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Weness: Chapter Eighteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Relationship Resonance

The intimacy expressed in my dance as the we is closer than I ever dreamed possible. In my former international marriage, two humans were trying to come to a sense of unity despite sometimes ripping cultural differences. In my soul family, a unified consciousness is learning to live comfortably in the various incarnational circumstances its members have chosen. There is crossover in this case, in that my ex-husband is to some extent part of my soul family too. Nonetheless, I've had to examine Western human biases more since I've worked with Peter than ever. Some common beliefs that I've had to discard:

I love this excerpt from a previous channel. Peter and I had spent many hours discussing relationships, trying to integrate our new understandings, and Peter asked if we were spending too much time on that.

We have been surprised at how much cultural baggage you have around relationships. . . . There is a lot that we don't know about human interaction. The group that has gathered around you here has some human orientation but not a lot. This is why it feels like such a stretch for you to come into a resonance with the frequencies of this group. So to answer your question of whether focusing on your relationship and talking about that is a distraction from the work: we don't know. We don't know exactly what it takes for humans to come into a place of trust with each other. The tremendous resonance of the mixed group that is speaking here that are your nature teachers, that includes your higher selves—our harmony together is bursting forth, is a joyous, ecstatic resonance that is very deep. Throughout, as it pulses, it is always becoming, and the parts are interacting with each other in ways that magnify the beauty and splendor of the energies. You share in this dynamic when you are both attuned to this group which includes both of you.

We don't have much of a concept of separate selves. Your question implies your separate-self relationship as opposed to your participation in the greater soul family. And since we don't have much of a concept of separateness it is hard for us to know how to answer your question, as odd as that may sound.

We wish to be of service to you in any way we can, as you work with separate-self issues. We are fascinated by your conversations and we are learning quickly what is soothing to each of you in your separate-self anxieties. It is somewhat ironic that these anxieties lately, anyway, seem to be centered not around feeling separate but around feeling one.

Recently my guides told me that Peter is not in polarity with me enough for me to get the ego satisfaction of feeling admired by him. Guess I can only enjoy the ecstatic resonance described above. I'll take it.

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