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Weness: Chapter Twenty-Eight

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We

In the Living Room

There are spaces as humans go about their lives where intimacy hangs, unsettling. The boss asks for forgiveness. The childhood buddy looks at you like a lover. The long-held secret is spoken, unretractable.

Intimate moments between my creator (we) and the created (me) can be disorienting to my sense of self, such as when I feel how this creation of me is happening right now. Who am I?

We are.

We perceive a turning point in our relationship with you. We sense a new level of commitment that to us feels almost as if you have physically walked into a room in which we are sitting, having phoned in before and radioed in and telepathed in, and now you are here with us. This may sound funny coming from the we group, but it is that feeling for us like if you haven't seen your parents for years and you walk into the living room and there they are, sitting there. We treasure this. We can hardly wait to extend new horizons out creatively from this new level of being here together.

We are in a timeless realm. Most of us here are able to see you as you were and as you will be, all wrapped up into now. This brings an intensity to our relationship because what it does is remind you that you are doing the same thing with us. It is not that we are multi-dimensional and you are not.

In the multi-dimensional relationship we have together, we are spreading out potentials in a wide circumference. It is like, to go back to our earlier analogy, you've come into the living room, we're all sitting here together, and we're looking at snapshots of where you've been. We're talking about future vacation plan possibilities. More than that, we are resonating, and in that resonation we are determining in what areas to come into polarity with you. We are so one with you that in our core of oneness there is not the recognition of other, obviously. When you come into the room with us and we resonate, we are determining which aspects of non-likeness to explore with you in such a way that that brings richer frequencies again back into the oneness. It is very creative, somewhat like a sculptor taking a hunk of clay and creating an animal and then putting it back into the hunk of clay and creating something else. Is it all clay? Yes. But the clay is seen in different aspects of its beauty, depending on how it is worked.

We know that you do not feel normally the level of oneness with us that we feel with you, and that fact makes it very interesting to us to be working with you. Previously we've told you that you send little strands of light across to each other, and those are reflected back, and then you feel your own light more and you can send more. We non-humans [primarily nature beings] do this, but between and among those of us that have little separation consciousness at all, these small strands of colored light are like pastel colors. They're tentative, they're fun, they're beautiful, and they're very ephemeral. It's very interesting to us to play this game of creativity, of recognition of differences, with ones who believe in the differences. Ones who take the game as real in the sense of not knowing the oneness behind the many as a visceral fact of your existence.

We feel that you are now looking behind the curtains and questioning that this game is real, the differences, the separation. And when you look you get just a little waft of who you are, who we is. It's not that you can really look at it. It's more that you can feel yourself as one of the oneness being looked at by you.

We don't expect you to fully come on in. We think that would be extremely disorienting to you at this point in the living of your lives. This is not our goal, at this point anyway, in our mentoring of your growth. What we would like to do is really be there with you wherever you are hanging out. We would really like to hang in you, as you're feeling your deepest feelings whether they be love or fear or everything in between, and as you come up with new questions and feel new longings and reach out to us.

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