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Weness: Chapter Sixteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We


Kathy, Sandy and I met while learning a peer counseling technique called focusing together, which spontaneously led into past life recall, which led into channeling together. From our outward life stories we'd be three unlikely candidates for friendship, but who cares about that!

Notes taken at Kathy's home:

While lying on the couch, I could feel how I spread my consciousness out into the land. Kathy and Sandy and I all have this attribute of being able to energetically hold the things we love—and even the people we love—within us. Our consciousness goes out and we become truly one with whatever while retaining a sense of self. The guides were excited by my realization, because I could sense such earthiness and vulnerability in it. This being merged with whatever has such a still quiet feel to it that I tend to think of it as doing nothing, as nothingness. They are excited to see me recognize that this is indeed an extremely important ability. It's not like a skill you take on—it's more like a soul attribute that is a given, but that can be developed with time and energy. Perhaps it has made us quite the co-dependents in relationships, because we tend to be able to merge with ones we love and not keep enough separate discriminating distance to break unhealthy relationships as easily as we could if we didn't have this skill. But the upside of it is that when we choose to use it, there is an incredible intimacy that people from soul groups that don't have this attribute can only dream of. It is a radical intimacy.

It only feels like a liability because we have not fully gone into its potential. I go around thinking I'm living in a society where it's dangerous to be sensitive because things are not set up to support that, but they say no, it's because I'm half way in and half way out. I'm not fully believing in and seeing the power, goodness and beauty of my receptivity, and fully letting myself enter it. They say there will soon be no choice for me in where things are going with the declarations of intent that I have been making but to be willing to go into full intimacy. I will be led to the door and it could be extremely painful to go to the edge and not go in. So they were glad that today I got a taste of it and how wonderful it can be, and they hope that this will encourage me to go further into the vulnerability that is necessary, but also into the power that is inherent in that ability to fully merge with what I love, including the land.

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