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Weness: Chapter Thirty-two

by Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill and the We


I channeled the following at home alone.

We have pushed you and pushed you to keep your heart open to Peter. This has been our greatest teaching tool for you in the last few months. The open heart is a doorway, and it has opened doors to many realms that go far beyond this particular relationship. We see that this has not been a particularly emotional experience for you—which you expected. This has truly been delightful in its unobtrusiveness.

There is a power in oneness as experienced by human beings together that is talked of and dreamed of often in your literature, and is so rarely experienced. There is a delightful lightness to the way you wear each other which is unusual in human relationships. You are learning to love as the angels love, and as the Earth loves, both. Without hesitation. Without giving away your power. Without a lot of mental constructs.

What we see is an odd type of tentativeness here. A sense that this can't quite be real—it can't last—as if we have created a holographic reality for you that you could fall back out of with the light of day, but that you're going to enjoy while the dream lasts. And yet we see you peeking behind the set and the props, suspecting that this is the reality, and the tentativeness is the dream.

Cathee, when you say you love Peter, who is it that you're loving? And vice versa. You don't know, do you? This man to you is your own true self—the we consciousness—a particular personality that is always changing as he grows. Who is he? We want to tell you there is no answer to that question. We are teaching you love without cords—that is a relaxing into what goes beyond mental conceptualization of identity.

You don't quite trust this yet, in our view of the situation. But you're doing it anyway. How can we help you just fall more and more into this oneness? Oneness does not preclude individual identity. And your experience of oneness with another in no way negates or minimizes the importance of the individual identity of that person. What a sense of oneness does is allow you to truly love and appreciate the miracle of the blossoming in this moment of certain frequencies that you call Peter, without needing to solidify those frequencies in a configuration that you call relationship. In the moment you perceive the configuration of identity elements, body and open heart—or whatever is happening in that moment—that moment contains the relationship of your perception of each other. You can have that momentary relationship without needing psychologically for it to be that way in the next moment. The potential of this relationship is such that you can truly experience the field of oneness that encompasses these momentary flashes of relationship between you. It is a thrill.

Now ironically, we have from day one encouraged you to commit to each other in this exercise. And many would look at you and say "Cathee and Peter have a relationship—a deep and dear relationship." And perhaps there are even those that are jealous or fearful of that so-called relationship. At a deeper level, there is no Peter per se that is a static thing; there is no Cathee per se that is a static thing. So how can there be a static entity called Peter and Cathee's relationship? It is something created in the minds of those around you at this point almost more than it is in your minds—Peter and Cathee's minds. You two are catching on to the field of consciousness out of which you and therefore your moments of relationship arise. This is becoming more and more your perception of reality.

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