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Weness: Chapter Twenty-Eight

by Cathee Courter and the We including Peter MacGill


Cathee, you have been noticing more times of impersonality in your actions with others. It is a symptom of the we being more embodied in you. Within that impersonality there is potential to love more deeply than you have ever loved. Because within that silent space you are more clear and free to see others as they truly are, and to move energy through your connection to whomever in a way that that energy has the quality to match them right where they are. There is tremendous power in that impersonality—we sense that you are aware of that. You shrink back, and we want to steady you in it. There is a certain point at which you must use this power, especially in your dealings with nature.

Because your opinion of humans has been so low for so long, it's hard for you to imagine human energy being welcome in the nature realms, when it gets right down to it. We've seen you for years sitting out at times alone, tuning into a tree and then hearing the human ones come and judging the racket they make—sometimes enjoying their energy, especially the children's, but often judging your own species. This is a judgment you needn't drop. We can work around it. But nonetheless, what does it take to convince you that your human energy is a welcome thing to those to whom you are reaching out, to the energies with which you are blending in our realm?

You have yourself cornered here. You have made the leap into we, and you really can't turn around and go back now because so much has changed for you even on a cellular level and on a psychic level. The only way is forward. When we say greet the earth ET energies, the term greet may be too wimpy. Greet with an active, assertive eagerness to be present. This takes some effort and concentration. You put forth your energy. You come to where you sense their vibration. At that point you let go, even of the intent, in order to fully experience the interface between you and them.

When you meet someone new you usually want to know their name. Focus on asking their name, in the sense of trying to more discern the specific vibrational signature.

Try to imagine a word that is "longing" without the emotional overtones, or a "magnetic force" that has emotional overtones. This is drawn towards someone who gives intention to be an ambassador to these frequencies. You wouldn't believe the force of longing. In some ways you can call this easy ascension. You make the intention to be available to be of service and to love evolutionary forces and then you just hang on for the ride.

By being one we in two bodies your bodies can separate and you don't lose any of the power of we when you're apart, whereas most lovers feel a diminishment of their power when they're apart physically. In this arrangement there need be no diminishment of power, except insofar as when you are together, by your presence you encourage each other to own your collective power.

You have been on the path of moving into your power for a long time. You must be powerful in order to greet the forces who would greet you. Just as to meet a certain mountain deva you have to have a strong physical body to hike up there and say hello, so being in your power is a prerequisite to greeting those that you are becoming destined through your own choice to meet, through your surrender to Spirit and to the highest good. There is no other way.

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