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Weness: Chapter Fourteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We


The following was channeled during my three years at Lexington Cottage, which had a yard with an elk tribe often present to graze on my gardening attempts and serenade late at night during their bugling season. Although its bounds were a sparse three hundred square feet, it was within the immense stretches of forests and mountains surrounding our little town. There was plenty of room.

Peter drove up from the plains to this quiet cottage bringing city tales of life in a very distant land, although it was only an hour's drive away. He slowly transitioned from his fast-paced outer life of a social sophisticate to the fast-paced inner life of a mountain mystic.

Last time we asked you to feel back to before your birth. We also told you that our particular soul family is very much about bringing things into creation. Manifestation is the popular term. There is an energetic flux that you have both experienced in your lives between going into the void and being here in your full glory. We were pushing you last time to go into where you were before you were created. This sounds like an impossible task to give you, and yet we know that you have done this many times in your life—you have gone almost clear back to that place.

We know that going into the void is something that everyone experiences at times, and spiritual traditions talk about it as a natural stage of growth, of evolution. Then of course the Buddhists talk about going back there for good, in one's consciousness anyway. We would say that for some it is a specialized talent. It is not just an evolutionary journey as a Buddhist would conceive of it, but a talent, a soul flavor, to have the ability innately to use this creatively. The idea for you is not to go back into the void totally, to where you lose your separate self. There are those who are called to be in the interface, to be that spark of creativity and to create the worlds. It's a specialized task and we feel that we are not putting this into words very well because if we could find the right words you would know it, you would feel it in your bodies: "this is what I do."

Let's try this again. Why is Peter so interested in sex in its purest form, unencumbered? Is that not the force of creative expression?

Cathee: Even in college I remember looking through the whole library trying to find anybody who'd written on what creativity is in its pure essence. I couldn't find anything that really caught it in words.

Peter: The first spirit I started working with was a muse, in dance.

We sense Cathee thinking, well, aren't a lot of people like . . . that's "it" for them? And we say yes, it is a very large soul family. And especially now, you are here on Earth in full force as the creative reins are unleashed. The need for those who are skilled and experienced in manifestation is keenly felt since the general populous needs to become at least somewhat adept.

Cathee: I'm still somewhat confused, because it seems like we are all creating our own reality and we are all bringing thought into form, so isn't that what everyone is doing?

Not everyone is doing what you are doing. Some people are busy creating economic forms. Some people are busy creating psychological states. You have helped to form worlds, and this series of lifetimes is about living as the created form in order to push the limits on it and successfully evolve it.

You've been in such density, such seeming darkness, that there is understandably a common mindset that humans are now going into the light and completing what you came here to do, and then you'll be done and the dance will be over. This is not our perspective. Our perspective is that so-called third dimensional reality was very rich and very interesting, and now you're moving into a different set of frequencies where matter is changing, and this is also very interesting and very rich. One painting is not better than the other painting. In this case it is that you were creative in being third dimensional creatures and filling out that reality, and you are being creative now in being supra-third-dimensional creatures and filling that out. In both cases you're very creative. And this creativity is very beautiful. Those who are attuned to expressing fully in the created world are able to have one foot in the void and one foot in the created universe, so that you don't ever go into nonbeingness or non-self-awareness, and you don't ever get lost in creation. Those who can straddle that—one word we call the straddling of that space is "creativity." Creativity is a rather pale term. What it feels like in your body is more like blooming.

Last week's exercise of going back into the void was not to go back into the void. It was to keep that end of what you're straddling more alive in who you are. Also to bring you into a deeper partnership, because in the void you really are one. And if you can remember that place, it keeps the other pole of your separateness something that you're aware of all the time. So you walk around triangular: one point is in the void where you both came from, one point is Peter, and one point is Cathee. By working with another human being you have it in front of your face that you are different, that you are working in this end of separateness, of manifested essence. It is a good tension. And then the other point of your oneness can be felt more starkly because of the contrast of working as two who are one. This keeps both sides of the equation in good shape, fit and toned up.

We of your soul family are also involved in this creative tension. We also are of the oneness, of the void, while we are also manifested in creation, in form, in the expression of love that is this beautiful universe. We are many and varied.

At night you sometimes visit those who are working on a planetary logos level. Sometimes you visit those who are incarnate on other Earth-like places, in parallel realities, and a few on other planets, although the majority are in parallel realities on this Earth, because that's who it's most useful and valuable for you to connect with at this point in time. You are often connecting with who you have been in other very different cultures—more goddess-oriented cultures, on this planet. There is a tremendous amount of light-encoded information that is suddenly feeling more available to you now than it ever has. This is what Cathee refers to as octaves in her aura, information she could tap into. She feels it as a big band of energy, or as a big crowd of consciousnesses.

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