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Weness: Chapter Twenty-Eight

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We


The deva of rock and earth spoke with us after earthquakes were reported in the media. I love this deva's presence.

The Deva of Rock and Earth:

The interaction of human consciousness with the solidity of the Earth's crust is something difficult for a lot of people to fathom. There's a huge gap in the time scales we operate on, with the difference between geological formations and human formations in terms of babies being born. We are not so different as it may seem however. There's been much teaching so far in your journey about the human ability to embody earth fully. Most people start with their own bodies, becoming grounded, beginning to realize that they have conscious control over involuntary functions and over their health. Some then move on to their garden or to their favorite rock, as in Cathee's case. Larger tracts of land are often thought to be embodied by other beings who seem bigger and closer to our time scale than you are. This is a misunderstanding in many ways.

There is no limit, as far as our realm is concerned, to the power of human intention on this planet. Earth is absolutely the body of the souls who inhabit it. The interrelationship is total. You have studied and know that there have been intellectual movements of the last couple thousand years that have taken you farther and farther from feeling the power of your intention on the soil on which you stand. This is a very basic relationship.

Much of what I would like to address tonight is the denial of most humans in relationship to earthquakes and movements of the earth which have affected you greatly as humans, especially recently. We sense the level of fear towards the Earth, and the level of disconnect from the Earth to skyrocket when earthquakes are reported in your media. This fear has lasting effects on the ability of people to even embody their own bodies, let alone the bigger Earth, which then allows for more earthquakes in populated regions. Were you to be in full conscious awareness of your interrelationship with the powers of the Earth, there would be no need for earthquakes. Period. At least not ones that would affect you.

We feel quite speechless tonight in not knowing how to bridge the gap, how to teach you your natural birthright that you came in knowing, and that you can relax into once again. There is nowhere you can go and be disconnected from the Earth and be in a human body. Your body is of course made from the stone around you—the minerals. The connection is almost too close to you for you to be willing to see it. The denial is amazing. (We don't mean that as a judgment.)

The We:

You have felt at times a disorientation from intending to move into the we, and experiencing the changes in consciousness that result. More often than not, you still sense this going into an altered state of consciousness and contacting devic beings or greater evolutionary beings or whomever as somehow being outside the framework of your daily normal mode of living. The strangeness and disorientation are not really natural. What is natural is to have a total beautiful sense of your embodiment here on Earth, and of your interrelationship with the consciousnesses who co-inhabit the Earth with you. The extent to which you come back feeling disoriented from these sessions is simply a measure of how you are separated unnaturally from your birthright, and from everyone's birthright.

So you see, we do not coddle you when you come back and say it is difficult to bridge the worlds, because the worlds you are bridging are worlds that should not even need a bridge if things had not moved so far into the alienation of conscious human awareness from the awareness of those with which you co-inhabit this beautiful planet. The separation makes for some interesting drama. It has made for some interesting philosophical developments. It has made for some interesting technological so-called advances—interesting because they are veering off without the natural support that they need to be sustainable, of course. We will continue to push you in reconnecting not because it is some great new exploration out there, but because it is, indeed, truly a coming home to your natural birthright. We are glad to work through you two as children of your culture. We figure if you can find your way back, being North Americans, anybody can.

We are not asking you to shoulder the burden of changing your culture. We are asking you to heal your own consciousnesses. That is all. And we mean this sincerely. We are not asking you to become tremendous environmental activists. We have inspired others along those lines. We are not asking you to be experts on alternative building methods, at least at this time. We are not asking you to go into the public schools and connect all the children to their natural birthright. We are simply asking you to heal your own consciousnesses in this regard. That is all you need do right now.

This healing can take a lot of time alone. It can take reorientation, a more acute paying attention to your senses—to touch and to taste and to smell and to sound. It's like taking the cotton out of your ears, so that you truly hear. So that you truly realize those sound vibrations are what you are made of, and have a direct relationship with your co-creative ability as a human being in body. It means becoming more aware of gravity, of your very movement—how you interact with the surface on which you walk. It means sensing the sun in the sky as being a consciousness that you are making love to when you feel its rays upon your body. The sun's emanations do not stay on the surface of your skin—they come right through you.

Do you realize that if everyone was acutely aware of even the miracle of this sun and its dance with you, it would be nearly impossible to do damage to the Earth as your civilization has done. To have just that one relationship restored would change the consciousness of the peoples on the Earth. Peter has asked to walk with more of a sense of the ecstatic love of nature. This is not difficult to do.

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