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Weness: Chapter Twenty-two

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill

Calling on Divine Will

We left the agenda for the retreat open, and were eager to see what teachings would come next.

When you call in we, you are we, and intentions that are made as we carry the full power of we. Cathee's been starting to work with meditations where she's calling on Divine Will. Divine Will is a force in and of itself. We consciously align ourselves with Divine Will as you do when you ask for the highest good. We wish to, however, distinguish that we are indeed not God in the highest sense of omniscience. We are we. And we have a distinct flavor, personality. We have told you that your soul family is one of creators and pioneers—those who straddle the void and the created manifest world and create the worlds. So calling upon we and setting intention within we is an alignment with your soul purpose, because we are your soul family.

At this point the Power Beings are so vast, and their essence is different enough from ours, that we can include them in we in a certain way, but only to the point that they can really resonate with our we. Other resonances of beings in the we are going to be stronger at this point. To relate to entities such as the Power Beings is to step out somewhat from the common feeling and resonance of our soul family, and to set intentions to venture into relationships that are best governed by larger forces, such as Divine Will. We are saying, in essence, that it is very natural and almost inevitable in your opening to your greater self to open to we and we's resonance—your soul family and those affiliated members who are loved by your soul family. When you are setting your intention to work with the Power Beings to bring in the earth ET energies, it may be a different blending that you will want to set up. Bringing in Divine Will or the galactic logos would be appropriate if you're working with the Power Beings—beings that hold conscious intent in a greater realm than that of your oversoul. It is not that you leave we out. Obviously if you're calling in the Power Beings, it's fine if you want us there too. And we very much do support your doing this work. We see it as a great gift to the planet and very close to your heart of what you want to be doing. But we're saying that it is not enough to call in we. The space needs to be set by something bigger.

When you're calling on these huge forces, like Divine Will—that's about as big as it gets—or the logos of the galaxy here, or of the universe that we're in, this will take a different kind of adjustment on bodily and emotional levels than does this ever-increasing love that you are feeling and expressing for Mud and for your soul family, for we. We have told you from the beginning that we wanted you to work with other humans, or another human in this case, and not go out there doing this all by yourself, either of you. There is something very important about the love that is felt in every layer of your being—emotional, physical, mental, and personality levels. It's very important to feel that base of love in every aspect of yourself. This is why we're very happy to work with you with whatever comes up, in establishing that base between the two of you in order to reach us. And now in establishing the base of you feeling very comfortable and loved in the we to reach beyond we.

The we is much bigger and more expanded than you feel when you're in your more separate-feeling selfhood and identity. The we—the soul family—is then a base of love and a foundation for you to do this other work, and to venture out into these vast realms. The Power Beings are very vast even though they are able to step themselves down to where you are able to feel them, and this is good. So you are working along different tracks here, but it's necessary for you to develop both in order to fulfill your intentions.

Now it's almost a third track for you to relate to this manuscript, because this involves a different entity—the entity of the deva of the book, as well as those who will read it, who will call it forth through you. So you're really in a three-ring circus here, primarily.

Peter: And we're the clowns?

That's right. We do enjoy you so.

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