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Directions to 108 Pinewood Drive in Pinewood Springs

We're about half an hour's drive from north Boulder or Longmont and fifteen minutes from Estes Park.

Directions from Lyons:

(coming from Denver, Boulder, Longmont, or Ft. Collins)

At the T at the west end of downtown, go right onto Highway 36 as if towards Estes Park and the national park. (Coming from Boulder on Hwy 36, you'll take a left T into Lyons first, and then come to this T where you take a right after passing stores. From Longmont on Hwy 66 you'll come straight through Lyons to this T). Pinewood Springs is about eight miles (fourteen minutes) up the road, soon after the sign indicating that you're entering Larimer County. Take the first left at Gate 1, which is Deer Lane. Take the next right, onto Meadow, and then the next left, onto Pinewood Drive. Our brown house with a woodpile is halfway up the hill on the right. We have two driveways—use either, preferably the upper one.

Directions from Estes:

Take Highway 36 towards Boulder. Pinewood Springs is a hamlet that looks like a long row of mailboxes with a smattering of houses surrounding it. Past the mailboxes, take a right between the two chalets (one is a restaurant). Take the first left, Meadow Lane, and then the next right, Pinewood Dr. We're halfway up the hill in a long brown house with a woodpile. We have two driveways—use either, preferably the upper one. Since Pinewood Dr. loops around, you'll actually turn onto Pinewood at the chalets, then Meadow, then Pinewood again.

Pinewood Springs is a cell-phone-free community. Please leave all wireless devices totally off, to protect the health of all people, plants, and rocks in the area. Because there is no cell phone tower within range, a cell phone left on, even in someone's car, tries ten times as hard to find a signal, and blasts the area with harmful emissions.

If you wish to find a map on the web, our mailing address is:

108 Pinewood Dr.

Lyons, CO 80540

(we live in Pinewood Springs even though our P.O. address is Lyons)

However, a woman from Ft. Collins got a crazy map online, so be careful.

Our phone is 303-823-6108, but you can't reach us by cell phone after you leave Lyons because of the topography and absence of cell phone towers. If you get lost, ask a neighbor for directions—folks here are friendly.

©Cathee Courter and Peter MacGill, photos and text.

Copies may be distributed with credit given, but not sold. www.weness.org