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Donation and Volunteer Opportunities

at www.weness.org

We greatly appreciate donations of any size, whether a dollar, a tithe, or a large sum. The urgency of the state of the planet demands that we prioritize getting this work out, and we'd like it to be accessible to all regardless of ability to pay. Thus donations are very important!

The power and "juice" that rushes through us when we channel, write and teach is delicious, and those who share in this work through supplying financial energy share mightily in the experience of bringing in a new paradigms, new ideas, a new world. It's joyful.

We are not a non-profit at present, but could be there overnight under the umbrella of an existing like-minded institute if needed to receive a large donation.

To donate through Paypal, please use the above button.

To donate with other credit cards, please call (303-823-6108) or e-mail us a pledge and we'll e-mail you a credit card form invoice. E-mail petermacgill@aol.com.

Please send checks to: Cathee Courter, 108 Pinewood Dr., Lyons, CO 80540

If you have the talents of typing, editing, or web expertise, please volunteer. Also consider volunteering if you see a needed niche you'd like to fill, such as moderating a support forum for those leaping, etc. Call us at 303-823-6108.

Thank you! with tremendous love from ourselves, our future readers and listeners, and the many nature beings who wish their voices to be heard in the human world.


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