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Weness: Chapter Eleven

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill


The trail to Bridal Veil Falls starts along Cow Creek. You have to walk between historic cabins that the Park now uses for research labs, and head straight out along a dusty trail bordered by low rocky mountains that watch you for the mile or two before you enter forest. They are neither friendly nor unfriendly, but the grasses, flowers, and sage bushes are always having a good time with the wind, and you are free to play too. The trail ascends through lushness until you reach the wild spray of the falls. By that point I'm halfway into a different density, hoping no one will notice.

Peter and I sat in the grasses near a large rock outcropping along the river and the following came through.

We've asked you to rethink the metaphor of ET beings and frequencies coming down from the sky. We've told you they come up from the center of the Earth, and we sense that you kind of take that literally, and you kind of take it metaphorically, and we would like you to explore this a little more deeply.

Inside a layer within the planet is a metallic property that is part of the magnetic alignment of frequency that happens on the surface. When you felt the gridlines on the way to Mills Lake, these "consciousnesses," as we called them, went very deep into the earth. They weren't just a surface thing. The alignment of frequencies on the surface very much depends on these metallic bands somewhere between the Earth's core and the surface. When we have told you that you are able to feel the earth ET energy come into being here, this also relates to the magnetic lines set up within the Earth. So you see that much that comes from outside of the Earth—even that which comes from the sky—has something to do with that which is coming up from within the Earth, if the beings coming from the sky are following the magnetic lines. "Lines" is too simplistic a concept, but we'll go with that.

On the way to Mills we used the word "ley line." (We're groping for another term, because what people popularly conceive of as ley lines is not exactly what we're talking about—it's something that's deeper within the Earth's crust.) What word can we use . . . metallically induced magnetic fields or transmission fields. These earth consciousnesses come to certain places where a ghost image of them comes to the surface and up. It is not the fields themselves. It is like an energetic tracing paralleling them. This is the consciousness that you are able to barely feel in the feminine presence which you have been sensing here as you sit, Cathee, as spiraling energy coming up. She is very beautiful, no? Points like this and consciousnesses, as we shall call her, are really wonderful places to come into alignment with what is deep within the Earth, and this is why we have brought you to meet her. You are here to be activated by this beautiful energy.

We predict that as you continue with your abilities to learn the language of earth ET's, you will also become very familiar with beings such as this. You will be able to communicate with this consciousness and others like her as easily as you are speaking to rocks and trees and humans. It just takes practice. We're very much looking forward to this, because there is a tremendous amount of energy/information in her consciousness. There are vibratory connections to where these frequency lines are in the earth, and sometimes it can be much easier accessing these frequencies when you are able to align yourself and resonate with a being such as this one. We will call her Katie just to have something to call her.

Katie is of a foreign nature to you human ones. This is why there is a transition time as you become more comfortable with her. You will have to take time to relax into this—you may not be able to speak her language right away. But this is one of the prime tasks we are presenting you with as humans, to greet and welcome these foreign frequencies just through recognizing them, therefore making them accessible to the whole human race. These foreign frequencies are tremendously important in setting up the magnetic blueprint of where Earth is heading, vibrationally and geometrically.

Again, it takes a certain humility on the part of a human to think that there are frequencies that are non-human, that are very foreign, that need to be learned and that can teach you. That can take you to places in consciousness no one here has been before—and we mean no humans, and also the Earth herself, the rocks and trees and everything here. As we speak, we are calibrating you to Katie.

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