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Manifestation of a Nature-Human Soul Family

Between the Cracks

The We through Cathee Courter with Peter MacGill:

We want to take you back to a time before creation in which you were very close and dear to us. Not before you were created as a consciousness, but before the body manifested around it. There's a fine, tiny split second even yet between the in breath and the out breath, beyond the feeling of self, in which you return—if only split-momentarily—and you are with us. In this way we undergird every aspect of your beingness in this synchronized succession of split moments, tiny spaces.

As we love you in the spaces between the elements of your identity, your physical presence, the desires in your heart—all the elements that make up your experiences—you receive our love and acknowledgement of your being our home as we are yours, beneath and beyond all of these elements of the created you. You are learning different ways of recognizing that homeness that is love which we surround you with and spread out in between all these little cracks, these split seconds. The most important work you can do as artisans of creation is to learn to bring this love, this home, this beingness—in the most beautiful and fabulous ways you can—into your created selves and all that you have surrounded yourselves with.

We do have our own feeling tone—this we—and you can learn to recognize and locate it. We sense you're no longer afraid that that home will fracture and dissolve all you know to be true here in the manifest world, because you know it's love. If love does fracture and dissolve your personal world, new playful creations will evolve from the old.

We're closer to you than your own breath, indeed. You can see why we've said whatever it takes, find us, find we, this is you, find yourselves, whatever it takes. When we say things like "you are dear to us," you can see how paltry those words sound to us, even as we speak them. You are home to us. We take you home. And this does not mean leaving where you are at all.

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