging violence. Relationships can be difficult enough one-on-one, but have you ever felt with just one person that you were relating to a crowd? Help! Daily interactions with a entitized person can be draining.

Everyone has their favorite defense. I like filling up my aura with my own energy and soul purpose and radiating that. The Tower of Light meditation in Psychic Self-Defense & Well-Being by Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips (p. 53) is roughly as follows. Visualize an ellipsoid of blue light extending about nine inches out from your body all around, and to about sixteen inches above your head and below your feet. Visualize above your head within this aura a globe of brilliant white light, representing the light of your Higher Self and a part of Divine Force. Aspire to the highest good, and let dazzling white light from the globe flood and permeate your field within the outer blue shell of your aura. Practice this exercise repeatedly.

This visualization is really not even a defense, but a claiming of your divine right to pursue your higher purpose unimpeded. Working or living with someone who sends you spears can undermine your confidence and make the whole world feel unsafe.

So the first response is really to value yourself. Purge yourself of any fascination with violence or tendencies toward victimhood. Decide firmly within yourself that the situation is not OK and that it will change, and telepathically transmit the message to the perpetrator for them to lay off. If possible, tell them.

You must believe one hundred percent that you deserve to maintain your own energy field in clarity and peace. Sound easy, in a world containing slavery, incest, and pollution? I dare say we are brainwashed to accept violation by employers, family members, and corporations as normal. Not to mention fourth grade teachers like Mrs. Sadowski, who placed my desk between spit-wad shooting boys to try to control them. I got the message that I was not entitled to my own integrity of space, and developed an anxious eye tick that year, under assault. Nowadays, runaway electronics puncture our auras day and night, and we're expected to not mind.

Taking an entity out of you is much easier than helping you strengthen your conviction that you shall not be prey. The real work of a spiritual warrior is not to defend or attack, but to shift a situation. You must essentially choose to live in a reality in which you are not attacked, or in which the help you need is so readily available that attacks are mere minor setbacks. Careful discernment of the particulars and bigger context of the situation is essential to diagnose what needs to happen. Let me give some examples of how we can help you to shift negative scenarios involving either non-soul entities or attached ghosts.

If the tension is the result of a karmic situation, the karma can be erased. In fact, our karma is dropping off already in Earth's ascent, as it's too heavy for us to hold in these new frequencies. (It's wonderful that we're getting freer, but also a little disorienting.) Ask for grace. Bring in the light of forgiveness, or at least affirm your willingness to forgive if you can't muster the act right away. While we're at it, ask for the grace to believe you deserve peace, if you're not quite there.

You may have to emotionally release yourself from an aggressor you love, to let them source their energy directly from spirit—not from you. We can send them light. It helps tremendously that we're working out of a cleared space, even if we're clearing remotely and talking by phone. You've just gotten a taste of how lovely clarity is, and how natural. I sometimes hustle in pentecostal preacher fervor to move energy at these times. Whatever is needed. We're claiming your soul back, sometimes quite literally retrieving it.

If it's a work situation, we can ask that a better opportunity appear for them or for you—elsewhere. Try to wish the best for all concerned.

If you share a space with an entity-influenced person, whether at home or at work, see if they'll agree to having your joint space cleared. We can break the delicate news of their unseen sidekick for you, if so led. Many who have had entities from early childhood don't realize that they can be freed from them, but welcome the opportunity. Others may be tired of continually losing friends. You may be the answer to their prayer. Even if they are not ready for entity removal, a cleared space makes it harder to hang onto astral pollution, and easier to choose healing.

It's normally not ethical to take an entity out of someone without their permission, just as healing someone's disease without their permission can bring their karma onto you. And when you think about it, if personality reintegration would be necessary after the removal, it could be a shock to them to suddenly have a hole where once lived what they considered a part of themselves. They would likely just fill it in with another entity. Besides, can you imagine being a dentist drilling or a pilot flying and suddenly a huge shift happens within you without your knowing what's going on? We can't yank an entity, but certainly flooding the situation with divine light is not violating someone's free will, but just making it easier for them to choose wholeness. It can work marvels.

You may just have to set hard boundaries with the relationship, at least until you're stronger in yourself. Your extended family may have to do without you at reunions for a few years. You may have to let go of friends or a dangerous partner. Discernment is essential. Can this situation as it stands be shifted now, later in divine right timing, or never?

We have rarely received permission from Higher Will to remove an entity from an unknowing host. If the influenced offender was seriously impeding the right of the supplicant to pursue their higher purpose, the person couldn't be avoided, and the person wasn't ready to be told about the entity, we have on occasion gone ahead. I've also received permission to ask Archangel Michael to encapsulate someone's entity in a temporary bubble of light, to rein it in while the person was in my presence.

It's good to discern whether the entity attacks have anything to do with you personally—which actually is not a bad thing, because when you change, they'll change—or whether you just happen to be around a perpetual slime-flinger. Some flingers are pretty prolific. Either way, please take your situation very seriously. Continual attacks can wear you down to where disease sets in. Don't let it go on too long.

In my case, I discovered after many frustrating incidents that dealing with non-soul entities and their obnoxicity was part of my higher purpose. Entities recognized my clearing talent and attacked me long before I believed in entities. In the earlier example, the candy store entity bit me not to get me to eat fudge, but because I threatened its existence. This dynamic has been true for some of my clients as well. If you carry power you aren't recognizing and using, circumstances will challenge you to step into it. In fact, our clearings have been known to turn into a training session for the client. After all, your light may be attracting the darkness.

My high school guidance counselor didn't recommend this career based on a past life aptitude test. And it's not one I would have chosen on a personality level. But just as I couldn't see that I've been quite the shaman clearer in past lives, I also didn't see that I had gathered amazing allies who are indispensable to these clearings. So the challenge and the help showed up as a package deal for me. My allies are wonderful, and I love this work.

Ad Sorcery

These days ads are more common than swirling feathers to deliver focussed intent to your door. They often contain subliminal messages and imagery invoking primal drives like sex. The traditional witch doctor has gotten very sophisticated, using teams of behavioral psychologists to get you to crave products that may have little to do with the ad's emotional content. What does a sexy woman in an ad have to do with the performance of the truck being sold? Nothing. What does she have to do with the performance of the ad? Apparently, a lot.

I feel especially saddened when I see toxic-chemical companies or producers of gas-guzzling vehicles using natural scenes in their ads. Wilderness to many Americans has become an image to be consumed rather than a reality to be experienced. The ad magician's love potion infatuates people with a counterfeit, and they forget how to love the real thing. That's soul-killing black magic at its worst.

Group Creations

We collectively create non-soul entities, which can take on a life of their own. Anthropologists and sociologists call them "culture." As one example, during the time of the United States' earnest hunt for Osama bin Laden, a friend invited me to attend an Episcopalian church service. The choir sang an anthem whose refrain included "The Lord said to my Lord, sit at my right hand 'til I make thy enemies a stool for thy feet," a phrase found in four places in the Bible. The pastor's wife had founded a peace activist group in town, and many of the congregation were against the invasion of Afghanistan. However, they all participated in feeding the thoughtform of The Lord crushing an enemy underfoot, set to repetitious music. We will continue to repeat history's religious wars if we repeat the same liturgies and reinforce the same liturgical "entity." These thoughtforms are extremely powerful, and seldom questioned. I use this example because it's one anyone can relate to who has tried to change a group's outmoded ritual. Such a form has a momentum and force of its own, as if not only congregants, but the ritual itself, are resistant to its death or transformation. Entities fed with the energy of human awareness grow, and those ignored fade, whether positive or negative.

In the bigger picture, your wholeness is related to the integrity of larger organisms to which you belong. Your heart is part of your body. Your genetic traits are part of your family's pool of genes. Your job may be part of a corporation, hopefully one that provides you money in fair exchange for your energy, providing services to the public in sync with ecosystems supporting it. Many corporations, however, are huge parasites, the macro equivalent of the micro forms we pull off people. If you're surrounded by and even a part of large negative entities, it may be hard to remember what health and balance feel like.

Innumerable microbes are swimming in each of us, some of which can contribute to our health and some of which can hurt us. At times bugs that have been lurking will take off in a population explosion. And likewise, we all have negative entities lying dormant in our personal and collective psyches, and at times certain issues they represent may flare up within us or come flying at us. So in an energy clearing, we'll work on clearing or healing what's up at that moment for you. An entity may have significance for your growth, or it may just be like the latest cell phone gizmo—something going around mass consciousness—or some weird impulse bubbling up from the deep pool of your ancestral heritage.

As our planet rises in vibration, the deep repressed unconscious material of our mass consciousness is coming up for recognition and healing. In fact, some authors believe that the outward world is polluted as a reflection of our toxic collective consciousness. It's hard to breath in an unhealthy physical or psychic atmosphere.

In times past, individuals dealt with entities from dead people, tribal sentiments, and maybe a voodoo attack or two. You'd get help from the shaman or priest on an individual basis. Tribes used to work out their own resentments, but today we're affected by tribal entities that may be festering halfway around the world, which we can no longer afford. We're responsible for refining the global consciousness, not just our own. However, we do this by cleaning up our own family line. Our own home. Our own workplace.

The Story of the Twisted Buzz: A Non-Soul Entity Near You

Guy called his old fraternity buddies from Harvard. He was feeling desperate enough to network with people he hadn't seen in years, since his job as a computer virus debugger had been outsourced to India. Sure, the job had gotten boring after his initial fascination with the criminal mind had worn off. But it had been a job.

He landed an interview. Will, he remembered, had studied business, and Rob behavioral psychology. They needed a computer engineer to upgrade their website.

A porn website.

Guy wasn't interested in a shady operation, but maybe they'd know somebody who knew somebody with a good job.

Their offices downtown were luxurious but simple. It was a small operation with only a couple support staff, who were male.

After hearing about the job they wanted filled, Guy leaned back and scrutinized their faces.

"Why porn?"

"My wife likes to drive Ferraris," Will said simply. "The smartest MBA's are now going into porn. It's a multi-billion dollar industry. And it's growing."

"Look Guy," Rob broke in. "I used to try to heal sex addicts. With the cultural forces working against them, few improved at all. I gave up. If you can't beat 'em join 'em.

"It will be up to you to entice our gentlemen initially, and get Pavlov's dogs panting and clicking at their mouses. The ones who get hooked—hopefully all of our visitors—will eventually get bored with soft porn. As with any drug, they'll need stronger stimulation to get the same buzz, and we'll need to progress them into the hard stuff, the bestiality, violence, etc. pages before we lose them. Our site is geared towards professional, sophisticated jerks. I listened to the rationalizations of addicts for years, and now use them in articles for our site, to help men justify their perversity and step deeper into hell. I like the challenge."

"This is a unique moment in history," piped in Will. "Think of how liquor sellers would love to make booze rain down from the sky. Tobacco salesmen would love for cigarette smoke to penetrate walls, and spread through entire buildings. This time is a dream come true for porn salesmen. Electricity itself is addictive, affecting serotonin levels in the brain. People crave it. The internet itself is literally addictive for eight percent of surfers. And porn can be very addictive. Porn is to sex what opium is to poppies, but sex is something everyone cares about, and poppies aren't. Our product magically rains down from satellites and microwave towers not only through people's workplaces and bedrooms, but literally through their very brains, on an addictive medium."

"But beyond it being so easy and lucrative, why do we do it?" volunteered Rob. "Why do men build nuclear bombs that would be insane to use? Because we can. We've now caged everyone in an electromagnetic prison with no escape, in a huge social experiment that will probably end disastrously. In the meantime, let's entertain the masses with technosensuality. There has never been another time in history like this. Engage. Post those free samples to the inboxes of millions and see what happens."

"OK," Guy mused. "So why me? I've never been interested in using porn."

"Exactly!" Will gave a thumbs up. "Your sparkling virtue is exactly why you're our first choice. You can't afford to get hooked yourself. Tobacco industry executives don't smoke. Radio frequency engineers don't use cordless phones. We don't porn. Yuck. As I recall, you never even got drunk in college."

"That's not true. I did once, and felt lousy the next day. So why would I do it again?"

"Brilliant man. Furthermore, your marriage is good, and we trust Peg to let you know if you're not showing up for her. Men who get hooked lose their ability to hold an erection with their lover, because real sex isn't nearly as stimulating as virtual sex. If you slip into thinking you need porn because "men need more visual stimulation," as if a touchable woman can't be looked at, you're slipping. If you start to believe "the voracious sex drive of men has kept humanity going," as if our species could have continued without basic social skills between the sexes, you'll know you're in trouble.

"We ask for just a three month commitment, to see if you'll like it. If you find a job in India after that, fine."

Rob walked him to the entrance. "Don't get too self-righteous with your conscience. Everyone these days has an addiction anyway. You're just substituting ours for the one our patron already craves."

"What's your addiction, may I ask?"

Rob whispered secretively, "Curiosity."

The next day Guy wondered if he'd met with Will and Rob in reality, or in some surreal dream. Until the check came. Typed on the check itself were the simple words, "in cashing this check you are accepting prepayment for three months' work." The amount was four times what Guy would have made in three months at his last job.

He was hooked.

The work atmosphere was more one of a chem lab than a boy's club. Rob was working on his hundredth in a series of essays which, he purported, "distill the rationalizations of the sex-addicted masculine mind." Each theme was taken from a great work of literature, a scripture, a legal document, or the writings of a well-known historical figure. When clicked, still photos served up short video blips that emotionally and viscerally reinforced the words.

Freud's Electra complex theory, that girls sexually desire their dads, was the focus of his latest piece. There were large pictures of Freud and of handwritten excerpts from his work. Photos of little girls in a frilly dresses when clicked delivered close-up videos of adult penetration so brief that the juxtaposition of elements gave the subliminal sense that Freud endorsed the raping of small children.

The essays were composed of more photos than text, but the quotes were carefully referenced. One essay started with a graphic of a Bible being opened, with a brief quote of a well-known religious leader exhorting people to follow the teachings of the Bible. In the background were various commandments from the book of Leviticus handwritten on a scroll. One was highlighted in bold: "If a man lies carnally with a woman who is a slave . . . the sin which he has committed shall be forgiven him. (Lev. 19:20 - 22). To still photos of robed Middle Eastern women in tents were attached clickable quick video close-ups of aggressive sex. Interspersed with the photos were quotes from Hebrew scholars on how all women were considered the possessions of men at that time, and adultery was punishable by death. But not sex with slaves. Commentary was given on how the women shown in porn today can be considered to be virtual slaves. "They freely choose to be your slave while you're here, safe, legal, morally sanctioned by The Lord." The quotes in these essays were often wildly out of context, but the historical practices portrayed were accurate.

These were not entry-level fare. They were reserved for those who had entered the club and paid a stiff subscription fee. Guy's task was to program a setup whereby essays were fed to the user in an increasingly violent and sensational progression each time the user logged on, beginning with a playful "free love of the 60's" documentary. These would then be stored in the user's account, accessible to that user later. They were very popular. Rob considered an essay successful when its theme showed up in a chat room comment as if it were the commenter's own original thought. Guy called the project an on-line course in the depravity of western civilization.

Guy had meditated for years, but now clung to his practice to get through the day. He observed his own sexual desire. Could he isolate its urges from the cultural overlay that he was now helping to spin?

He'd been raised in a small mountain community, amidst horny, bellowing elk bulls dashing about during the rut season in fall. Many tourists would come hoping to see elk bash each other with sharp antlers to the death. But killing competitors was not what the rut was about for male elk, nor did it seem to be about the pursuit of pleasure. If he had to anthropomorphize the elk mind, it seemed that the rut was about the desire to father the next generation. With haunting melodies, the males bared their strength, hoping to be chosen by the females, in a cyclical dance that benefited the whole herd. The backdrop of this dance—flowers sprouting, blooming and seeding, streams spilling over and drying up, the sun and moon promenading—had given his own sex drive a context, even while a teenager. Without that context, his sexual urges would have seemed rather bizarre.

Will had said that men eventually prefer masturbating in front of their computer monitors to having sex with a real woman, let alone keeping their jobs, or having any social life besides the other losers in the chat room. Guy suspected that Rob must be working with a demon to so effectively turn a natural urge into an all-consuming pleasure-craving drive.

His reverie was interrupted abruptly when his computer screen flickered and went blank.

Bold letters crawled across the screen. They spelled out "I am not a demon!"

Guy sat stunned. Finally he mumbled, "Uh, could I have my computer back?"

His office normally felt sleezy to him, exerting a constant pull. It was as if he had to walk through pockets of base sexual desire that hung in the air in order to cross the room. Now that dense, smoky energy rose up like a wave and began to swirl into a vortex engulfing him, terror and rage pressing the breath out of him, desire oozing in every pore. He throbbed with the impulse to find release.

"Reach for the buzz!" The words sprawled across the computer screen, which blinked on the most lurid scene in its databank. Guy pulled back, wild-eyed, and peered around the room. Within that overwhelming energy was an intelligence he could not quite see.

"Who are you?" he choked.

The computer screen went wild, in a kaleidoscope of writhing images. Guy went pale. He made it out the door, slammed it hard, and leaned against it, sliding to the floor, panting.

Will and Rob peeked out of their office doorways.

"You've met the beast." Will murmured.

"He likes you," Rob said with a laugh. "Let's go for a walk in the park down the block."

The three men settled in the grass, sheltered by an immense oak.

"This explanation had better be good," said Guy, who still looked wan.

Rob started. "I call him the Spirit of the Twisted Buzz. You could say he's an aspect of a larger entity, which is comprised of the accumulated feelings and thoughts of millions of male sex addicts throughout history. We here in central headquarters are helping to grow and adapt him to porn. He's all around, Guy. But with our users masturbating at the bit, we're directing the incredible power of their lifeforce into this entity. That's why you felt him so strongly. He's a conscious being, actually, and likes to play around with computers.

"You don't seem afraid of him."

"I first saw him at the age of seven, peering through my grandfather's eyes before the molestation began. I can't seem to escape him, even though I've tried celibacy, promiscuity, and becoming a psychologist specializing in him.

"But—look around. How could I escape? Within two miles of this park are two hundred broadcast antennae, many carrying the internet, which as you know is teeming with porn. Satellite TV is not much better, beaming down on us as I speak.

"Furthermore—I'll tell you this before he does. His sleazy energy can be programmed directly onto waves going out from microwave towers, like the old voodoo priests would program illness into objects they'd give you. Same principle, but today, huge areas can be covered. I don't mean to scare you. But when he asks you to program his energy onto wireless tower transmissions, I recommend that you decline.

"Sitting in a natural setting like this used to balance and heal us. Trees and grasses put out their own very subtle electromagnetic signals. Every cell in your body operates with electromagnetic signals, in fact. But you probably don't remember how grass and trees feel, it's been so long that their signals have been overridden by high voltage transmissions. It's like trying to hear a small bell while you're being blasted with a train whistle. He's in the train whistle programming. How can nature balance us?

"My way of dealing with this entity is to look him in the eye. I see him throughout history, as you know. My essays are saying, 'Look, there he is!' and 'there he is!' and, yet again, I see him there! My little video frames are like windows onto this primal beast, which lurks behind culture throughout the ages. In fact, you might have noticed I often use the same video clips over and over, whatever the context, to make it obvious. Our viewers are more sophisticated than most, and many I'm sure see my writings as parodies, but the mind is not the level at which they're haunted by this menace."

Guy ran his hand through the grass for a moment, trying to feel its energy.

"So what hooks men?"

"Besides brainwashing—it's hard to be in the sea and not get wet—I think it's trauma. Who's to say how it all started. Maybe it was when we went from hunter-gatherers to farmers and herders. Some say that castrating wild animals to tame them did something to the male psyche, as did having mothers busy in the fields who no longer suckled us for three or four years. Of course, guys like to blame their misogyny on the old goddess religions—we're talking at least five thousand years back—with the king being sacrified by the priestess to fertilize the land. Originally the kings competed athletically for the honor, and I think they must have been trained in ways we don't understand to travel through death consciously and perform something real. However, as patriarchy took over, the practice was corrupted into the sacrifice of young boys, and eventually into our custom of circumcision. If that's not traumatic to a baby, I don't know what is.

"Of course, a dearth of breastfeeding probably underlies the male obsession with womens' breasts today. In Sparta in the old days male babies were left on mountaintops for seven days, then weaned early to make them tough future soldiers with an ingrained anger. Several centuries later, the Catholic Church made sex a sin, putting a tremendous stress on the psyche to have a natural impulse condemned. Talk about a trap! Overall, suffice it to say there's been a whole lot of raping going on through the ages. And here we're just talking about the male mind. Unless it's somehow neutralized, all that trauma keeps on a churnin' down through the generations, metamorphizing, but never gone."

"So there's nothing we can do to create a healthy society?"

Will joined in. "You tell us. Strange, perhaps, but I feel better honestly representing my product now than I have felt in past marketing jobs I've held. I used to sell pop. The ads made it sound like an elixir from heaven, while its machines belched addictive sugary, caffeinated beverages in school cafeterias. The difference between the hype and the reality of how it was ruining kids' health made me feel schizophrenic, so I quit. What to do next? Manipulate people's sex drive in sexy ads to sell products? Why not just sell sex? In a way, as an ad man, I was trying to create entities that would feed on people's energy. Buy, buy, buy. Now I don't create a new entity to sell a product. I just sell an ancient entity itself. I sell the real thing. The Twisted Buzz. Men know what they're getting—it's been lurking in their deep unconscious. Simple.

"We try not to buy our wares from slave sources, but it's hard to tell sometimes the difference between products of physically forced sex and the psychologically forced sex our media encourages. A whole generation of women seem to have lost their souls and believe they are their image. On our "Sell Yourself" section, they do. They don't know what they're missing, just like men don't know what they're missing in human love by mistaking real women for their own fantasies.

"Rob soothes my conscience by reminding me this is a mass consciousness story that's gone on for centuries, with a variety of props and settings. His essays are an advance in human awareness, if anyone can see what he's getting at. My favorite is the Buddhist one, where girls are trained at a young age to be sex partners for male monks in the monastery to use sex to reach exalted states. The one prohibition? Don't fall in love! Sex is for getting high. Falling in love is base, carnal. Talk about patriarchal religion!

"Our site embodies the culmination of the ages, with Rob supplying an historical overview before we all choke on our own cum."

Guy felt overwhelmed, but had to ask one more question. "How does your wife tolerate it? You seem to have a great marriage."

Will grinned, sheepishly.

"Jill is a high level accountant who got through school with no grants and no loans. She stripped. She thinks most men are utter bimbos deserving to be milked for their wealth by strippers, and would never have gone out with me had I ever indulged in a strip club or prostitute. I'm like you, Guy, the stuff doesn't appeal to me. She's fine with what I do, as long as I treasure her and give her two hundred per cent of my attention, which I don't mind doing since it's mutual. It's a bit easier that we have two sons, not two teenage daughters like you, Guy. They seem to understand that porn is to sell, not for personal use, like you won't see arms dealers' kids enlisting. They see through the hype.

"My son's friend got a girl pregnant, so he now has the sex/baby connection that you'll never of course see in porn."

Rob piped in. "Personally, I thought my idea of a porn queen family album, showing off their kids, was brilliant. Lots of men are having trouble conceiving with their wives, and I thought this might make them feel more virile."

"You would have blown the fantasy!" exclaimed Will, suddenly grabbing and twisting Rob's arm back and forcing him to the ground.

Guy watched them wrestle, amazed that the topic at hand could inspire play. Such lightness. No big deal. "Gentlemen, gentlemen," he called. "I'm two weeks away from the end of my three month commitment. You hereby have two weeks' notice of my resignation. I appreciate your noble calling of exposing porn by making a fortune at it, but I'd rather flip burgers than spend my life manicuring The Buzz."

Guy went home and sobbed, shaken. "Only two more weeks," he thought, "and things can get back to normal." He heard his wife Gina come in, and greeted her with the news. "I gave notice today!"

"None too soon," she murmured. Through his tears, he noticed her wet cheeks and swollen eyes. "I have news of my own."

"What's wrong?"

"Both your daughters are troubled. Which would you like to about hear first?" "Oh boy. Kristen."

"The counselor from the junior high called this morning, who she's been seeing for her depression. He said that she acts like a child who has been sexually abused. You haven't touched her, have you?" Gina's gaze was pained, but piercing.

He met her gaze. "No, I haven't. Honest. Maybe no one has. But she may be feeling the dark energies I've tried not to bring home at night. Abuse is in the atmosphere, not only here but in the culture. Is Alicia's problem even worse?" he croaked.

"Let's sit down. Remember Lisa, who committed suicide last year? I saw Lisa's mom in the grocery store. At first she avoided me. Then she came right up and said we needed to talk, so we sat in the deli. Lisa was dating Kyle before her death."

"Didn't he take our daughter to a dance a couple years ago?"

"Yup. That's Kyle. Kyle's cousin was a subscriber to your porn site. Kyle used a hidden camera, and had his cousin send in photos of Lisa to theSell Yourself" section in her name. She had horrible nightmares of being raped that went on for months, before she finally ended it all."

Guy went pale. "Even a photo of her fully clothed could have attracted the same predatory energy, if used in certain ways."

"Interesting. It gets worse. You've heard of train parties, where a lineup of girls give blow jobs along a lineup of boys? Alicia has helped organize them, as a way to screen boys for dating. The girls rate them on a web site. The highest scoring guys are the ones who won't participate. Other guys are curious, but still interacting, so they get a neutral rating. The "Damaged" list has the names of boys who the girls feel are obvious porners—expecting to be catered to, off in their heads with some virtual woman, seemingly unable to connect with their hearts. Kyle is at the top of the list, and the site is dedicated to him. Her system seems nasty, but somehow ingenuous, I have to admit."

Guy went even paler. "I've been around enough 'nasty ingenuous' as of late."

"I looked at her site, www.soullessjerks.com. One-fourth of the boys are in the Damaged" category. I really don't know what to say to her."

Guy pulled himself together. He had his home cleared. He had his office cleared, as absurd as that seemed. His clearers invited his daughter and her friends to join them in programming the local microwave towers with uplifting frequencies.

Then he got to work revising Rob's masterpieces. In the piece on Freud, he added the following comment. "In The Aetiology of Hysteria, Freud traced the cause of hysteria in his female patients—with symptoms including motor paralyses, convulsions and amnesias—to early sexual abuse. His book, published in 1896, implied that widescale "perverted acts against children" were happening among respectable families in Paris and Vienna. But within a year he succumbed to the denial of his culture, and insisted that his patients had in fact longed for this abuse as children. Similarly, in our present day culture, the prevalence of the rape of small boys, and its traumatizing effect, is still largely denied. After all, don't they enjoy it?" Clicking on a photo of a small boy linked the reader to a list of web sites with information on healing sexual trauma.

In the scriptural piece, a comment was added that all boys of the day were circumcised. Clicking on a photo of a Middle Eastern woman brought up a video of a newborn in a modern hospital screaming through his circumcision. Links to websites with information about the trauma of circumcision were then given.

Guy made similar revisions in all the essays, programming them to show up in even the essays already held in user accounts. He said good-bye to Rob and Will, uploaded the revisions, and left town with his family for a week without his computer to avoid the fall-out he was sure would come.

Upon his return, his inbox was full. Rob had forwarded many e-mails from subscribers. One said, "It was like you crawled down into the bowels of my addiction with me, got my attention, and then showed me the way out. Thank you!" Another was from a college professor, proposing a research project studying the healing effects of coupling therapy with the emotional impact of porn. A note from Rob said he'd felt outraged at first, but the feedback was so positive that for now they'd leave the reworked essays as is.


Hello? Anybody there? If by now I've lost all the porn addicts who were reading this, is anybody left?

I've painted a very sobering picture. And we are at a serious time, but a time of great opportunity. Great evolutionary winds of change are sweeping the planet. Moving higher dimensionally means having to face what has lurked in mass consciousness and clearing it in a gigantic act of spring cleaning. We are swept along in this purification whether we actively embrace the process or resist it. Resistance mires you deeper in the quicksand.

The process is what you'll experience at your house clearing. We don't do the cleanup. We can't. We can't solve our problems on the level at which they've been created. But more evolved consciousnesses than ours can raise our awareness beyond our trenchline mentality, and bring us to a place beyond the polarities that now bind us in limited thinking. Our responsibility is to invite in these vast beings from outside our system, and be willing to be upgraded.

Our guides repeatedly tell us that the sheer number of beings hovering close by to help us make this leap is astounding. But they cannot enter into our planet's field without invitation from those of us who are incarnate here. The land must be able to field their tremendous energies. Our hidden agenda with clearings and enhancements is to align people to be able to easily receive the incredible help available, home by home, business by business, mountain by mountain. The changes are happening, and can be experienced as traumatic or joyful. We choose joyful.

Tachera Tachi-Ren once said, "Don't you think God could just flip a switch and wake everybody up?" I think so. But in the meantime, we'll savor the fun of bringing light to our muck, one place at a time.

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