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Space Clearings and Enhancements

through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

Fees and Logistics

You are always welcome to call us at 303-823-6108 for a free short interview about our services. You can also e-mail Peter at pmacgill at frii.com.

Once you contact us desiring a clearing/enhancement, wheels are set into motion. With our spiritual team, we look remotely at what work needs to be done, and the various factors involved. We charge $100 for this initial reading. If we see that a clearing/enhancement isn't the best answer for your stated goal (e.g. those noises are neighbors, not ghosts) we'll tell you, and you'll owe nothing. Likewise, if our guidance suggests that your project is simple, e.g. a house blessing to set the energy when you move into a new place, we will not charge you for a reading—we'll just set an appointment with you for the work. However, most clearings/enhancements are more complex, and well, intriguing.

Typically, we will do the initial remote view and phone you in advance of the clearing to describe to you what is there and what needs to happen, to answer your questions, and perhaps even to assign homework. Then everything is in alignment for a beautiful, powerful clearing to take place. Often we do more work in advance, both in receiving information and in energy work, than we do at the actual clearing. Most residential clearings run $200 in addition to the initial reading of $100. Larger jobs, such as a very haunted home, or for a business or public institution, cost more. Sometimes we're asked to clear a person rather than a space, and will negotiate the fee.

Working remotely is just as powerful as working at the site. In fact, if the site has very heavy energy, we may work remotely, even if the site is just down the street from us. If your space is within a forty-five minute drive of Pinewood Springs, CO (which is halfway between Lyons and Estes Park on Hwy 36), we're willing to come to the site without an additional travel fee. The advantage of being on-site is that we can give feng shui advice, see the geology of the area, and point out structural problems with the building. Either way, we are happy to go thoroughly into any questions you may have about your space. We follow our guidance in whether to do it remotely or in person, and how many people need to be involved. For remote sites, we will do it from our home, with a subsequent phone call to the client, and if appropriate, a cassette tape or CD sent of pertinent finds and channeled information. The call can be like a personal reading, answering any questions.

For especially heavy, sinister, or large jobs, we may bring in other colleagues.

To work remotely we need at least an address, but any further items you may have such as photos, a diagram of the floor plan or acreage, etc. are certainly useful in helping us tune in. Whether in person or long distance, we also need permission from the owner or renter of the place, even if someone else has commissioned the work.

You can pay with cash, a check, or by credit card using Paypal. Please pay for remote work, whether an initial phone session or a remote clearing, in advance.

Our goal is to not only leave you with a space that feels wonderful, but to enhance your relationship with your space. This is why you are very much a part of the clearing/enhancement at every step.

We don't put a time limit on clearings—we go until they're done. Some have been like personal workshops for the clients. If you're considering renovation, your clearing can pave the way for and blend into the conscious building process.

We believe having your space cleared and enhanced is a wonderful contribution you can make to the planet. The vibrancy of your space will bless the land far beyond the boundaries of your turf. And by hiring us to work with your space, you're helping to finance our extensive unpaid work with public lands and the planet.

We look forward to serving you.

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