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Weness: Chapter Nineteen

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Sharing Bodies

Janis owns part of Mud's body, south of Lily Lake. The place of Janis' conception—an old cabin nearby—is also within Mud's scope. I can't help but think they planned her incarnation together.

Peter and I channeled part of the following near the lake, but most from the warmth of his truck.

Like water freezing into ice and taking on a new crystalline structure, this is a protected enough place energetically that some of the frequencies set up and crystallize. This is why you experience it as you do as being both calm and very zippy at the same time. This is also is why this area has scared you somewhat, because you could feel that this process was probably going to happen in you. But it is a great place to connect with Mud and with others because things are churning between states, and in that interface you can more easily reach in and be affected by and affect the nonphysical beings that are your friends. At times you feel that words are harder for you to find here in channeling, and this is true—it's not a verbally oriented place. But things are fluctuating here all the time, and so sometimes you can reach between the worlds into that churning and experience a new frequency that may be harder to sense in other places that feel more solidified, normal and consistent.

You are the ones with bodies, and there are certain things that need to be done with those bodies that only you can do. What we see coming is the experience for both of you of not even having much sense of your body being "your body." It is "our body."

Likewise, when you merge with us, some of the members of this group have etheric bodies, and you move your consciousness into those. When you were sitting on the rocks above the lake, Peter experienced his consciousness moving out into the body of the ground of the area, and so who's body was it? If Peter is expanding his consciousness out to experience the whole lake, is the lake Peter's body at that moment? If we expand our consciousness to include your body, is it our body at that moment?

We promised Cathee this morning that today would be a day of radical intimacy. Today you are going up to the rock where Cathee and Janis have both experienced Mud's consciousness. Is the rock Mud's body? Well, you know that Mud can reach you in your consciousness. You know that she is not localized there entirely, and so is this area her body or is it not? She has a fluidity that most humans are afraid to truly experience of consciousness and body and the interrelationship between the two. We are not saying that the bodies that you have manifested on this Earth are not yours, and we're not saying that you don't have a particular special relationship to your body, any more than we would say that Mud does not have a special relationship to the Storm Pass rocks or Lily Lake. We are saying, though, that Mud is much more elastic in her sense of her body—if you would call this land her body—than you ones are. Part of this is appropriate in that you are a little more human than devic, and yet it is possible for even a human to have a fluidity of connection to one's own body.

It's also possible for a human to sense, ultimately, the All That Is as it is embodied in one's body. But closer than that, perhaps, ultimate experience of everything being embodied in you is the experience of your soul group and whoever else you invite in being able to share your body.

Cathee, you have for years been going out and sitting on rocks and letting your consciousness move into the rock. And we have told you that this then enfolds the rock's evolutionary intent into your evolutionary intent, when you truly are both yourself and the rock, and you experience the rock as part of your body. If you can do that with a rock, can we not do that with you and your body?

Now as you know, there are many people who, without giving permission consciously, permit entities to move into their bodies, to their detriment. And so it sounds perhaps a little odd that we would be suggesting something that sounds similar as being a radical intimacy that would be beneficial to you. If you have questions or fears about that, we would like you to please raise them. For us it is such a natural thing that we do all the time, especially on nonphysical levels.

When a human connects with their guides, or prays to a saint or God and says come be with me, and feels that presence on the emotional level . . . people get excited about that. But from our perspective, merging with you on emotional levels is as intimate as merging with you on the bodily level. In fact, the emotional level might be in many ways even more intimate in your experience of it. So we find this a rather peculiar distinction that you make: "Come be with me—I want to feel your presence with me, and I want you to uplift me emotionally, but please don't touch my body."

Of course, both of you have worked with guides in the physical healing of your own bodies, and you somehow know that there is an intimacy there. But you don't think of the beings that are working with you as sharing your body with you, and then when the two of you decide to shift, the body shifts. Whereas from our perspective that's not what's happening in a healing session all the time, but sometimes that is exactly what's happening. It largely depends on whom you happen to be working with, and how they operate.

We have said that Peter is to be holding and adjusting Cathee's frequencies in our work together. This could be, if he is open to it, an experience of the we consciousness using his body, emotions and energy field in this balancing of both Cathee's self as she is manifested here in the physical level, and the land. It is the we consciousness in Peter's actual body and whole energy system enjoying the use of polarity in that there is some separation between Peter and Cathee and the land. It is fully using that polarity with the we consciousness as a part of Peter, the we consciousness as a part of Cathee, and the we consciousness as a part of the land and the spirits of the land such as Mud. The we moves into the polarity of the bodies and through that polarity knows itself, knows the truth of its oneness. When you, Cathee and Peter, look into each other's eyes and see the one, you know that the one is in both consciously at that moment.

The term radical intimacy implies that polarity is involved. You can't really have intimacy without polarity. In a way we are pushing you back closer to the very instant where polarity comes into being. It is moving back to what we told you before is a creative space or tension between the void and the manifest world. This is one more way to talk about that dynamic.

On a practical level how this can work today, if you are willing to accept this assignment, is very simple. First of all, each of you invite Mud to share your body with you on this hike, which we sense will be very easy for you. And intend and be willing to share Mud's body, which by this definition includes the whole trail that you will hike.

It is primarily Mud who is speaking to you now—Mud who has been the most forward in this particular channeling. She longs very much to be in partnership/oneness with you ones. It is like a grand opportunity that she has not experienced since you walked the Earth with her before. She welcomes you home. We are somewhat anthropomorphizing here, but you will sense that welcome the more you open to it. It is like a lover whose longing draws you to herself. We give you a theoretical rational framework here, but it is your heart that will lead you into a deeper awareness.

Both of you have mentioned feeling tired this week. We would like to reassure you that yes, there are very profound changes happening in both of you as a result of your intention to do this work. Once you gave the intention, it was like giving permission for your body to rearrange the way your electrical system interacts with and infiltrates some of your organs. Physical corollaries of your emotional beingness also are undergoing tremendous shifts. This is as a result of your permission, and this is partly why it's so difficult, because on some level you realize you are bringing this on yourself. But yes, there are moments when you may not feel like your old self at all in the way you experience your body. We mention that mainly to comfort you and to say hang in there. This is just the beginning.

If you look back, in order for you to become channelers, you went through tremendous physical transformation and you may not, either of you, have known that was happening. Cathee, a lot of what you thought was the result of a terribly weak immune system years ago was actually your body needing tremendous rest at times because so much was changing. Which doesn't mean that you didn't also have some immunity problems, but it was changing along certain tracks.

And what has happened recently since the two of you have teamed up is that you have attracted some beings that weren't necessarily a part of either of your probability curves. The decision to team up opened up new opportunities. There are some physical shifts that need to happen within you in order for these connections to be more conscious and felt. So both of you have gone through many physical changes in following your intention to be able to connect with many of these powerful nature beings. Your physiology allows you to connect with—to even glimpse—some new types of consciousness that you haven't been able to consciously recognize before, and then you get excited and you give intention for shifts to happen within you so that you can strengthen that connection. This is very conscious choice.

We say this to let you know that if things are headed in the direction they feel like they are to us at this point, you will have a lot of shifts physically to just move through. Intend to do it quickly. If there is some discomfort, you might as well move through it quickly. [They're talking about sleepless nights when the energy going through our bodies feels strange, and it almost feels at times like "who is messing with my body!?" They see fatigue as part of this, changes in what kinds of foods we're attracted to eat, and even changes in what time of day we usually feel the most energy.]

As your bodies change it will become more gracefully easy to bring other consciousnesses in—to bring the we in—and have it embodied in your body, although it will always seem much bigger than your body can hold because of the nature of who we is. This will be wonderful. We will be co-creating with you so very much. And we know that your individual ego wonders if it's a good idea.

What is hard for us to describe to you is how home-like "we" feels. After the initial feeling a little strange, we does feel like who you are. We feels like home. And it is who you are. When we look for vocabulary on that, the closest is how your family is one tribe and yet the many, and so we use the term soul family. We may have to make up words to describe what soul family is because family can mean so many things to you, and not all of them feel soulful. So we search for words. That's as close as we've come yet, besides just "we."

Peter: I want to take the experience I had with movement and dance—the fluidity and flexibility that I felt in my body energetically—and move that into more of a multi-dimensional realm so that I can feel that flexibility to move interdimensionally. Is that in any way tied into me wanting to be around Goddess energy, like in Cathee?

You are Goddess energy incarnate. It's not that Cathee's a fountain of it and you aren't. There's a gut level block in you that is afraid that it would be an out-of-control experience to experience that you are the Goddess incarnate. We therefore honor that part of you. It's a construct of your personality on which you have built many of your talents and your way of seeing the world. So we don't want to mess with that, and we then therefore say look, there's something outside of you, this entity called Cathee, and you can draw on it there. This is potentially confusing.

In polarity we see no problem with this. We know you are taught that to be whole you need to find it within yourself. It is equally useful to manifest it so-called outside of yourself. Do not miss this opportunity to draw it forth in your experience of oneness with Cathee. If you are ultimately we, then what is in her is in you.

That sounds theoretical, but in some ways it is convenient. You've built a lot of your personality on top of the premise that you are not that Goddess energy all the time, and that you have to reach outside yourself to experience it, or put yourself in special arenas such as dancing or sex or whatever. You could spend a lot of time pulling that base premise out and then reworking everything that's been built on it. Or you can accept that it's OK to pretend that Cathee is not you, and that you can bring the Goddess energy from something not you into you and thereby incorporate it more in yourself. This is a way of shortcutting, of not having to go through a whole lot of shifts to realize the truth that you are the Goddess anyway.

Cathee has gotten hung up at times too on this sense of especially men wanting the Goddess energy to come through her to them, instead of looking within themselves. And yes, she has had at least one fairly painful experience around that. It is when she feels there's projection going on instead of being loved for who she is that it's painful. Because Cathee, when you started letting the Goddess energy come through you in healthy relationships, it was a totally wonderful experience. They enabled you to experience the Goddess energy in yourself. So it's not the experience per se that's painful to you—it's when someone attempted that in a manipulative manner. Maybe many people have. Well, in much the same way you have at times created people to manipulate you so that you could experience the victimhood that you wished to experience. It's not that much different than what we're talking about—creating something outside of yourself and pretending it's out there. You both have such a desire to be blissfully unaware of your own power.

For some reason, most humans when they hear that you create your own reality, and that what comes to you—including the people who come to you—are your creation, expect that to be a hard truth to adjust to. And we say it's only a partial truth, but it is useful at times to see that as a truth from some perspective. We don't know why you don't see that as a totally wonderful thing.

So here we are. Peter is calling to himself an experience of the Goddess as if it were not him, in order to feel more the truth that he is the Goddess. Cathee's involvement in that is not that she's being used for that. Cathee's involvement in that is, "How nice. I am the Goddess energy, just as he is. By his deciding to experience it in me, my consciousness of myself as Goddess energy comes to a focus for me in a way that I have not normally created. What a delightful gift he gives me, to be able to share his focus on the Goddess in me."

This is a part of the bigger picture of what we're talking about with the we embodying your body. Are we telling you that the we is going to invade your space there, or that you are partnering with the we, and co-creating a focus on your body? The we perspective on your body, in your body, gives you through this co-creative participation the ability to perceive your body and everything it experiences through a new focus. And this is a gift to you. This is not being used. It is enjoying polarity.

Peter, how can you see the Goddess coming through Cathee to you?

Peter: In the experience of that incredible receptivity in order to channel. That's to me an aspect of Goddess.

You're in for a ride. Let's go up to the Storm Pass trailhead.

I would love to be able to report phenomenal insights from our hike toward Storm Pass. Yes "toward"—we didn't get there. I felt cold and, well, delicate, and the sun was sinking.

What I didn't expect was that Mud would go in with us to warm ourselves at a table by the fire at a grill in Nederland after the hike. The restaurant was crowded and noisy, with the tables too close for comfort, but since both Peter and I felt compelled to bring in recorders, I channeled there anyway. No one seemed to care.

Mud had no problem coming through, and in fact felt it was easier in this noisy restaurant where I stayed focused than out in the woods where I hadn't been. From her perspective, part of my problem on the trail was that I talked with Peter about my feeling that I don't know what I'm doing with this work, which made me feel unsafe and blocked my natural ease in doing it.

I felt myself speak the following into the recorders before my salad arrived.

Mud can only be in our conscious awareness if we invite her. We have no idea of the power she brings with her, of the gifts she has to offer us. She has been working with humans for centuries. She would like from us more conscious affirmation that she does exist.

It is largely Mud that scared me today. Her presence was very strong. She doesn't know how to step it down, especially when we're out on the land. We did invite her into our bodies, after all. She says get used to it. It's going to feel strange. It's going to feel big. This doesn't have to be a problem. It's just different, it's not bad.

She feels very insistent to me that I listen. She has been invited in enough that she is very much expressing in us, and if we don't consciously recognize her, she will come forth in ways that may seem less pleasant to us. The energy will work itself through in our lives in ways that are jarring. It is important, since we have set the intention, to follow through. Like if you sexually tease someone and then walk away, there's still an energy there, and it comes out somehow. We have invoked her.

She is that peacefulness I was feeling on the drive down here, like a deep lake. And she asks, can you imagine if that permeated every part of your life? This is what she brings and offers.

Mud's words were secondary in my connection with her. The loud tapestry of music, chairs scraping, and voices talking and laughing were being heard through my sense of hearing. Thick aromas from the grill were experienced through my sense of smell. Even my personality responses—laughing at Peter's jokes, feeling shy in the spirited crowd—were freshly observed as if I were inhabiting my personality for the first time. She was truly sharing my body.

Peter drove us through the night. Dark silhouettes of peaks seemed to watch me perceive them from within this human body. I heard Peter talk about how he had pioneered adobe building codes in Boulder, felt my body speak appropriate responses, and marveled at how easily this personality small talks. I loved sharing my body with a huge presence who seemed beyond my interactions with all I perceived, yet somehow permeated it all. Yes, a deep lake of peace. We were, after all, driving home through Mud's body.

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