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Weness: Chapter Twenty-Seven

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

Laser Heart's Introduction

The Cub Lake trail follows the edge of a steep rise of boulders overlooking the flat marshy expanse of Moraine Park. You can almost feel the tremendous power of the ancient glaciers that carved this land, leaving in their wake compressed rock and playful winding streams. The first time I explored there, as I followed the trail back to the trailhead a voice in my head spoke to me very clearly about the chemistry between Peter and me. This sudden unsolicited advice surprised me.

I call him Laser Heart.

On my return the next day, the following came through easily. If the reader visits Rocky Mountain National Park wishing to develop a close relationship with a nature being, Laser Heart has been waiting for you!

I relate well to humans. I am, however, not a terribly verbal entity. I do know how to speak to hearts, and this is what I do. You felt some of my power in the force in the energy here yesterday. This is not my only side. It is there. It is deep. It is constantly moving. This is one of the hot spots of the Park, and has been for centuries.

It's a place of letting go, of releasing, where things are brought to a boil and then the steam rises. There aren't geysers here, but they would be appropriate in many ways. This is how I work. I bring all things to a point—you could say a pressure point. I bring things together in their purest form. Water here is very watery. Stone is very stonish. And humans get to look at themselves. They see their own thoughts here. They feel their feelings keenly. This is why I'm probably the easiest to communicate with of all the devas in the Park, because you are most human, perhaps, here. I very much like things coming to clarity and distinctiveness, so that we can meet. So that we can see each other, both who we are and—what is around us in fuller relief—what we are not.

I am more demanding than Mud or Forest Canyon Pass. If you choose to work with me and get to know me, I will put you to the test, and you will be forever grateful for it. I am a place where you can clean out the chaff from the wheat and come to a very clear discernment of what it is you want to do.

I need nothing from you but purity of heart, purity of intent, and hopefully a sense of humor—a sense of humor is essential around here. My love is deep and pointed, sharp. Once you begin to feel loved by me, Cathee, you will probably crave it. Many people do, because it can give you a sense of your own soul to be loved in this place with these frequencies. I welcome all humans to this place. Come as often as is useful to you.

My relationship to you is not limited to your physically being here, but at first it would help a lot for you to physically be here, if you wish to develop this into as deep a relationship as it can be. I would expect that when we begin to work together apart from this place that my presence may feel quite human to you. You may even forget at times that I'm devic as well as human. I am very human, and proud of it. I have no problem with wanting the humans very involved in the land here which I represent, and they do come in flocks. They leave better people for having been here, which pleases me.

I wonder if yesterday you were a bit taken aback by the clarity with which you were given information about the dynamics between Peter and you. Get used to this frankness if you wish to proceed in this relationship with me. It is my forte and it is my true gift, because my brand of love comes very directly, and the honesty and clarity around everything else is just part of that energy.

I look forward to probably one of the most incredible relationships you'll ever have in your life. Go with my blessing and my peace, and I ask for yours. With love.

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