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Weness: Chapter Fifteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

The Power Beings

There is someone up at Bear Lake with whom Cathee has connected without consciously admitting the connection. She is calling you back, Cathee, saying, "Why the snubbing when you're up here? Why don't you really connect with me?" Let's go see an old friend.

Bear Lake is pristine. A very long parking lot leads up to the partially asphalted walkway that encircles its clear waters. A stone's throw from the parking lot one can look up and see majestic Hallett's Peak, craggily oblivious to the tourists below. Walk farther and you'll get a view of Longs Peak and its cohorts spread wide in the distance. The same strange behaviors we see in town from stressed-out, altitude-spaced-out vacationers can be seen at Bear, but somehow the lake's energy remains pure and unbounded despite the mob of humans.

I didn't know quite what to expect as Peter and I began our winter walk around the lake, miraculously alone. A wild-goddess-bear-spirit swirled through the pines that skirt the curve of the steep bank circling the lake. Her fierce wholeness felt familiar. The same energy had prompted my dropping out of college twenty years before when the land and I had become inseparable, moving to the same impulses. Her momentum pulled me inward, creating a cave-like solidity, a hibernation womb. My sense of self had been stretched and scattered by the work our guides were nudging us through. I needed to feel again that I am the center of my energy, no matter how expanded it becomes.

The two humans wandered on as the sun descended beneath the lake. I felt cold and somewhat overwhelmed, remembering her after all these years. Peter and I returned to his truck and talked until the silence of the night blanketed us. We tried to feel back to before our creation, letting go into something beyond emptiness. Slowly the power of the surrounding peaks, softly shimmering in starlight, crept, insistent, into my awareness. But was this power really in the land?

When I'd lived in Iowa, I had channeled many beings, but there were some I was particularly in awe of, that I could raise enough power to reach only through lovemaking. Their energy felt huge, like towering skyscrapers, so I called them the Power Beings. While in Estes I'd recognized their energy during a group channeling session, and they seemed to more easily enter my reality from the reaches of their universe by then; perhaps Earth's rise in vibration had helped. Now it was awesome to open to their immensity while gazing at the infinitely expanding night sky.

The Power Beings:

We were your first taste of foreignness. Just as last week you learned that you and Peter had been communicating in sleep time long before coming together for this work, now you are seeing the pattern that we are very connected to what you call earth ET energy. We are the gatekeepers that help to regulate some of the flow of frequency of this energy into the Earth's aura. So you see how we contacted you personally, Cathee, in Iowa City, and lured you out here before you really had any idea who we were. And now we are coming to be with you in a much more focussed way. We have called Peter as well.

Tonight you were telling Peter, Cathee, that these mountains don't feel like the same mountains you have loved for so long. Part of that perception is that you are very attuned to us now and the earth ET energy of which we are a part. The mountains are still the same old mountains in the sense of their basic essence being what it has always been, although their energy and yours is stepped up now. You are feeling the same old mountains, and you are also feeling us and all we represent in these frequencies that you have acquainted yourself with in various places here. The she-bear spirit that you felt tonight was familiar energy to you of this mountain range. Our energy has a whole different quality to it. Our energy is what you are increasingly tuning into and becoming more like, as you have given permission for this blending.

This is not the first planet we have collaborated on. This won't be the last planet. We work together very well, you and we. We are a frequency more than we are a personality type. We are getting help with words here from your guides and from your Higher Self.

We want to comfort you and explain: when we heard you speaking, Cathee, of the unfamiliar here in the midst of the mountains you have loved for so long, we want you to know that we are the unfamiliar, and you are becoming the unfamiliar. But this does not need to in any way detract from your total love, enjoyment and becoming one with the energy of the mountains, such as the energy at Bear Lake tonight. We want you to fully integrate Earth frequencies. We want you to fully be creatures of the Earth as well as fluent in our language, in our frequency. We feel there is no conflict, but we do wish to help you discern between the two. Even though you are blending with both, we want you to be able to tell them apart so that you can more fully focus on one or the other or both, knowing what you are doing. This is called learning the language, to be able to see and discern. So we come with great heartfelt blessings tonight for you, for we are joyful that you have taken so to letting us into your lives.

I recalled how Peter's question about stargates when we were up on Old Man had been switched around to introduce us to the concept of earth ET energies on the very first day of our work together.

Subsequent to this channeling, the Power Beings have twice come looking for recruits, asking us to encourage any of our readers who feel so pulled to begin working with them as well.

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