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Weness: Chapter Twelve

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Earth ET Forcefield

Near the end of a lovely evening at Janis' cabin by the woodstove this information came through. Janis slept through half of it, which is not bad. Some of my most powerful channeling sessions have included an unexpected nap in the middle, and I usually awaken with a greater sense of presence.

The earth ET's have been within the space that matter takes up all along. It's just now that you're going through a change. They are the change. It's like a matrix of energies on the tiniest levels that is superimposed on the density of 3D matter that you have known. This forcefield has always been there and now it is activated, coming into your conscious awareness, stirring the pot towards higher frequencies. It's been called the photon belt, but we don't like that term. It's a forcefield of consciousness that is coming into human awareness because you are waking up. It's always been there, but you are now able to sense it. And as you sense it, and as the Earth comes into its influence, it is changing everything to a different frequency, a different geometry of light.

So we use the term "earth ET's" partly because the term "ET's" gives you a flavor of something unfamiliar, something foreign, something connected with what's out there in realms beyond the ones you commonly have known here on Earth. Earth ET's implies that there are all these little separate selves, but it's more like a forcefield. We like the word ET's, though, because these forcefields are not consistently spread out. They form different configurations, and those configurations have consciousness of their own. The whole forcefield itself has consciousness, as everything does. And so if we use the term "earth ET's," that means that you will be able to interact with certain of these configurations as Cathee and Peter did on the way to Bridal Veil Falls.

We call the configuration that came from this forcefield as it formed in a certain pattern Katie. We give her a name, as if she is a separate entity. She is as much as anybody is. As you tune into and greet with love this forcefield. . . . to us "forcefield" sounds kind of sterile and cold, not something you would greet with love and feel love back from. English is so difficult. "Forcefield" at least takes you out of the idea of little green men running around inside the earth. As you greet this forcefield with love and feel its response in your consciousness—its mirroring to you All That Is—you are changed. You are on physical, emotional level, and spiritual levels shifted, like those little holographic toys where you hold it at a different angle and you can suddenly see a different picture. Everything shifts. And the consciousness of the forcefield as it has interacted with you also shifts. It takes on human essence. It becomes personalized to the planet. It becomes aware of itself as different from you, as recognizing you. In this there is love. It is no different, really, than what we've been saying to do with rocks and trees all along. This is just at a very, very, very refined level.

Everybody's feeling a different sense of energy. The popular New Age notion is that the planet is moving through the photon belt, and that it's somehow out there, instead of right in here. Although if one really thinks deeply, how could the photon belt not be right in here at the tiniest, tiniest level? There is an ability among those called to do nature work like this to form personal relationships with the energies. To have a feeling of love, of recognition, of seeing this energy as you are shifting to greet it.

You are able to bring divine impersonal love into Earth's substance because you are capable of a personal relationship with it. And why we call them earth ET's is also because you can imagine having a personal relationship with an ET. Maybe it's a little bit harder to imagine having a personal relationship with a forcefield—a relationship of love in which you are in your full self, participating with what seems like another being.

We want you to have the experience of feeling these earth ET's love you back, even though they may feel foreign to you. "Love you back" sounds kind of human, but of feeling them respond to you and resonate with you, at times merging, at times not merging. They, in their consciousness which is foreign to yours, seek this experience wholeheartedly, so to speak. They very much wish for this intimacy with human consciousnesses. And we feel that you greatly desire this love dance with them, although we know that you are both feeling that you will never be the same.

Peter and I have found we can access the earth ET's most easily by lying very still, putting our attention on a stretch of the skin of our arm or leg, and waiting. The sensation is of tiny points of light popping into existence in our bodies.

Many channelings I've read have offered helpful descriptions of changes our bodies are experiencing as we expand. Few have mentioned the changes in the land that can also be felt or seen directly, almost as if you were looking down at a huge cloth stretched taut between you and a mountain range. As the cloth is lowered, first you would see the contour of only the highest peaks, then the lower peaks, then the full lay of the land. However, the new energetic contours now materializing into "view" don't follow the physical contours of the land.

We have found that greeting the new energies directly can be energizing. Experiencing them unconsciously as body changes can be exhausting.

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