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Weness: Chapter Thirteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Before Our Existence

The guides presented Peter and me with the following exercise in a beautiful meadow in Tahosa Valley looking up at Longs Peak. To be honest, neither of us could feel what they were asking us to sense at the time, but seeds were being planted.

There is a power between the two of you that you haven't tapped: the power of coming home. It's a rarified skill, to consciously be one and be two at the same time. . . .

Frequencies get translated from earth and rock into the human energy system, and come out as an experience of love. So does the mountain care? Does the mountain really love? Or is this a translation that you make within your own energy system? And what is this energy coming from Longs and this whole area before it reaches you and gets felt as love and heart energy? It does have some energetic property before it is molded into the love energy by Longs Peak. But it bursts forth from here in a certain frequency of vibration as if this mountain were an instrument tuned to a certain note, and when the wind blows through it, that's the note that comes out.

Now we speak of being two and being one. And a key to being one is to go back into the mountain beyond where something comes into form that the mountain translates into energy, which then you perceive as love. Go back farther than that into where this heart energy comes from that's in Longs, that's coming out of Longs, that's drawing into Longs. It does all those things simultaneously, as does your heart chakra.

Now perceive where the energy that sprang into being as each of you came from. See if you can find where you both were one.

Some hints: you get hung up on differences and the obvious separation of body, and we don't see that as being that big of a factor. Try bringing Mud into the equation as much as you can feel Mud. We sense it's easier for you to feel where Mud and you were one before you came in. Then bring each other in, and trace that.

Peter and I returned from our walk and talked to each other at length about our experience of human relationships. This work was putting everything we'd known into a different framework. At a certain point the guides (our"we") jumped into the conversation.

You visit each other quite a bit in dream time, in your sleep. It is a very natural interchange. And we would even venture to say that you did these little visits even before you started hanging out together. So much was actually spoken before that first hike, where not much was spoken. There are certain agreements that you have made on other levels, and we are happy about this. This relationship truly is a group effort, because you have spent just as much time with the nature ones as well. We keep saying things like "you are one," and we really see you as part of a family of humans and nature beings, and at a glance we just see the family. We look closer—we see individuals. There is a lot of interchange in the sense of giving support, receiving support, energy balancing one to another, and energy inspiring.

Cathee: How big is this family?

That's a complex question. There are ones of us who are now incarnate on other planets. There are ones of us who are performing planetary logos types of work. There are more in what you would call your soul family than you interact with commonly. You have a very big soul family [including around three million humans on Earth at this time]. We see a dozen or so of you who meet often, including humans and nature beings (and those who are not really one or the other). It's a very delightful group, we do say, and some of us are a part of this group. Your intention has brought you together as much as your soul family affiliation. Given your intentions, we have hooked you up with those who are closest to you. And we want to talk about this up front, because we want it to be clear that you have chosen this closeness in the wonderful relationship between you two. It may look like we're coming on strong, encouraging you to put energy here, in it, but it's your choice—you set it up quite a while ago through your intentions and prayers, and then through finding each other and others on the inner planes.

You are both already experiencing a lot in other dimensions that you're not consciously aware of with nature beings, including the devas of these areas that you're working with. You set conscious intention to connect with them, and you hope to have a conscious experience at the time, and often you do. And then there's another part of the iceberg that goes on following your intention. Your intentions are much stronger than they used to be. This is true for everyone. So much goes on beneath conscious awareness that you have set in motion. It is important to bring the conscious mind along with what's already happening, which is why we mention this.

We told you when you were out on the meadow today that the earth ET's were part of the "we" that is speaking to you now. You set your intention to connect with them, and you consciously connected with that energy, but there is so much that has gone on beyond your conscious awareness. Cathee is thinking, "How can this be? Just a week or two ago you were telling me this would take a lot of time and practice to learn their language and connect with them and then all of a sudden you're saying they're already speaking in English here as part of this group of nature teachers." These blendings don't need to take time. It is your own willingness and desire to blend with the earth ET energy that has made this transition so smooth and quick. We hope you don't feel uncomfortable with our saying there's so much that goes on without your conscious awareness. It is all chosen by you.

If you could remember your thoughts, Cathee, when you first saw Peter at a meeting in Boulder, having read about his work in a newsletter, you set a conscious intention to work with him sometime. You just don't remember.

So you see, when we speak to you, we see and we respond to what you have in your conscious memory of the teachings you've received and the experiences that you've had so far. And we also see all of the interactions the soul family has had that you don't remember. But you have a sense of them, which is what makes it easy to be here consciously. More and more we will visit you in other states, such as when you're asleep, deep in meditation, or in the woods, and you will come back with a sense of what happened, but perhaps be unable to put words to it. We wish you to honor those times at least as much as times like this when we're speaking plainly to you. We wish you to loosen your picture of reality and your picture of your own identity enough to include these seemingly vague feelings. They are vague only from a certain perspective. From another perspective, they feel like home, and the more you are able to flex your identity, the more you will realize that you are home here. This knowledge of home is a gift that you give yourself. And it is just a matter of loosening, of flexing, of floating a little bit more than you're used to.

Couples who are lovers have the seeming security blanket of reaching exalted states together in a way that makes sense to them rationally because "it must be being in love" or "it must be the sex." There's at least a little bit of cultural support in the culture's concepts of what's going on so that they can more fully move into this dreaminess without feeling too weird about it. We're asking you to go there without the props. It's really a lot more fun, from our perspective, anyway.

Cathee: I'm curious whether I consciously know anybody else in this group of twelve.

It's not like there's a set group of twelve. People come in and out all the time as do other beings. Last night there were twelve.

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