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Weness: Chapter Twenty-Five

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill


Day three of the retreat.

Cathee, you tend to think of the Earth's experience as being totally receptive. It is not. When you feel the Earth, it's a dynamic of the Earth. The Earth is not stillness and silence as you tend to think. It takes tremendous energy to hold form. And when you look at how solid this form is—when we're talking about miles down of solid form—there's a tremendous amount of action going on to hold that form. It's incredible energy. Don't get lost in the particular kinds of rock. Try to feel your way down into the dynamism of holding form.

We have talked to you about your ability and how good it is to be able to go into the void and come back into form. We would say in some ways the void is primary. The form takes intent and action. Form has void just a whisper away from it. It takes the removal of intent and this dynamism to fall back into void. Compare this physical universe you're in to the dream state where form comes and goes, flows, doesn't take much to dissolve. When you look at your physical universe, the kind of intent it takes to hold this and keep it from falling back to the void is amazing. The intent and the dynamism in the case of this physical universe is held both by incredibly huge consciousnesses and by you. You are made of the same stuff that they are made of. You are a particularized aspect of this force.

Just as Mud yesterday needed the mirror of you to feel the loving aspect of herself, we would ask you to feel the Earth today and let that be a mirror of your own participation in the dynamism that holds matter in form. You're seeing how easy it is for the ET energies to slip between the cracks between the void and the form and slide right in. Given this, can you feel how it is a tremendous dynamic force of what you can call thought that holds the Earth as it is, and keeps it solid? And as a different sort of attention arises from the void, can you feel how matter itself would change and be held differently?

We have told you that you are to greet the new dynamism consciously. Your soul has been holding the matter of your body and its surrounding fields in a certain way for centuries. To greet the new dynamism is to now shift so that you are consciously attuning your little piece of the larger force that you could call thought to a collective change in this dynamism, so that you are consciously aligning your thought with the large thought of the extremely intricate pattern of how form is held together. Your conscious participation brings harmony and balance in this change.

It can feel like both the old way and the new way are forces outside of you. And that you're being shifted rather than that you are choosing to shift with it—like you don't really have a choice here. This sense only arises because you are not fully in touch with your beingness and with how you are not separate from this larger force that some call God.

This will probably need to filter through your conscious mind down into your subconscious mind and into your body, and this could happen now or later. What we would be happy for you to be able to feel is how you are both the incredibly huge thought that is now changing—the dynamism of how things are held together—and you are at the same time the one that needs to choose to participate in this. You are both. This is why so much of the work you've been led to do in your own personal spiritual growth has been to get in touch with your beingness. Your beingness is this huge force, and very few people dare to feel themselves as such.

Do you see how big this sense of "we" could actually get? We've been starting small, and you've been doing very well with it. As your ability to feel we grows into a bigger and bigger ability to feel we, your bodies and your physical world can transform instantly. This is called manifestation.

Who is it that thinks with individual intention? Is there such a thing? Or is individual intention almost a swirl? As the wind ripples over the grasses, does a new intention ripple through individual consciousnesses and carry them with?

What we're saying is that you're not that much different than Mud. Sure, you have free choice. But your free choice is largely, although not entirely, a result of the winds of larger intentions rippling through mass consciousness—your consciousnesses. There is such a thrill for you human ones in really letting go into your bodies, into the earth, lying in a sunny meadow on a beautiful day and feeling the wind ripple through the wildflowers, across your face, and feeling the "isness" of it. In like manner, you can feel the winds of evolutionary earth ET energies coming through, and you can feel them rippling through your bodies, through your consciousness, and through your very intentions. Your awareness of the waves coming through is what we call greeting the earth ET's.

This is your consciousness—your ability to greet them, recognize them, acknowledge them, love them. Love them—that is a terrific ability of the human uniqueness. Mud was telling you yesterday about your ability to love her—not to feel her, not to be a part of her, but to greet her and love her. She's there whether you love her or not. What we call the earth ET matrix, the shift: it's there whether you greet it and love it or not. And you are indeed both the doer of this and the receiver of the change. Very truly, we say this. You are both the doer and the receiver of the change. You are the change. You have the ability to love it.

And you thought loving each other was really big stuff. How big of a heart does it take to love essentially God—an enormous cosmic movement? How big does your heart need to be?

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