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Space Clearings

through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

A Personal Note

by Cathee Courter

I'm a sensitive. To most people that's a euphemism for "psychic." In my case it also means being a walking gaussmeter, mold test kit, and emotional barometer. I've worked jobs in buildings laced with cigarette smoke, high electro-magnetic fields, entities, mold and asbestos—one so bad that the state Public Health Department closed the business down and barred people from entering. I've lived in buildings affected by noise, mold, and EMF's, and next door to two different haunted historic lodges.

Among all these health challenges, entities are the most pernicious in my experience. You can eat well, exercise, and take vitamins, and as parasites they will become stronger, siphoning off your added vitality. We don't like to think they exist, if we're among the few who have even heard of them—the concept is just too creepy. But when someone close to you is influenced, or even taken over by one, it's beyond creepy. It can be heartbreaking.

My ex-husband underwent a huge personality change while in medical school (when I knew little of entities). He became irritable, arrogant, and eventually violent. It was easy to chalk up the change to the stresses he was under stirring up his own personality weaknesses. But at times his whole demeanor shifted and he "wasn't himself." A glazed look would come over him, and I'd try to snap him out of it, saying in essence, "Come back here right now!"

My heart goes out to addicts trying to break a habit that's someone else's, children who "see" the bogeyman in their room and are pooh-poohed, patients in mental hospitals who are harassed by hostile voices, and lovers who feel someone besides their beloved with them. We live in a sea of parasites that include entities as "real" as mosquitoes and microbes. And often it is the most open, compassionate people among us who are most vulnerable to their invasion.

When we see the often huge shift that results from the removal of an entity, I feel very grateful to have been led into this unconventional and by western standards bizarre line of work, to be able to offer a vital, missing piece of the solution to certain problematic situations. The difference can be enormous, life-changing.

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