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Space Clearings

through Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill

Thoughtforms and Emotional Debris

by Cathee Courter

We live in the fourth dimension. The fourth is the realm of thoughts, feelings, and that creative spark called intention. It's the realm of quantum physics, movies, collective movements, virtual reality, family bonding, and the spirit of your home. It's not physical, but nonetheless, it comprises a large part of the architecture of our daily experience. Of course, we live in all dimensions simultaneously, but the fourth is prominent in our awareness.

Out in the woods, breakdown processes are as evident as life-building processes in rotting fallen trees and clouds of pine pollen. I drop a crumb and an ant is right there like a devoted servant, ready to clean up after me and "recycle" it into soil. Our inner life goes through cycles similar to the physical, with the birth, brief existence, and death of an average of 70,000 thoughts per day, per person. We're like turbines churning out thoughts and emotions continually. When I'm enfolded in the stillness of the forest, and a chattering group of humans pass by who seem oblivious to their surroundings, I ponder what . . . um . . . interesting creatures we humans are.

Many people seem to be living almost virtual lives, but resist the fact that similar natural laws govern the fourth dimension as the third. We put our wastes, from diaper contents to food scraps, in plastic bags that prevent their disintegration. Likewise, we put our thoughts on plastic disks. In theatre, each performance has in-the-moment chemistry between actor and audience, even in the telling of fairy tales to our children. Now we embed performances in plastic, and replay them so that the airwaves are full of this non-interpersonal commotion that never seems to die.

But it doesn't take a DVD to record our emotional output. Walls, floors, rocks, and even our pets take it in and hold it for us until we're ready to integrate our own thoughts and feelings, and let them go. For instance, anger can be a good thing — it's a flag that someone may be threatening my boundaries — but an apartment writhing with anger I'm not willing to grow through is not a healthy place to live. Many people are aware of how their negative emotions affect their bodies. We call it stress. Your living space is like your third skin (the second being clothing), and can become stressed as well. A clearing can bring an incredible sense of relief.

You can clear your own place with simple techniques. In fact, we teach a process that we encourage folks to use often. But just as you may brush and floss daily, and still find value in visiting a dentist to get the X-ray view, surgical precision, and healer's global understanding of what's happening in your mouth, you may want to bring us in for a deeper cleansing and illumination than you can muster alone.

We call what we do channeling, rather than the euphemisms others use for the same activity, because the term fits the process. We open lines of communication — "channels" — to various sources of information and power through our relationships with various beings, including your Higher Self and the "conscious blueprint" or "spirit" of your building. Each clearing is unique, and often includes a psychic reading for our client about their relationship with their space, whether that client be a person or an organization.

Nature consciousness holds all things in form, and is eager to enter into a closer relationship with human inhabitants. But the human has to initiate the process. We facilitate the communication. Many of our clearings and enhancements feel downright magical. At what point does the stray animal you've let in become "your pet"? It's a similar wonder when a building truly becomes "your home" or "your workplace," when you feel it supporting and nurturing you more fully. It's fun.


You may be familiar with the popular adage that "you create your own reality" through your thoughts and feelings. This notion acknowledges that our dense physical world of events is downloaded from subtle higher dimensions of meaning. What is often overlooked is the intelligent force that is involved in the downstepping, which we call nature intelligence. For instance, in the section on ghosts, you'll see that we work with a force we call the Deva of Incarnation and Deincarnation that gets souls in and out of here. There are also innumerable devas (nature spirits) of trees, flowers, mountains, etc. that you probably didn't create personally. Some of these nature spirits have been working with the human form for thousands of years, helping us to evolve it. Likewise, some humans are helping to co-create new species of plants to help balance the planet in the face of human-produced electrical transmissions such as microwave tower broadcasts. As you'll see in a later section, Peter and I with others are co-creating new forms for the human "third skin" — fourth-dimensional-friendly buildings that will better house our auras as well as our bodies.

So our team helps you, in the realm of meaning, clear the muck and set new intentions for what you want your space to be for you, as well as other aspects of your life. Nature downloads your intentions, and reshapes the energetic fabric of your space to hold them. Your building may look similar to how it looked before, but it's not the same building when we're through. You might say its aura has shifted.

Given how powerful your thoughts and feelings are in creating your experiences, it's easy to see how important a clearing can be in helping you to change your thoughts and thus invite happier experiences into your life. Scrubbing through habitual modes is like moving furniture and seeing that your carpet was originally white, not gray as you'd assumed. If your home is holding an emotional grayness, feeling good there can take great effort. For instance, if you've often thought "I'm unlovable," you've been ringing the bell of a certain resonance. To suddenly try to change that thought, you are going against the current of the resonance in the room. A clearing can give you the freedom, in this example, to more easily feel that you are loved. You gain an extended keyboard on which to play your preferred tune. And create your preferred reality.

A clearing can be a time to examine and integrate the patterns of thought and emotion you've been putting out, and to consider changing your habitual output. We're happy to bring in your spirit guides and facilitate personal insight and healing of old issues you may have. We then offer the opportunity in the enhancement to instill a new intention in the building or land, so that you are supported in the desired change by your environment.

Your Own Space

Many buildings teem with thoughtforms and emotional residue. And land can upchuck accumulated trauma when bulldozers disturb it in digging foundations. Often we're dealing with long-term energetic plaque from a number of former owners or the public. Moving into a home or workplace without clearing it can lead to inadvertently joining someone else's conversation, or taking up a role in their play long after they've gone! If violence was the going drama before you moved in, it is especially important not to live in the shadow of someone else's discord. And while I applaud the hospice movement's facilitating people dying at home, as more people suffer terrible diseases in their own beds, those homes really need clearings. You may have moved in without knowing the history of your bedroom. For instance, a client's mother had suffered a long illness in the guest room. In trying to sort through boxes of mementos after her mother's death, she admitted to herself that she could hardly stand to be in there, and called us. Sometimes nature will concentrate and isolate negative energies in one part of a structure, and it was remarkable how good the rest of the home felt given how awful the guest room felt. Friends — a couple — had visited for a few nights, and had decided to divorce while staying in that room!

Pulling You Near

Our remote clearings can be just as powerful as our physically-present ones. We can locate the energetic signature of the place through an address, your descriptions of it, a map, or a photograph. It's common in this line of work for practitioners to move over the years from physical efforting to more elegantly and efficiently working energetically. One man moved from thickly smoking up clients' houses with a beesmoker to remove entities, to using a swirling pendulum with his guides from a distance. A couple in England went from pounding metal stakes into the ground to nullify negative ley lines, to finding them on maps with their pendulum and sending light to the place remotely in meditation. There are some tools in our toolbox we use only on site, like giving feng shui-based suggestions for furniture placement. But even with physical questions, at times we can tell you more from researching a geological map of your area than by coming out and looking at the soil and rock composition in the roadcuts. And, to be honest, there are some buildings that are so energetically toxic that we'll clear them from the safety of our own home, even if such a building is just down the block from us. It's easier to concentrate when we're not in a pool of sharks! We keep in touch with our remote clients by phone before and after the clearing, so they get the same opportunities to have questions answered and channeled counseling if appropriate and desired as our in-person clients do.

Fresh Air

The most basic clearing technique we use is from Machaelle Small Wright's Perelandra Garden Workbook II, page 33. Simply put, we ask that a sheet of light move up through the place collecting negative energies. The sheet is then bundled and sent off to be transmuted. For you do-it-yourselfers, I'd also recommend Tashira Tachi-Ren's method on page 89 of her book What is Lightbody? where you ask Archangel Michael to spin energetic spheres around your home that spin out the negativity. Many techniques will work. I sometimes see scrub brushes or vacuum cleaners in action. The main requirements, in my view, are strong intention and focus, and having good help — whether Archangel Michael as in Tachi-Ren's technique, the light of the christ and the light of nature, as in Wright's, or your own allies. Let's face it, the world would be a happier place if clearing were taught to all high school kids. It's a basic skill that can be used well daily in the typical workplace.

We have been hired to do simple clearings by people who do them themselves. It can be a form of self-nurturing, like a house massage. And it can be difficult to have enough objectivity with your own dirt to really get it all out. If forgiveness of someone is required to let go, some emotional support might be needed.

Furthermore, we've found that simple clearing techniques work only with stagnant thoughts and emotions, and don't begin to handle the problems you'll read about if you read further on this site. Chances are good that if your place is troubled enough that you've found us, you probably need a more thorough cleansing than you can do alone. And if you're tired of cleansing the same old emotions over and over from your space, you may welcome the counseling we offer.

Clearing as Healing

The counseling is the aspect I find most fascinating about our clearings. Our team can uncover and heal so much. People's environments tend to be reflections of their inner lives, and we've seen clearings set people ahead in unexpected ways.

A client diagnosed with terminal cancer moved to a retirement home. A remote clearing on her house and acreage where her husband had recently died in a tragic accident was requested as a way to help the property sell faster, but became a ritual of letting go of her past. Her health situation made a U-turn and improved.

Another woman requested a remote clearing of a commercial property she had inherited that had been fraught with legal problems for decades. Our team guided her to use the clearing as a way of letting go of some childhood trauma and unhealthy family cords that she associated with this property. We also cleared her present home, and instilled nurturing, safe energies there for her. The clearing of her commercial building was quickly followed by positive forward movement in what had been a difficult stalemate legally. It had the side benefit of supporting her in letting go of deep-seated emotional wounds, freeing her to make wiser business decisions about the property.

A real-estate-savvy woman asked me to check out a home she was about to purchase. She realized the place had huge problems, but felt compelled to buy it. My guides told me to not try to dissuade her from buying this lemon, saying, "better a cancer in the home than a cancer in the body." Since she's moved in, she's done amazing inner work in releasing resentments toward mother and mate as she's worked on the ever-demanding house, having it reroofed, replumbed, recaulked — you name it. The house is on a fault line, which can bring to the surface feelings of polarization with those close to you. It also has an underground stream that can carry released negativity away from the house if used well. She's experienced strange pains, but hasn't needed to manifest cancer in her body to express repressed trauma. She's used the house well, clearing herself through it.

Plant Spirit Clearers

Smudging is the first introduction many people have to energy clearing. It's an ancient American Indian practice of burning wands of tied-together sage and/or sweetgrass, and letting the smoke clear either a space or a person's aura. Do I smudge? Being of Kansas dustbowl lineage, I have sensitive sinuses, so I decline being smoked up. But I think it's a fine practice for those with a relationship with the spirits of the plants used. We're used to buying drugs to fix problems. Sage and sweetgrass are not drugs, but vibrational substances. The substance is the body of the spirit (deva) of the plant. The deva, which is subtle, is able to affect the subtle levels of energy you're asking to be cleared. So you must honor the spirit in order for smudging to be effective. Thanks is all that's needed to initiate this relationship. In contrast, to cleanse physical grime, I'll use a baking soda without needing to bring in the soda's deva.

Cedar berries were used by some tribes for protection. I once experienced a very powerful entity clearing under a cedar tree, and took notice. I now sometimes go to a cedar closer to home in the national forest for help in releasing negative emotions. This forest was scheduled to be thinned for fire prevention. When twenty men with raging chainsaws came to chew up half the forest, they encountered me wrapping this tree with ribbons, indicating to not cut it. Needless to say, my relationship has deepened with this tree. My guides suggested we take cedar logs and branches from other downed cedars and surround our house with them for protection. As we gathered them (along with other firewood), the deva of cedar told me that just using the wood in this way would be ineffective without energizing our relationship with her. When we truly participate, the devas are blessed by our human love, as we are blessed by them.

Chances are good that wherever you live, you are graced by dandelions. They often invite me to nibble on their leaves, which gives me an energetic lift. In fact, bringing flowers into your home, done mindfully, may give you as much cleansing as smudging would. See which flowers you're drawn to.

Flowering plants are living reminders of a natural cycle — growing, budding, blooming, seeding, disintegrating. Living in rectangular boxes, surrounded by plastic and vinyl in carpets, linoleum, counters and paint that may "wear out" but not compost, in artificial light, with digital electronics that are incessantly accurate and unchanging, it's amazing our emotions can have room to grow, bud, bloom, seed, and disintegrate. No wonder they get stuck. Singing, dancing, painting — creating (the human version of blooming) can help to get them flowing again. Journalwork, bodywork, and affection can help integration. Physical cleaning can help move them out. A clearing can help at any step of the way to unstick the stuck. Astral substance — the matrix of thoughts and feelings — is made available for new thoughts and feelings when we let the old die.

Mass Thought Smog

You may have to clear more than your self-generated thoughts and feelings. The more clearings we perform, the more collective they feel. You're cleaning up your piece of mass consciousness — or maybe even more than your share. For some, it's a calling. A friend lives in the Hurricane Katrina aftermath, where the land is full to the brim of human anguish and simply can't take on more. A relative moved in after a relationship break-up, and the health of her cats has been taking the brunt of his unprocessed "stuff" since the land is overflowing already. She finds that if she clears the house nightly, her one-year-old sleeps through the night without crying, and if she doesn't, he doesn't.

We're all in the same boat, really. As Earth rises in vibration and the fourth dimension comes into focus, we find ourselves in a great sea of material that was formerly beneath the surface of our awareness. To get to the higher realms in our collective consciousness, we need to clear up the psychic smog of the fourth, at least enough to glimpse where we can go and ask for help to get there. As we rise, we're no longer in the density we were in when we created this pollution, and so much of it — call it karma if you will — is just falling off in chunks. We couldn't process it all if we had to — it's too heavy.

The good news is that much of our karma is falling away. The difficulty is that we tend to be identified with our pasts, and it can be very disorienting when a part of your past-based identity suddenly feels missing. "Where did my heaviness go? How can I get it back?!"

In this process, as our boundaries lessen and our sense of self mutates, our homes become crucial for a smooth transition. We need a cocoon for our delicate, vulnerable souls. In this cocoon, we can dream new possibilities for life on Earth. Most of us can't escape to monasteries while this happens. It's time to create and maintain buildings that are clear, enhanced, and physically structured to best hold our transitioning chrysalises.

This flooding in of mass consciousness is well symbolized by the internet, in which you can connect to just about anyone through electromagnetic signals. However, we no longer have the choice to shut it out if we want to. The transmissions that rain down on us from satellites and towers are programmed with human dramatic content, much very negative. Even if we do not own a computer, TV, or radio to receive the content consciously, we're picking up those thoughtforms unconsciously.

Even amidst wildflowers in a city "open space" preserve, there can be a tension in trying to feel the energy of the natural surroundings through the smog of the human emotional content being broadcast from towers and satellites. It's not unlike the feeling of being "slimed" by a ghost — there's someone in your space, but you can't see them clearly. In this case, it's a subtle cacophony of talk shows, music, porn, movies, conversations, etc. that prevent stepping out from under human domination. The trees, wildflowers and birds have a harder time balancing and healing us with that subtle racket going on.

When you step inside a building wired for electricity, you add another layer of chatter. In the U.S. the wires carry sixty hertz electrical impulses, and in Europe and other places it's 50 hertz. These bandwidths have been programmed and still hold traces of any programs that have ever been carried on those frequencies through the computers, TV's, etc. plugged into the wiring. It's difficult to think new, expanded thoughts while within the pressure chamber of past thought programming. Most "civilized" humans never get out of the box.

When I'm out camping, it's very easy and natural to tune into flower spirits, and touch in with the stars. The restriction of where my consciousness can easily roam feels heavy when I return to a wired environment. I believe our ancestors had a psychically rich experience of life that we can hardly imagine. Until we step outside our wired boxes, we don't know what we're missing.

That wires can hold thought is not surprising, given what we've said, that even walls and rocks can hold thought and emotional material. I've noticed with friends that we'll find ourselves conversing about the same subject at the same place on a trail each time we hike it. It's almost eerie how the land holds our conversation until we take it up again. And the flavor of our conversation will differ according to landscape. For many, part of the desire to travel to mountain or sea is the difference our environment can make in the quality of our inner experience. Beyond the obvious way a wide open vista can lead to expansive thoughts, different minerals hold different frequencies and can influence thoughts and emotions. It may be harder to hold onto rage for instance, while sitting on certain kinds of boulders. They just don't support that frequency.


Nature can hold events so fully that they can be viewed later. An acquaintance of mine in Indianapolis kept his older home decorated 1920's style to preserve his trace. At times apparitions dressed in party clothes of that era would appear, always replaying the same scene. Often such "traces" record traumatic events, but not always. They are an extreme example of the way our experiences are held in space, not just in our personal memory banks.

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