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Weness: Chapter Twenty

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We


One day while feeling sick I was able to channel for myself.

Out on the Rock you saw spread before you splendorously the realm of nature that is perhaps most attuned to your vibration at this point in your evolution. That's a glorious sight irregardless of whether you originally came in here as a soul or not. (You did.) This is home, and this has been home for you as you have perceived it over the decades of your present life and some previous lives. You are claiming that home. Part of claiming that home is becoming that home. Part of becoming that home is becoming more of who you are. More of who you are involves what are considered to be entities outside of yourself. We have already said that from one perspective there are such beings as entities outside of yourself. From another perspective they are we, and we includes you, and here we are. This is the most natural homecoming possible. For you it includes both humans and non-humans, nature and non-nature. This is as it is. This is not good or bad, better than or worse than. It is as it is. Your resistance to this homecoming only prolongs these little minor bouts with what appear to be little illnesses.

You see it as so grand: how could I possibly be this? We see you as so grand, and we openly embrace your grandeur, your love, your splendor, and your own unique colors. We welcome you home. It is not that there is a path there. It is not that someone can teach you the way home. It is merely being home that can bring you home.

Take a moment to bless all of the places you have been to in this neck of the woods, and embrace each of them with great love.

Cathee: I think of the white rocks facing the whole valley, Forest Canyon. I think of the cave. There are so many places. I think of Wind River: the little sand bar there.


Cathee: I think of the Big Thompson River, and also where the fairies hang out by Lower Cook-out.


Cathee: I embrace Eagle Cliff.


Cathee: I embrace Deer Mountain.

Very much you.

Cathee: I embrace the Ute Trail and the enchanted forest there. I embrace Longs and the rocks at Storm Pass. I embrace the power point around the side of Estes Cone.

Really you.

Cathee: I embrace Lily Lake, and the look-out that looks out to the front range. And the marsh by the side of Lily Lake. I embrace Mt. Chapin and Mt. Chiquita and Mt. Ypsilon.

All you.

Cathee: And Flattop Mountain. Snowdrift Peak. And the Loch. And Mills Lake. I embrace Bear Lake.

Enough said. The advantage of not going to all those places today is that you can feel the common thread—the common underlying energetic essence and beingness.

I was given a vision of the wide spread of this land, and how the "we" of the whole area feels to me—that huge sweep of Spirit. I felt my own body and accepted it just as it was, feeling sick, and felt we there. Then I felt the we in Peter's body to the extent I could.

You had more discomfort in attempting to feel the we in Peter's body than the we in, for instance, the Wind River sandbar. This is still conditioning, but we see that you will let this go soon, for it truly is our domain as much as your body is.

We love you so much. We love we. So be it.

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