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Weness: Chapter Ten

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill

Mills Lake

Our guides suggested that we work with Longs Peak from the vantage point of Mills Lake at the base of the side of Longs called the Keyboard of the Winds for its long steep vertical ridges of scree. They wished to position us to connect visually with a certain area that we did not have the climbing skills to connect with physically.

On the way up we rested on rocks lining the trail, and I felt my awareness pulled downward into what felt like an etheric long cavernous opening within the earth.

People at Longs Peak, as we have said before, tend to think of going up instead of down in. We want you to go down in. The whole concept of incarnation is to take the plunge down in, and there are great consciousnesses within the earth down in. Most people think of an Earth grid as energetic lines around the Earth on the Earth's surface. People also tend to think up when they think of gridworks, as if your electrical power lines were a metaphor. Many gridworks are deep within the earth. You need to get over the prejudice that things within the earth are dark and dingy and dull. To the contrary, there is much conscious intelligence deep in the earth, and it is of a very high frequency nature. The vortex is coming up in this area from deep within.

You are sensing one of these deep lines of intelligence within the Earth. These lines of intelligence are not like your telephone lines. They have consciousness. They are entities, you might say. Normally you don't think of ley lines as being entities of themselves, although you sure tune into them and seek their guidance. We are pushing you always to think beyond humans as containing intelligence and consciousness. Human intelligence and consciousness is of one type. It is a very superb, beautiful type of intelligence. Part of your calling is to stretch to see the kind of intelligence that is non-human.

This is a very rough analogy, but you know many whites a couple hundred years ago thought of blacks as not having intelligence, and it took awhile for a few courageous souls to venture forth. Probably blacks at that time didn't think whites had much intelligence either. It's hard to see your cultural prejudices. They color your perception so completely that to get a foothold into a new way of seeing is quite an undertaking. It's why we are supporting you in every way we know how in this work.

We as your nature teachers feel that you are not far from being able to directly experience the intelligence of these entities that are what you call ley lines deep within the earth. It comes with practice. It's like learning to play the piano—you just do it and do it and pretty soon something kicks in. And so we will talk to you often and guide you in this reaching out with your extra senses to encounter this intelligence, to honor it, to validate it to yourselves and to love it, ultimately.

We might add here that not every human has the equipment to do this. You were born with specialized DNA, just as some people have the DNA to be great basketball players. So it is something to honor in yourselves that this equipment is there and just needs to be turned on, and not expect any validation from those who do not have this equipment, who have no idea what you are talking about.

Go back to the cavern feeling—that's more what these consciousnesses feel like. Again, it's the prejudice of going down in—you expect a density feeling. And this is why you are afraid of going in there, of being swallowed in the opening. Go ahead and be swallowed.

Mills is a large high lake bordered by smooth inviting boulders that may have fallen from the surrounding stark mountain walls. We followed the trail the length of the lake, then cut across a marshy meadow to find a supportive rock on the far side from which to align ourselves with Longs. I felt myself extend in some form and tunnel into the heart of the mountain, and send out love. I remember little of the experience—my mind doesn't have a place for it. Energetic strands from Longs were connected up to the back of each of our hearts.

This heart deepening can be very easy and natural or very painful. For it to be easy and natural you are going to have to let go of any ideas of what nurtures the heart and how the heart operates. You are stepping out here a step beyond the realm of the human as the human has built a library of feelings about heart. You are stepping into something a tad more impersonal. Mountains love impersonally, you could say. As you go forth with your lives, you will probably feel both a much deeper place open in your heart and more impersonality. We tell you this so that you don't think something is wrong. This is how we love you. It's a different kind of dance than you are used to. It is like joining the heart deva.

If you get used to this level of love, your relationship with us can be so much richer. Perhaps you must experience it first with another human. We are not surprised that that is how it is. We want your hearts to open so fast so soon—if we get too forceful about this, you let us know. We get so excited about this but we don't want to push it.

You are developing a new relationship to your body. As your frequency changes and as matter's frequency changes, you are developing a new relationship to how your spirit sits within matter. You have capabilities now to travel into the Earth that you never had before. You could do visualizations before, but you felt today like you were in Longs Peak. You were feeling the physicality of that in some sort of fourth dimensional way. And it was real. It just feels strange because it's the first time.

When you came back and put your attention on your body again, since you had used your consciousness in a different density and texture of perception, there was a bit of disorientation as you returned to your more normal way of sensing your energy in physicality. However the old way is getting less familiar to you anyway, and so there's a feeling of "where can I be safe?" We want to tell you you were safe in both places.

We don't see that you need to do a whole lot of grounding more than you do, because it wouldn't really feel grounded anyway, at this point. What you need to do is learn to swim in different densities. It is you going to those densities. You may not bring your body always with you, but it is your consciousness, and so it is you, and so there is that reference point, definitely. We don't really have a word for what you were doing today. If anything it's extending your energy field to include the energy field of physical objects that are large and intelligences that are geographically a distance from where you start your normal sense of how big your field is. It's tremendous expansion, even if it's along what feels like a tunnel projectory rather than a huge sphere.

There are limits as to how much of a sense of community non-humans can give humans. A strong human grounding provides a very necessary element to nature work, period. We have seen humans who were trying to do this work alone get in some pretty bad psychological places because they weren't grounded in the human community. So it is up to you to ask for what you need to feel strongly affiliated in the human realm, and the universe will gladly give you that. We would say it is essential to the heart opening that you have embarked on.

Peter and I had been working as a team for less than a month, and it already seemed my solo nature worker days were over. Our symbiosis was effortless, beautiful and strange to our whole cultural context. We already sensed that in order to go deeper in our explorations with nature, we would have to come to a greater comfort level with our pre-existing closeness. In other words, we have not experienced a movement toward each other or toward the land so much as a necessary gradual dropping of our resistance to intimacy in order to do this work.

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